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    Testing the new node-beam for Excaliber, and in true Excaliber fashion, hitting the cars wide-open...
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    Ayy, Southaven release coming tonight. Important: Due to a ton of weird shading errors and other glitches, this track will only be available on .37, .38, and .39. For some reason, it looks as if I never smoothed out the track when I converted it to .4, so it would be best just as a .37-.39 track. Sorry, but I really don't want to release a broken track. How bout that new profile pic tho
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    those look amazing chris also i finished pontiac but im probably going to go back and put in the 3 turning poles that i forgot to put in, also i have to lower the launch ramp into the ground, but expect this soon
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    Too much greenie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Southaven is finally complete! Expect a release over the next couple days (I know that's not the updated Track-Dozer, I tried messaging Maxdman, but it wouldn't let me send a message) My next project's gonna be special for me. I'm going to make my local track, Route 66 Raceway, or the "Dirty O" as most call it, in Joilet, Il. The track's hosted some wild events over the years, so stay tuned! (That mound's a part of the track, gonna make the stadium model first)
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    Alright guys, this is goodbye. I have had some fun times here on this site. The reason i'm calling it, is because i'm 18 now and i need to start doing things in my life besides race. I would like to think everyone who has helped me on this site, from trucks to leagues, I thank all of you for the hell of a good time. I will be on the site here and there but i won't race as much. I have met some good friends through this site. After Fall Madness i'm done. I'm glad i was able to be apart of the community guys. Thanks everyone. And i wish you all luck on the site.
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    Yes, I have a thought... Please stop posting pics of your projects every time you make a single change.
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    after a week of working on this i finished it, also i know the paint sucks because i have paint.net but if theres a better way of painting please tell me also if theres a different program that i should use for painting please pm me so i can paint my next track better but I give to you drumroll *************** sydney custom cumin on you with that 420 truck loader i was going to add some more props loaders, ambulances, etc but im an idiot and forgot and had a hell of a lot of fun exporting it, NOT so i have no desire to redo it also its waiting to be approved about 5 min after making this
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    "Insert post about how site's dying and everything's so bad blah blah blah" Everyone just needs to shut up and GET TOUGH! My references make me happy Southaven 2016 Holy poo I made a stadium model! Bannerz Not done with track paint yet Also, if u ask about Tacoma..... still haven't made those banners!
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    Best moment? When I was perma-banned. 2nd Best? When I banned myself. 3rd Best? When I got to ban someone other than myself.