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    Fresh out of the shop, Working Class 5 was unveiled on the Fall Madness fairgrounds.
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    Hmmm... STS Los Angeles is done, tomorrow's the release Wild Side got a sexy new shock package Black and White Breakable Digger came out so nice /endpost
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    Guess you can teach old Bad Dawgs new tricks......
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    @Helen Weales The optimization is so much better. The models look much better in the Torqued 3D engine as well.
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    I still remember. very unfinished.
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    I was able to run the game at decent settings with a GTX 650, 8 GB of RAM, and a 3.0 GHz i5 Quad-Core if that's of any help. It definitely requires more than RoR, but not as much as you would think it would.
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    I'll convert them for you. Not for any reward but to get your tracks out to more people.
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    That is cool and all but where is the digger body?
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    Hell has frozen over: the 2nd USA-1 is at the US Bank Stadium
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    Good to see more people bringing awareness to big DHMO! Such a important issue lol, so many products with this chemical!
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    i thought you meant with the tuning, it's very easy to break the truck. near the end of these videos i took
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    I do like the progress that's being done, only thing that I'd comment is the trucks feel kind of... floaty... like it almost feels like a bit of moon gravity and there's not much force on the landings if that makes sense. So far so good tho! I'd love to see a Willman in BeamNG
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    Joliet 2016's almost done modeling-wise (Those weird looking circle things by the light poles are trees, they just look funny in solid view) Also, My spin-off of Night Life is coming along great. Yalls ain't ready for what's in store... (That back thing's gonna be lexan)
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    so heres this., I used the middle ramp from Roanoke so don't be mad
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    Nothing's wrong with converting tracks, but every time a new track comes out he jumps on it and releases it for 0.4. It gets kind of annoying seeing _____ (0.4) in the downloads section every day.
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    Made this in about 10 min. (u liek?)
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    View File [Model] Pontiac Silverdome Enjoy! All textures packed with .blend file. If you use this credit: Klayton Edy Hotshoe MaxdMan Submitter Edy Submitted 07/10/2016 Category Track Building Items