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    Thought I'd take a shot at a classic Digger.
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    Almost done with her, now im going to modify the spec paint so the white decals/vinyls will look white and not greenie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Now im tired because i returned home from Santiago (becoz i went to monster jam for the first time lel) Tomorrow ill try to finish dis (idk when its going to be uploaded btw) And well i added a "bkt" version... 333th post lel
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    Not the best looking or most accurate truck i made but by far the best handling. (not bad for 20 minutes eh?) UPDATE
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    I loved this track for some reason... Gotta support the Monster Truck Throwdown. This may be one of my favorite pictures... Wild Side sure would look good on this track @Chris B
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    So update from show 2 of Minny: Tom in Max D wins racing and crashes at the end Becky McDonough in perfect fitting fashion wins her first stadium freestyle and pulls off a Mohawk Warrior at WF13 (two consecutive backflips) Overall looking at footage it was a great weekend in Minny. Been kinda let down by the last few stadium events but these honestly have me hyped for 2017
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    Fresh out of the shop, Working Class 5 was unveiled on the Fall Madness fairgrounds.
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    If it's not rude for me to ask (because I'm genuinely curious, no malice at all) what's different from your version to Fern's?
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    oh lord 2015's music video was so funny xD. finally a non cringe worthy performance by the drive......aaaaaaand the 2016 one is out.
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    Hate to take this thread even more off topic, but here's 2016's And 2015's! Enjoy! (22 sec in confirms Pablo was driving Doomsday)
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    Remember when they used to do videos at the World Finals where drivers lip synched to songs? They need to bring that back
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    So, I was screwing around on google maps and found something pretty cool. It looks like the satellite image for Sam Boyd Stadium was taken just days before the world finals and you can see the racing track built, along with the trucks set up for the pit party and you can see the pit area with a bunch of parts and the trucks in the show in their individual pits. https://www.google.com/maps/@36.0871254,-115.014508,117m/data=!3m1!1e3
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    Hmmm... STS Los Angeles is done, tomorrow's the release Wild Side got a sexy new shock package Black and White Breakable Digger came out so nice /endpost
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    That is cool and all but where is the digger body?
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    So all of these were made using RoR models and textures, no? Also, how is it performance wise compared to RoR? Does it use more or less system resources? RoR seems to hog a lot, but gives little in terms of graphics (IMO). My computer seems like it would fit the mid-performance requirements. The reason I ask is I haven't yet put my stage 4 trucks in RoR, so I'm wondering if I should bypass RoR and convert to BeamNG when the models are ready.
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    Guess you can teach old Bad Dawgs new tricks......
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    Tried a few replica shots. Pictures are too big to be uploaded to site.
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    I don't stalk Matt, I just know his name, current living residence, aswell as his previous two, his family, anime pillow collection and his blood type...
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    Your tears taste delicious.