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    @Garrett Hanson That sounds like a lot of arduous and unnecessary work considering you could just create a cylinder shape in blender and texture it to your needs. You haven't considered that?
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    I never liked being stuck in between a rock and a hard place but..... Not 100% done yet, but not bad eh?
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    The build of new Mongoose truck is coming along nicely, can't wait to see how this truck performs once it's completed.
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    @Garrett Hanson You do realize all you need to do is follow my ripping tutorial? It literally works for anything. Like Hot Shoe said, it's a bunch of extra work to do so anyway when you can just insert a cylinder mesh, move and resize it, then map and texture it. Anyone with the least amount of knowledge of Blender can do so.
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    Ye ill be helping you but you need to learn how to clone properly too, Ill not be there everytime cloning this or cloning that, you have to learn how to clone by yourself too
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    ok completely redid the Friday Show (needs turning poles + a finish line: here's a WIP of Saturday's Show (took some cars out for the racing) if aybody has some finish line poles (specificly the WF 1 poles) PLZ PM me
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    So, I decided to do a bit of texture modding for a vehicle that I've had for at least two years, and since it's a Camaro from the late 80's-early 90's, I thought a special theme would fit it. After about an hour or so, this happened: Needless to say, I think I have a pretty slick looking racing car now. As for credits, Stoat Muldoon (from the original RoR forums) created the car, LT. Smell My (also from the original forums) made the overall mod to the car, which was a junked up racer, and I did the scheme, as well as the tire logos via a custom font in Paint.NET. EDIT: Here's two more, just for the heck of it. This one is also another scheme that wasn't shown, but also originated from the Tide Trans-Am Tour. And finally, here's a back section of the two cars, showing the backlight stickers.
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    I saw on a few driver's Instagram stories that Feld may now be putting the driver's names under the window. I've seen it with Ami Houde's Zombie and Armando Castro's El Toro Loco. I will say that that is a nice addition if it will be on all the trucks especially if the special colors and driver's individual special features for the trucks are going away.
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    The whole truck looks really good. Along with what others have posted before me you should include a BKT version since Stone Crusher and Hooked rank BKT's all year, even with independent promoters. EDIT Coming to downloads near you... Had this sitting since June, all I did was get it in-game and work on the collision. And because why not? This track is what I made the ATM and ice machine model for a few months ago
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    1. Zimmer is a full time employee. He works in the Carolina shop as well as works on the trucks during the week instead of just being a fly in driver. 2. It might seem harsh, but Zimmer is flat out a better driver. He's one of the best in the fleet. I don't mean that in any way against Scott, he's a good dude and has talent, but not many can wheel a truck like Zimmer. The last thing Zimmer would want to do is take somebody's ride. They planned on second a Dragon earlier this year and Zimmer was tapped to drive that one. It wasn't planned for these trucks to not be back in the states by first quarter, unfortunately that's how things played out.