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    Hey guys I did the thing after 6 loveing years
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    heres another custom truck i made
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    There we go, thanks Cannon! I know I need the interior fiberglass shell thing, but I can't be arsed right now.
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    17 days of my holidays left boo Made a thing thats not a digger yey (i think ill put it in a different chassis lol) And this Max-D for the chrome pack Group pic
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    God, please try the Edit button. You put trucks in the vehicles folder and tracks in the terrains and packs folder.
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    I'll try to not post so many updates for this track from now on, but I'm pretty excited about the addition of the LED lights on the thruways. None of the colors are final, but I think they add something extra to the driving experience. I also made the geometric sculpture transparent pink "glass" (I really wish there was a way to make things simultaneously transparent and mirrored in RoR). I also added some actual terrain to one of the straights which can be pretty tricky if not driven through at a high enough speed, which can be seen in the last photo. Edit: I would like the red LEDs under the finish to change from green to red once driven through -- does anyone know if this is possible?
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    just a fun little project i wanted to work on, the paint isnt 100% perfect but i really like how this fun project turned out. Tylers Gravedigger 23
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    Fair enough, truck looks really good btw; simple but effective.
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    Okay so I summoned the devil, what now
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    Modifying Penzoil Fuel Injection a bit. Added a custom flag, painted Good Years white, and made it chrome yellow with chrome orange flames.
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    Fooling around with my custom I made about a month ago. Cloned and ready to release! Yes, I know they are two different tracks.
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    New roof (with the 2016 double down tombstones) And all the Digger drivers names now are in the flag And yes another Digger...
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    Yea sure. I'll just spend the rest of my life sitting on my computer making tracks for a video game where I get absolutely nothing out of doing it

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