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    A W.I.P replica of the War Machine truck that is debuting in Vegas right now.
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    Live streaming the event right now! Qualifying underway!
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    So Jim pulled the greatest heist in WF history not only did he unveil his world finals body, but the new chassis as well. The snot nosed instagram tards have had their world shocked and appaled by this recent trickery. I love the body personally, and Eric's new body is lookin mighty slick as well. (sorry if it sounds like I'm repeating everything people have said, just like rubbing in the facts to the instagram kids who are on the site)
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    A custom that was done a few weeks ago
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    See I'd think you should put whoever was second in their place
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    Bus? Can't be sure if it's the one cause there are always unused crush cars and junk back there. https://postimg.org/image/bxbj14i63/
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    New graphics for Overkill Evo
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    I bet the bus will either be at end of track sideways or behind the front flip jump
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    Bernard Light Tristan England Linsey Wink
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    Bo, i think you guys forgot your ObsessedGrill2017.png and ObsessedHeadlight.png
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    Can confirm, there is a bus. That is all.
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    there is a fountain, but there are rumors about a bus for freestyle, i hope that its true
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    New Nitro Menace debut... Man is this thing sick or what!? i love it!
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    I loveIN KNEW THAT JIM PLAYED WITH US lol. That avenger is so lovein beautiful!. Its good to see the grandma and the legend body back but the green rims dont fit with the legend body. The diggers are not what i expected but it still cool, i was expecting like a retro body (like the red pickup or anything else) with a retro and rusty paint. But still being good, cant wait to see what else is in there! edit: that avenger is with a new chassis, i hope that jim does well on there!
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    Legend looks like crap with all the green. I wish they gave Morgan the orange body again since he won a championship with it.
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    AWESOME NEW AVENGER SKIN! Looks like the 2000-2001 version! The Diggers! Holy sh!t they look awesome! Monster Jam 25th Ann. truck is on a the Max-D stunt truck chassis.
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    A replica/custom of Donkey Kong. I thought Donley Kong needed updating and did it for a friend that got a concussion.
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    The age requirement thing really is meaningless now. There have been some under 13 that have been more mature than some way over 13. Welcome to the site.