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    Freeeeeeeeeestyyyyllllllllle's done! @carkiller458 Are you even ready bruhhhhhhhhhhh?
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    can't believe it's the 1 year anniversary for this thing (this is not the original truck it's the anniversary truck): huge thanks to @Swegliner849 for teaching me how do add shine + chrome to my trucks.
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    I am torn seeing the car body on the new chassis, I love it
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    But the chassis is my idea of Cory's idea of Bob Chandler's idea of Jack Willman Sr's idea so really who is playing who here?
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    And on that day, @carkiller458 said "Let there be Hotline." Hotline v2 is far from completion, a completely new bottom end is being built including new shocks, rims, driveshaft cages, tierods, and more! Stay tuned!
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