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    Plz no, everything beside... wurld finals 18
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    Is it mah turn already? Ok, hold my soda
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    For you and anyone else who needs reference to it. Chris I appreciate you showing those badass tracks a few days ago, you've gotten me to step up my game. Expect something shown from me in the next day or two
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    So Hotline Miami V2 is slowly coming together, we have had to change our original shock plans due to coils not wanting to work, so our compromise I think you will find, doesn't look half bad, the truck still has a good amount of work to be done before its ready for release but we are almost there! Huge shoutout to @carkiller458 he's the one who made this truck, and I'm more than happy with his work!!!!
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    When RoR .37 looks better then the others and yes no edits whatsoever edy plz "I'd rather they be just screenshots with no editing"
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    i heard through the grape vine my truck sits "Too low" or its "slammed" well guys no its not. its just the way the truck was sitting on the jump.
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    Sorry double post but I threw this together because I was bored where do you think it should be placed?
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    so i know i recently made firestarter on the rage chassis, but i needed to see what this looks like. theres some few things i have to fix but this is a great start what do yall think?
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    I don't think you have any understanding at all of how nodes and beams work.
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    a attempted replica that me and a partner did awhile back:
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    Make a New Years resolution before July.
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    hi, My name is Fernando Martinez, and i'd like to send in an application to have each one of your babies.
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    At this moment Chuck knew... he f#cked up
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    Nice trucks everyone! But where's them tracks? Oh wait... Stay tuned for full reveals and even more tracks, cuz they're coming.
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    Excaliber is now available...