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    Guess who is back at it again making tracks?
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    Making progress on my breakables. Finally got them working!
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    Quote from ryan, asked him about mufflers. Said, " i hate them, up to me, zoomies"
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    Fixed the lightning bolts on Todd's body so that they aren't as thick like the old one.
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    yet avenger ear rapped the crap out of the whole samboyd stadium. they sell earphones for a reason. im sorry but its 1500 horsepower its gonna make a little noise
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    Hooked still isn't as great as Mopar Magic was
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    Top Gunner hitting the ramp at 40 mph!
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    screw praying to mecca 5 times a day, this is waay better. ALSO(thanks to rorseries for le good screenshot)
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    Now, for you guys to tear up, thanks to @erhminer, i've been searching in my external hardrive, and found some old project i: -Never finished -gave up on making -Didn't feel like completing them -Had a massive failure in game So yeah. These will never be relased (They migth be, but i doubt it since i want to work on new stuff). Still, i just wanted to show you guys some of my ideas & desgins i got to make, enjoy! If you want to hear the reasons or the background history just ask about it or send me a DM, you can also message me on discord (#3598) Ah, yeah, this last one is corrupted sadly
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    Felt my old mutants weren't very well done, so I started from scratch. More updates later on!