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    I tried to start a towing company on here years ago but nobody wanted to join me in my towing adventures.
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    This track has such a awesome lay out . The racing and freestyle are fantastic but the track is very out dated. I would love to see a updated replica with the newer textures and props. The only thing i would change is make all the turns rounded and a bit wider for flat tracking Thanks Taurus Racer 13
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    Love the Polybius style video. Hopefully after the last EP is released we'll get another tour
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    Fern was being sarcastic with the post he made. Let's all stop getting the syp off-topic, if you have an error please post it in the Help and Support section. If a mod isn't released, then it isn't released and you can't have it because it hasn't been released. If someone posts a picture of a truck in this thread then it is most likely their project.
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    You should download mine, it comes with Arlington 98 freestyle track and 1,000 Subscribers to your YouTube channel.
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    Like and sub for more crappy content
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    I may not be around much at all anymore, but I still check the forum daily. It's really nice to see some new people putting a hand in making new content. Keep up the great work!
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    How about read the previous comments about it? He answered it there
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    The Ripper! Not the best I know, was just a quick make. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook. Real life truck in the works right now!
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    I think you need to start learning how to make your own content instead of telling us to make it.
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    You are all retards. He wants to tow cars, it is the same idea as a league but instead of running monster truck events he will tow cars. It's not that hard to understand.....