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    Actually Doing a thing. @Jon Cannon hope its cool if i eventually release as a repli-custom? UPDATE: done for the night
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    LONG PHOTO POST INCOMING. so ive been putting off the indie jam project just a little bit so i could get other projects closer to completion. but im now back to working on indie jam and i can say the modeling for racing is done still needs textured and set smooth but other than that its mostly done heres some scrren shots to show the track in its entirety. now i know all the jumps are in solid mode im gonna smooth them when its completly done i might change a few things before its all done. keep an eye out for more updates on this track case it gonna blow everyone away.
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    I'm not sure why it wouldn't be.
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    Ding Ding Ding! Its kinda just a repli-custom addon for GD32
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    im not doing Megalodon cause I suck at making a shark body I'm doing wonder woman
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