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    On a more serious note the truck looks absolutely horrendous and the name is just as stupid as the truck looks, "White and Backwards", Sounds like the name of an adult film. But since this appears to be your first attempt at a truck take advice from past projects from others to become s better truck maker. Good attempt though? You'll only get better, unless your Garett Hanson
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    Heres an actual truck. the rims are gonna stay white and the chassis is gonna stay weird and the body is gonna stay backwards. i MIGHT texture the body if someone taught me how, and the name of the truck is white & backwards. And yes, i did use the El toro loco crd from the v4 pack.
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    what do you want me to say to this.
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    Scratch PDII, I'm running this for SMRA
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    Ok minus all the "Backwards Bob V4 Custom" roasting, Trying to get 2017 Jesters gems/Diamonds in the works. Thoughts?
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    I've never seen something as amazing as this, the creativity, the effort, and the incredible name. You sir are the greatest artist who ever lived!
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    Version v2


    After uploading this im taking a break from content making (ill still be online here), the reason is that i want to concentrate more in school, making all this trucks distracted me and i really want to improve myself so i guess this is the best choice. The school year ends in december so ill be back at making stuff there, enjoy the avengers... Credits: Me SDTV33 Fern Kozak John Dough Harlow Sm community
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    Hey everyone! I've been downloading and playing with all the trucks and tracks on this site for years and i just love em! Over the past week or so I have downloaded Blender and have been playing around with it a little. Anyways this is what I''ve done. I know its not much but its a start. I've resized and moved around this Bulldozer body to get it to fit onto Deadgod88's Max D 2016 chassis. Still not 100% where i like it but still working on it. Also i have changed the rims and yes I'm planning to change the driveshaft loops. Tell me what you think! Don't be too harsh Lmao
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    How do you specifically know that the dirt in Tampa is the same as Sunrise? Yeah the color might be similar but the dirt content could be completely different resulting in a much better compound on the track? Or maybe their experimenting with ways to keep the sand levels down by spraying the course more often with water? Feld is human too, and they arnt perfect so cut them some slack man. It's a company, the company's gonna do what they need to do to save money. End of story.
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    That's not FELD's fault but keep blaming them for everything you don't like.
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    I literally want to die help me please existence is pain bazinga
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