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    In case you did not realize, this is a custom track that's set in Tom Meents's backyard (re-purposed Maxdman's MJ university model). It includes a dueling double backflip ramp, extended Chicago style racing, and a food court (ye). Expect release this weekend!
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    alright everyone is posting project updates might as well throw my hat in the ring ive been super busy on indie jam 2017 mainly trying to crank out details for the track like a ticket booth/entrance/parking signs/new fencing around the entire map a super detailed it area also some details for back by the trailers just making this track as amazing as i can also that parking lot aint staying empty long ;-).some things still need done and added and ill finish it soon its just that my work might slow down over the next month cause im finishing up my ged classes and ive got alot of work to do around my house but hopfully when im back to making content ill have a be back with a new desktop computer so things are gonna be fun with the projects coming up
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    A little more progress on Iron Out law. Im also fixing rims had no time recently.
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    Also, I KNOW yalls wanna some of that WF... Don't expect the WF to be done for a looooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time. I'm going hard af on it lol
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    Would this be the first custom avenger on SM? (im legit asking cuz i dont think ive seen one)
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    Are you blind or what? blaise is already working on it...
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    Can you convert this track for me?
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    Alot of the times content creators arent happy with how their projects may currently look, and want to work on them more before releasing. Having to allocate time between making stuff in ror, to college and maintain a job are bigger priorities than completing a fun little project. Other times that project could be shelved or even scrapped to work on a different project. I'm rather new to making content on this site but, thats how I've been treating projects ive done in the past few months. We're all doing this for fun, its not our job so please be patient.
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    Couple SS for ya. lil retro-custom im calling KK90-17
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    i got bored working on the 02 avenger so i decided to work on my favorite by far probably gonna work on the black shadowing soon EDIT: didn't take long lol
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    Whenever I see this truck I always think of Stan Kingzton...
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