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    Getting bogged down with schoolwork is not fun, but welcome to high school I guess. Had a friend help me out with the detailing on this.
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    One of the closes race here in St Louis, who won? (it was really late when i posted this and i was tired from work give me a break)
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    32 at Toms track Custom 32 14 in its Glory
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    Monster Truck Throwdown invades the East Coast for the first time ever here in New Jersey. I will be at both shows, will post a recap and videos if I can get my cameras in when I get back.
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    From what I read by him, its still the same PEI Chassis, but with new parts on it that PEI has sent over? If that makes sense. *Edit: Found the post so read away.
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    Get er Done having some fun in Santiago de Chile!
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    Who will win? Blue Thunder? or Team Meents? You decide
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    Son-Uva Digger gets a perfect 30 at atlanta!
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    Alright, So what felt like a insanely long time away from here, something made me touch blender again. Cleaned up a old project (which involved me calling my past self dumb a few times)