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    Inb4 "holy crap it's roach again" Somebody please finish this for me. Message me in here if interested. And It needs to be exactly like the replica or I will cry. IE reference photos: http://www.monstertruckracing.com/monsterpatrol/mpatrol19.jpg http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/images/monpat206b5.jpg http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/images/mpatrolpic1.jpg
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    So we're all in agreement MonsterJam.TV will probably be a service like the WWENetwork where they have all their past events available to watch, right? Maybe we'll get some live events too if we're lucky.
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    Will this years hosts be as stiff and rehearsed as last years hosts? Probably. Will they not know a lick about monster trucks? Probably. Will it be awkward with technical difficulties? Probably. Will it be a train wreck? I hope so, I love a good train wreck.
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    New tack that me and @nks1996 are working on. Nathan made most of the jumps so far. https://imgur.com/04TcHPr
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    32 at Toms track Custom 32 14 in its Glory
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    Just repaints, but hey, they're projects..NONE OF THESE TRUCKS ARE FINISHED YET! ill be changing nearly everything including nodes so...major personal revamps Found the NVS Customs pack and decided to do some revamping... also Theres these:
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    The Blue chassis looks absolutely atrocious