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    Looking for someone to help me get this in game. the paint isnt Beautiful and this is a 1pt track (racing/freestyle in a single .trrn file) but everything is already joined. Im not looking for any changes to be done, just to get it in game. Please PM me if you're interested. Thank you. (Yes @deadgod88 its 2 49 this time) Edit: Heres some more pics
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    Dirt looks pretty low res, I'd find a bigger texture. Otherwise looks amazing my dude!
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    Looks like a really nice track. Not sure if this is for SMRA, but I love the colors. My only suggestion is to change tarp colors. Sorry I can directly help you out, but I just wanted to give my thoughts on this awesome piece!
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    He did not compete, Diedra drove all weekend. He just got in the seat before the gates opened up and ran the track I believe.
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    According to a post by Monster Truck Throwdown, Jon Zimmer JR got to drive Miss Over Bored last weekend (I'm not sure if he competed or just tested) in New Jersey
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    coming to a downloads sections near you.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Very fun project that's gonna be used for Carkiller458's RORFT World Finals II on YouTube. Track uses the 2-day format, has a boat, 6 backflip ramps, a perfect front flip opportunity, and more. One of the most fun tracks I've ever made. Important Stuff: This track will work on any version (tested on .38 and .4.7) This track uses a cool night time setting. Set "Sky type" in graphic settings to "sandstorm" to use The back of the LED boards for racing have been taken out for better vision in the turns Credits: Me- Boat, banners, updated TV screen stuff, all the RORFT textures, etc RockCrwler Maxdman Hotshoe Aaron Lurie Others (Probably forgot a ton of people, tell me if so)