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    MURICA!!! F*** YEAH!!! Practice: (Might remove the turn cars for the practice version, idk, I'll leave that up to you guys ) Racing: Racing Layout: (Was originally gonna make it East Rutherford style, but I wanted to do something kinda unique. The Red lines indicate the first lap, and the blue line indicates the second lap. It's basically running in 2 circles) Freestyle: Murica Mayhem! Coming to a Sim Monsters near you!
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    We all know the 25th anniversary Sonic truck...well I had this idea for a World Finals version considering the trucks very strongly possible entry to my personal world finals. Hope you like. ALSO the paint looks fine, my graphics are just down cuz i finally got fed up with adjusting racing times due to lag. Ps: I dont know the sonic universe or history like AT ALL so the shadow addition MIGHT (?) throw off the 25th anniversary theme, i just thought itd be cool as a world finals truck.
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    Very nice edit of my truck! only thing id change is on the roof remove the sonic/shadow lettering as they dont mix well together. Everything else looks pretty cool and i give permission for you to post this as i like what you have done!
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    It may not be monster truck related, but since this vehicle literally shares a part that came from here, it may as well be posted. This car right here is the finished form of a project I started over 2 years ago, and during the last time I worked on it, I had no idea what else would be best. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and after some heavy thought, I revisited the mod and gave it a new scheme, plus some minor fixes, and with the help of a friend I know who happens to be one of the current admins on the Rigs of Rods forums, I was able to have a new spoiler placed onto it, as well as having valve flaps that actually move when the car accelerates and decelerates. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the unstable n/b, but sadly that's something I would need dire help with, since I don't know jack squat with that besides flexbodies, wheels, props, sounds, and some speed settings. Anyhows, here's the list of credits for this beauty. 1973 Ford Falcon XBGT (Body): Hemiboy. RS Watanabe Type AB Wheels: MrSteakPotato & Charger. V4.5 Engine model: SealedGecko & modified by Voulk. Further edits done by Michael10055. Sparco Seats: Hemiboy, placed by Voulk. Gavril Bandit Extreme Spoiler: Gabester & placed by Michael10055. Paint Scheme: ShawnVallance (me.)
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    I don't remember who said Train Wreck had Incorrect shade of orange So: Screenshot Cred: @GDFAN14
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    Something that @Chazzymp and myself are working on and criticism would be greatly appreciated. Still a WIP.
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    Metallica has been my favourite band and i decided to do a little tribute truck I kinda forgot that i made a custom Monster Patrol, still gotta put it in a different chassis and add some spec maps... Ragin Rebel Repli-Custom And here is this, still have to add some spec maps and move a few things but is turning out good (pic taken in .37 with low quality ._.)
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    A project that @Chazzymp and myself are working on.
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    Currently on wrong base body and needs some refining.
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    This is going to take a while... Planning on making a pack from 2007-present, but can't seem to find a 2002 f150 body. This is the "pre politics" version of the truck, and am till debating whether or not i'm going to make a "slinger" version of the truck.