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    Version 1.0.0


    WORKS ON ALL VERSIONS Credits: Stadium- Edy Props/Misc- MaxDMan, erhminer, etc If I forgot someone please tell me!
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    Blender died so I'm borrowing my friend's computer for content making for a while. Scrapping some older projects and focusing on the ones I've been dead set on for a while. Finals are rapidly approaching so don't expect much more from me, but this is what I managed to accomplish halfway through my 3 day weekend.
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    Version 1.0.2.


    Two Customs, one made by me, the other @Robert Lopez Credits: Paint and cloning for Millennium Force- @FloridaBoyAutoRacing (Following for Millennium Force) Body- Harlow Nick-Chassis (Following for Intimidator) Paint- @Robert Lopez Cloning- Me Chassis - Kozak Body - Diggerfan Engine - Wambo
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    the color placement makes it look like france
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    im already working hard on the track
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    Truck all the way from Sweden making its way onto Sim-Monsters! Pending approval
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    Just messing around with some concept trucks
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    Been keeping this underwraps has working leafs, dash, headlights, 4-links, only thing not is shocks, maybe though :\ also paint probably will change