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    My first replica track in, oh about, 3 or 4 years at least. Now onto the smaller details.
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    Body's mounted, new flags, ready for paint.
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    Since my computer broke and had to be restarted so I lost double trouble so I figured with time flys 3.0 coming out I decided to make it still working on the paint and truck and since spring break is here I have all week to work on it
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    Stunt truck bodied as the original Maximum Destruction. Purple Jester.
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    New schemes that have been shown so far. The new Wicked Strong truck, currently sitting on the Obsession chassis. Rampage trucks for the encore at some point.
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    Just a quick testing of my next custom track, any ideas for future obstacles or anything you'd like to see custom, message me, i might take it into consideration!
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    "There is nothing permanent except change"-Heraclitus A clone job I'm doing for the 3rd version of my Fuel injection truck that I use for leagues. The truck itself is a CRD that I received in a trade with @Mr. Beardman for my old Cohen, Chadwick is also doing the paint, which will be finished soon. Hope you guys like what's gonna be coming and have fun seeing this truck beat you to the finish line in a league near you
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    Well now it's in game. Next is materials, props, and small adjustments then it's to the Quad!

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