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    Interchangeable schemes I'm running for C Fixed
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    Dropping these custom paints here
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    Looks great. I suggest adding more of a brushed metal texture to them though.
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    Just take a few minutes and compare your repainted truck to the truck irl. It looks like you took 10 minutes to recolor it, therefore there's quite a lot of things I found wrong with yours. I'll only name off the most obvious for now. Flames need to be a gradient yellow and orange, with an extremely thin outline of whiteish-purple. Biker helmet changed colors and numbers. Bad News Travels Fast logo changed colors. Front bumper needs to be yellow. One small part of the rim is the wrong color. I can't tell from the pictures you gave us if you did this or not, but I bet you didn't: the top decal isn't a house, it's a newspaper. Truck has BKT's not goodyears.
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    fanny boi They look really good!