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    So most of you know, back in late 2016 i used to just repaint other people's trucks with microsoft paint, this was one of my first customs. Basically google images slapped in a body. NAMT is starting so i needed a truck, i was thinking about War Machine but it didnt quite fit my likings on how it looked so i revamped Cooldown for this league, paint inspired from the first truck, looks way better now and looks how i exactly wanted it to look. + Waiting for Danny to approve if the truck is legal or not
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    Welp, she's now 100% percent good to go and I still can't believe it's finally done. Should be up for download soon.
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    Not meant to be a replica and is probably personal but yea..heres this..if someone wants the mesh/material/png's for the body to make a replica feel free to pm me.. IM JUST LOOKING FOR SOMETHING COOL AND SEMI_REALISTIC TO PUT IN GAME, I DONT NEED EXACT REPLICA'S so please dont get on my a$$ for cassis etc not being exact. if you see any paint issues feel free to slide me some advice but other than that please enjoy this truck the way it is now. thank you. So FOR MY NEEDS these are just about done! 😊😊😊
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    havent seen many use that body for Customs, love the color!
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    When it sponsors Falken Tires but runs BKT's
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    Pending approval, custom Excaliber
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    Haven't touched the game in a long while, but here's my rig.
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    I think you guys don't get the bigger picture here. We're actively trying to push people to the newer versions of ROR. It's more stable, better fps, I could go on. None of the trucks we are planning to release here soon will be compatible with older version of ROR. So, simply, if you want to use our trucks. Get .4.6. Everyone should be running it regardless, but this is a better way to strong arm people into downloading it.
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    Here's a little tip when downloading anything from Mediafire. Best thing to do is right click and then click "open a new tab". It'll bypass the pop-ups and you can download whatever you're wanting with ease.