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    Pretty cool news video i found on you tube
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    Felt in need of a "personal" truck for leagues like namt or smra, this is the 2nd Cooldown truck (first one was a bad repaint on blaises fired up) and it turned out pretty good. Has working lights, press "n" to turn them on. Credits: Me Blaise Fern Andrew Blake Sm Community NOT AN OPEN CUSTOM, IF YOU WANT TO USE THIS FOR ANY FUN RUN OR LEAGUE YOU HAVE TO ASK ME FOR PERMISSION.
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    This is the pinnacle of Sim-Monsters. It can only go downhill from here.
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    Cuztom Diggiez? The roof Am i missing any Digger driver name? So many Diggerz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Version 1.3


    Here is the Leafer Pack # 2 It has 35 more 80s & 90s monsters and plus 5 custom Leafers. The trucks are set up for TNT style outdoor long drag tracks They have a quick shift automatic transmission with a little more top end. Make shore you re download V4 leafer pack # 1 Because it has been redone to match these trucks along with some other updates.If you have any Problems PM Me i will try to fix it Please VOTE on the pack . Thanks Add to V4 to work Now with Better handling with less bounce and better control Credits- Chassis - Outlawed Chassi Setup - AwesomeKong 13 All Construction (Blender/Cloning) -Me All body & chassis Mods me MonsterVette & RollinThunder Bodies - Anderw Sheets Chrome Rims On MonsterVette & BF3 _ AwesomeKong 13 Most other Rims - Johan BudWeiser Boss & SuperPete Bodies -Roach / Boss Beer Cans - AwesomeKong 13 Smokey & Dirt Devil Bodies - AwesomeKong !3 MadDog Body - John Dough /Paint - Dirty Dawg Clydesdale II Paint - Dirty Dawg No problem II Paint - Wambo Gentle Ben Paint - Roach All other Paint - Me The rest - V4 & V4.5 pack crew If i left some body out i am sorry