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    A couple more trucks almost done. Thanks to "Taurus Racer 13" for the Skoal Bandit body.
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    So @Ghostx mapped this great XJ Jeep body that @Andrew made, and I felt like trying to make a custom. I ended up making two teammate trucks. Still a WIP, gotta fix some props lining up and other odds and ends. I'll try to get this uploaded before NAMT starts so people can have some open customs to run. Oh and a piece of trivia if you can figure out what truck I got the surfboard from. "Hey don't you have tracks to work on???"
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    its finished... to my likings
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    Very, very nice job! You did some great work.
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    Good truck overall, but a few relatively minor things, -Swaybars do not line up very well -Chassis has a few inverted faces, doubles and could use an edge slip -Body has a weird material, would recommend sticking with shine, also could be me, but scaling seems way off?
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    This is the pinnacle of Sim-Monsters. It can only go downhill from here.
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    I present to you a truck by @MJFanatic, The Big Smash.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Made originally by Nascarfan98