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    Found a hitch, new headers, other things done, new configs and last issues I can see are the seam in the hood, and Transfercase output shaft(s), oh @steiale The hood has been tilted, and the 'older version' now has a paler chassis (before 2006 repaint IRL)
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    I haven't done this in a while, so this track won't be the greatest thing in the world. It's far from done. Still in the testing phase and still developing the race course. Let me know what you think and what could be improved.
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    Wrapped up this pack, seems like an appropriate time Credits @deadgod88 Blender, Paint edits, NB, textures, other stuff..... @TheBostonRag Old paint, help with new flames @Outlawed Original Chassis, hitches SM Community Other helpful items V2 includes -Breakable -WF6 Encore -Tinfoil shocks, for red rim vareint Should be standalone.
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    So We Dont Have This Version Of Grave Digger. Not In My Books At Least! If You Guys Make Mods Or Trucks I Would Rather Have The Grim Reaper Grave Digger More Than Any Truck SO Far. It Dose Not Have To Be The 35th Version, It Can Be The One Without! Thanks For Taking Your Time Reading This, Plz Make.
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    This is the dumbest place to ask that and have that conversation. Take this to a thread, not the comments of a truck download Anyway.... Looks good! Haven't gotten to drive them yet but I'm excited to try them out!
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    noted @Mark Iron, should be easy fix anyways, for my progress update on 28, @TheBostonRag and I have made up a new paint for the 'Older' version, and finished lining up props, any last suggestions? (besides headers, fixing atm)
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    Started out as a simple project because I wanted something with some cars, a few people liked it so i was going to make something out of it. Blender did not like what I did so here we are back to step 1. Im just going to release it like this because I am lazy and have other projects to work on.