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    Version 1.0.0


    Are you silly? I'm still gonna send it! What started as just the signature catch phrase of Larry Enticer has turned into one big bad monster that's built to be sent. Please note that this truck is an open custom so you do not need to ask me permission to use it in Sim Monsters sanctioned leagues and events, the one exception being SMRA as it's apart of my team in that league; other than that, you're good to go. Credits are as follows: Paint - @CMDeerfoot Chassis - @Outlawed Body and tires - @Andrew Engine - @Wambo Rims and shocks - @acdcfan56 Truck construction - @Nitro Psycho Hotfixes and finishing touches - @crazyman444 Various other parts to the SM V4 pack makers. If I forgot someone, I apologize. Truck is tested and working in 4.6, that's the version it was made for and that's the only version I'm worrying about.
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    Version 1.0.0


    0.4 Another truck I thought I might as well upload. Not 100% accurate to the real life version. Blender work - me Chassis - Outlawed Engine, fuel cell - fernBurn Everything else - SM Community
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    Version 1.0.0


    Well here it is folks. After nearly 6 years of planning, modeling, painting, building, scrapping, (rinse and repeat a few times), my dream ride is finally here. It took longer then I wanted, but the end result surpassed my expectations. There are so many people to thank who helped me with this project along the way, and if I forget someone I apologize. Please note that this is my personal custom and is not open for others to use in Sim Monsters sanctioned leagues and events, if you want to use it you must ask my permission first. Paint and chassis design- @Mr. Beardman Chassis and nodebeam construction - @Outlawed Wheels - @acdcfan56 Tires and body - @Andrew Shocks - @RockCrwlr Engine - @Wambo Various other parts and truck construction - @Ghostx Radiator and fans - @crazyman444 Gauges - @RKM Everything else to the V4 Pack makers. Also shout outs to @dd07205, @tddtwid, @Jon Cannon, @Mark Colineri, @Nitro Psycho, @CIDRA racer, @iZonarYT @LordFrosting, @Zach Nicholas, @Double.D ッ, @DannyMackey, @monsterjamcod0329, @restored429, @JoshDIGRhodes, @JonnyZimmer2, @Mark Iron, and @NavySonicShell for helping with the project in various other ways including helping with earlier versions of the truck, suggestions for the build, and beta testing. To everyone that I tagged in this post I sincerely say thank you for helping bring this beast to life, it means a lot to finally have what was once just a dream now a reality. Truck is tested and working in 4.6, that's the version it was made for and that's the only version I'm worrying about. #ThingsAreAboutToGetHairy
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    Ignore my driver suit being in there, used my truck as a base. Early stages for Josh Gajewski, his Kontrol Freek for 2018. Pretty happy on how the paint came out. Should be out and finished soon.
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    Found a hitch, new headers, other things done, new configs and last issues I can see are the seam in the hood, and Transfercase output shaft(s), oh @steiale The hood has been tilted, and the 'older version' now has a paler chassis (before 2006 repaint IRL)
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    I haven't done this in a while, so this track won't be the greatest thing in the world. It's far from done. Still in the testing phase and still developing the race course. Let me know what you think and what could be improved.
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    Bryan Wright and Hooked is your 2018 King of the Beach! We charged hard, JR picked up 2 wheelie and 2 Racing wins this weekend but it just wasn’t enough for the Xtermigator to catch up to Hooked. Fun weekend tho on the beach!
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    You should learn to reply to the thread that you've already made on this instead of making an entirely new thread about it. You save a backup copy of the input.map in Documents/ Rigs of Rods/ Config/ somewhere else in case something goes wrong, and copy and paste the new input.map into that same directory, replacing the old one.

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