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    Slowly progressing on this pack. Close to done. 2017 & 2018 Season Trucks Late 2017 & Minneapolis December 2017 trucks. World Finals 18 & World Finals 19 trucks And a retro truck. The reason why i redid the 2017 trucks was because the one i released in august wasnt at all finished so i went back and got it finished. 2018 bel air season paint by ChuckieP3 and late 2017 s10 paint by ChazzyMP rii lights are real btw
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    We dont take too kindly to your folk round here... 🤣 JK😂
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    Mark Galloway was just on the video boards. It was a sight. Please make it stop.
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    Kill it. Kill it with fire. No anime on this site. Nope!! Kidding, you can do what you want. but I've lost some very low respect for you
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    here's the makings of the first waifu killer (i have no clue what i'm doing)
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    Wouldn't mind seeing the Old Avenger/Current Wrecking Crew & Axe truck from the regular season of 2017 thrown in there if you're up for it.
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    old project should i release?