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    Hey guys, back again with the third NAMT track. This week is at MetLife Stadium. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    It would be a good idea to follow the official guide for truck requests if you want someone to make these. Here is the link.
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    Congratulations to @iZonarYT for his racing win and to @rockgod88 and @billothepillow for their tied freestyle wins. I want to thank everyone that came out for qualifying, we had a great turnout this week. I may be considering implementing a qualifier points system that has been used in MROR and SSRS if this keeps up. Racing was exciting, we had some upsets, close races, and a few wrecks. You guys went all out for freestyle with some great stunts. I'm hoping the tracks going forward will allow you guys to keep doing wild and crazy things. The event itself ran very smooth tonight, just under 2 hours for racing and freestyle. I'm pretty sure the stream held up pretty well for you guys to watch on, please let me know if you guys think I should change stuff with that being as it's a newish concept. Next week is a smaller floor than Foxborough, but should still give you guys an good amount of space. Final results are in the first post, next week's track should be up in a few hours, full event coverage from last week is up now on the NAMT YouTube Channel, highlights from tonight will be up later this week, and full event coverage from tonight should be up next Sunday. Hope you guys had a fun time and good luck to everyone next week!
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    Launched my own brand ▶️https://www.facebook.com/badcherrygfx/ or on IG @badcherrygfx
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    Requests are not required to be filled. Content creators will make content as they feel, and will release when they decide to. Please be patient and do not beg or rush for content to be either made or released.
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    always been one of my favorite race designs you guys did. cant wait to run it next week!
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    Yay! Back before there was Jersey style on Monster Jam, there was this... jersey style course! Glad you brought it back! I remember when the SSRS tracks came out with this and it was fun!
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    This entire show your projects thread.... You guys aren't right lmao.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I got permission from Mark to convert some of Monster Outlaw tracks into 0.4. I will be doing this some other tracks so if you want one to be converted just let me know in the comment section, anyway here are the credits. Original Design - crazyman9 Models/Textures - Me/Casey Railing Texture - Klayton Boats - http://tf3dm.com/ Building Texture - Google Stand Model - HotShoe