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    Well here I am with another NAMT track (this week a little earlier in the night than last). Here's the Mercedes Benz Superdome! Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Best thing I've ever made for this site
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    Version 1.0.0


    Jam Customs did part of the paint while I did the other part of the paint and put the truck together
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    what ever ur doing its gona look cool
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    Congrats to @Andrew for his second consecutive racing win and @billothepillow for his second freestyle win this season. I want to thank everyone for the phenomenal turnout this week, 31 qualifiers! I hope you guys keep showing up like this as we move into the second half, especially with 6 new competitors qualifying in tonight. Final results are in the first post, event highlights this week, full coverage next Sunday, and next week's track is already out. Have a good week everyone!
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    Just a teaser for my NAMT truck (hope its not too late)....
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    Started something I probably shouldnt have...Monster Jam's Version of Tough Trucks, The MINI MONSTERS!!
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    It's been a long time, but i finally finished it. God bless America Credits: @Edy @RockCrwlr @MJFanatic @DannyMackey @Hot Shoe @maxdman @fernBurn I want to thank everybody who helped me morally when making this track. Special thanks to: @CMDeerfoot @DannyMackey @Mark Colineri @RockCrwlr This has been one of my biggest projects, and i'm glad it's finally done and everything is going to be put to rest. Works on 0.37+ & 0.4+ Bye.