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    ok ive read the comments on the Houston 2017 file so I have redone the entire track and the paint (note I deleted the pumpkins cause it makes your game lag) its currently pending update
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    Version 1.0.0


    Gaithersburg, Maryland 2018, Monster Events. Credits: Me Mark C HotShoe Klayton MonsterJam16' Track should work on both .4 and .3. Any issues or problems let me know below or PM me. Enjoy.
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    Well with the kickoff show just over 24 hours away, we can start this right? Monster Jam has posted some of 2019s dates on Facebook, and a few on the website but no lineups yet. I can share a few cool things from Team RKMT, my gf Kristen Hope will be making her MJ debut in Razin Kane on October 12th in Louisville, KY and will be driving for first quarter as well. We also have some big shuffles coming up for first quarter. Roy is retiring so we have Jack Brown moving into the Ice Cream Man truck, which will now be on triple threat as Rottweiler. We also have the brand new Wolfs Head truck, and Kristen and a new driver in our trucks but you’ll figure out all that tomorrow. We also have some really cool things coming post triple threat season for the RK and ICM trucks as well so stay posted. Idk about you guys but I’m excited to get a new year going! Can’t wait to be back on the Triple Threat tour next year
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    No. Nobody is under any obligation to make anything, that is why it is a request. He is atleast doing that correctly now, baby steps.
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    hey, can you stop changing your name like you request new computers every few weeks?
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    Have not shown anything here for a while, this is one of my shorter projects from this recent time. This pack includes the trucks that ran on the brutus chassis from 2009 to 2012 and this should be uploaded soon...
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    gimmie that old crew. kidman3, wondrous, spyclops9, davisman10, speedx77, holla at me boys
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    It's a huge penis with a tip. literally...

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