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    Cooldown #3 in the works dont know why i tend to put the tires and rims on blender, i guess is to get an idea on how it would look in-game.
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    I haven't posted here in a while, but I've been hard at work on trucks and tracks. This is a Mickey Thompson stadium-inspired track that I just started (yes, they all start out looking this rough 😂). I'm still trying to figure out how to place crushable cars on elevations, but when I do there will be plenty of cars to crush when going up the large three-step hill climb.
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    Making this for some sneaky thing and for Beam... EDIT:
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    Upcoming Trucks im working on Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Rod Ryan Houston Strong 2017
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    The Turbulence race truck is the old Mountaineer I believe
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    First truck in a pack that I'm working on currently.
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    Im just doing the official ones from the Bigfoot team, not customs or fan arts.
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    ok ive read the comments on the Houston 2017 file so I have redone the entire track and the paint (note I deleted the pumpkins cause it makes your game lag) its currently pending update
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    Have not shown anything here for a while, this is one of my shorter projects from this recent time. This pack includes the trucks that ran on the brutus chassis from 2009 to 2012 and this should be uploaded soon...
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    Coming September-15...….2020 (jk) This is my first replica its a little poo but it was a attempt
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    Generally what I do to get the scale as close to accurate as possible is I use a .blend of a car (Rock's lexus because it's already to scale when imported) and find a real car on the image I'm using as the ground template, then size my areal shot from google earth to match the real car up with the size of the car blend. After that I model the rest of the track around the areal template because it should be close to scale with the overhead shot of the car and the car blend. (I hope that makes sense). Also, yes, I had to. I should prob change my settings when I take screenshots but this'll do.
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    Another project I started a while back, nearing completion now. Also Titan and a Barbarian pack being uploaded today
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    Version 2.0.0


    Credit to Adam or AbgamerX for Cloning the truck and changing some nodes, I've slightly changed some things on the body for this version, this took Awhile to make, it's still not 100% accurate by a long shot but it will work for now

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