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    Just gotta align the chassis a lil better and add a couple sponsors and its all wrapped up. oh yea also this version: due to expansions, world finals schemes and repair costs, Keep it Weird couldnt quite afford to do a full Halloween body/paint. But the stem stencil, spray paint, and Halloween sticker only cost about 30 or 40 bucks all together so hey lol.
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    I tried to convert the track to 0.4 (thanks for the tutorial) but I failed after some attempts. Can somebody do it for me? Thank you for the help in advance.
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    Version v2.1


    Big pack of trucks that have ran on the PEI chassis over the years...... Features: Monster Mutt 2004 Monster Mutt 2010 Monster Mutt Dalmatian El Toro Loco 200s El Toro Loco 2012 El Toro Loco Yellow El Toro Loco Burgundy 2009 Bulldozer 2000s Blue Thunder 2001 W/Flags Blue Thunder 2001 Wo/Flags Blue Thunder 2004 Blue Thunder 2008 Credits @deadgod88 Blender, chassis edits, paint, NB, lotta stuff..... @TheBostonRag Help with paints @Outlawed Original Chassis SM Community Other helpful stuffs This is likely not a final version, so if there are any other PEI trucks you would like to see, leave a comment and I'll consider it. They are not all 100% accurate, Should be standalone.
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    Updated Grave Digger 5 paint since I thought the old one didn't do the truck justice. This will be used in @rockgod88's Grave Digger 5 pack when it's released.
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    did I post this? I don't remember life is a blur
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    Version 1.0.0


    i know my last track sucked but i made this one better, i like how this turned out, i know its not the best track but its ok and fun to drive on i know the spawn is really weird but idk how to change the spawn point but if i find a way i will update it, also if i find a way to raise the terrain out of the ground i will update it so its nighttime credits paint- me stadium- monsterjamcod0329 props-rockcrawler for the vehicles if i missed anyone please tell me