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    Never thought I would post in here again, let alone make another set of tires. Took me awhile to remember how to use Blender again after not using it in 2 years lol. This is a set of Super Swamper TSLs. Looking at the renders I need to modify a few things but other than that I will attempt to create a paint for it......If I can remember how I made tire paints
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    I would suggest the Tacoma, it's never been done to my knowledge and I think it would make for an interesting design.
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    Couple more bodies fresh from the booth. Also before any old school fans get on my case, yes I'm well aware that the irl Bad Medicine was actually on a Dodge Dakota. Said Dakota body currently doesn't exist in RoR so we went with the idea of what if it was done a Chevy Silverado. If that body ever gets made, the truck will be updated accordingly.
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    A little more than a year after it was last updated... The first two trucks of the fully revamped breakable truck pack are complete with minor issues. More trucks to come soon... Further Updates Revised suspension setup for all trucks. Added two new trucks. Mutant (Todd) and I guess a kind of FELD version of Bad Company. I know that Bad Company doesn't run a CRD like this irl but someone said put it on a CRD so I did and voila. New screenies of the other two trucks currently completed
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    its 2018, hosting servers is simple or you can continue hoping that people will be respectful over the internet (why not message the server hostee?)