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    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...
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    Please stop uploading files that are: Not properly cloned (if what your uploading still has the same name as whatever content you used to make it, it is going to conflict with it. Because of this it will not be approved) Not your work (no uploading them to the site does not count as contributing)
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    Version 2


    It's finally here! After many months of anticipation, here are the first tracks of WRA Season 4 tour... ___________ This pack includes: WRA Gaithersburg (1st link): Modified Chicago Style, less grip than usual, boats, buses, and big air! WRA Birmingham (2nd link): Straight line drag, mini-flip ramp, and tons of 2-wheel opportunities! WRA West Lebanon* (3rd link) : Perhaps the trickiest race course on this website, insane air opportunities, and a massive freestyle track! ___________ Credits: Me Rockcrawler Maxdman Hotshoe/Slickster Let me know if I forgot anyone! ___________ Track Map for West Lebanon:
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    Version 1.0.0


    Overkill Evolution & Black Stallion. 0.4 Had alot of people asking for these so thought I would get them up for my first upload of 2019. Hope everyone had a great holidays and new year! Blender work, Paint - me Chassis - Outlawed Motor - fernBurn & Andrew Sheets Fuel Cell, Radiators, Planetaries - fernBurn Gauges, ISP Seat - Steele Black Stallion Body - Harlow If I have missed you out, message me and I will add you! Enjoy!
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    Version 1.1.0


    I figured I would upload my controller setup seeing in how most of the older versions on the site are obsolete. Credits to Mark Colineri for the original map that I built off of long ago. This works with both Xbox and Playstation controllers, wired and wirelessly via Bluetooth. . . . - After installation, go to This PC / Documents / Rigs of Rods (whatever version you're using) / config , and then swap out the input.map for the one you just installed. - Keep the other input.map in a safe place in case you ever want to swap back and/or make your own adjustments. - Xbox controllers work straight away without any programs (on Windows, of course.) - For Dualshocks, DS4Windows is needed. It is essentially an Xbox controller emulator. - I have provided it, but here is the link to the website for tutorials and further guidance: http://ds4windows.com/ - Make sure that DS4Windows is running, and that your controller is connected to it, prior to launching ROR. - If the throttle is stuck and all of the controls are inverted, simply go to your Bluetooth settings and disconnect and reconnect the controller. - ***Make sure to have the controller blinking / ready to pair before you click "Add Bluetooth or other device". Otherwise the problem will persist. - When using a plugged-in Dualshock, make sure you go to the Settings tab in DS4Windows and check off the box that reads "Hide DS4 Controller". . . . Controls Outside Truck: - Left Joystick = Move - A or X = Jump - X or Square = Run - D-Pad Up = Enter / Exit Truck Controls Inside Truck: - A or X = Toggle Truck Engine On/Off - X or Square = Left Rear Steer - B or Circle = Right Rear Steer - Y or Triangle = Reset Truck - Menu or Options Button (Hold) = Truck Ignition - Share Button = Look Back - Left Joystick = Front Wheel Steering - LT or L2 = Brake - RT or R2 = Accelerate - Left Bumper or L1 = Shift Down - Right Bumper or R1 = Shift Up - D-Pad Up = Enter / Exit Truck - D-Pad Left = Toggle HUD - D-Pad Down = Change Camera - Left Joystick Click = Save Truck Position as well as Quicksave in 0.4.8 - Right Joystick Click = Load Truck Position as well as Quickload in 0.4.8 . . . - If there are any questions, problems or assistance needed, please DM me.
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    Logo Credits: Aaron Lurie Announcing the Return of CCR Entertainment LLC. PALMETTO, Florida -- January 1, 2019 -- Collision Course Racing Entertainment LLC is proud to announce the successful purchase of DJM & Friends Inc. for the small cost of $300 and an undisclosed personal favor. The transaction was made official today after weeks of back-and-forth negotiations that involved dirty tactics, underhanded schemes, and down right despicable acts that should illegal in most states. However both sides are proud of the resulting transaction and are looking forward to working together in the years ahead. Officially, Danny Mackey is the majority owner (51%) and Devin Doss is the minority owner (49%). With this new deal there is a Board of Directors, listed as follows: CEO, COO, CFO - Danny Mackey @DannyMackey CBO, CCO, CIO - Devin Doss @Double.D ッ CMO, CMO, CKO - Mason Runkel @NavySonicShell CRO, CMO, CLO - Aaron Lurie @AaronLurie CHRO, CSO, CSO, Unpaid Intern - Jack Merkle @Jack Merkle CAO - Joshua Micks @BoomBaby Custodian - Julio Vellon Jr. @monsterjamcod0329 Along with the Board, some listed Directors also driver monster trucks. CCR Motorsports will be taking control of the day-to-day operations of said trucks. The current lineup of drivers is as follows: Danny Mackey - TBA Devin Doss - Deja Vu Aaron Lurie - Monster Energy Pro 4 Jack Merkle - Anarchy Julio Vellon Jr. - Empire CCR Entertainment LLC will now have a net worth of $0.6 million USD incorporating an equal pay system for all drivers. CCR Motorsports officially takes ownership of all 9 trucks from the DJM & Friends Inc. fleet along with one more truck scheduled to be built before the start of the next season. CCR Entertainment's Official Budget and Information Document can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TR--S0vzjjJEWo3kLY-xlmoa5FjonkXkYFm9x6-LA08/edit#gid=0
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    TUESDAY JANUARY 1ST, 2019 FROM THE DJM & FRIENDS INC. HEADQUARTERS IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Hey fellas, what's the haps? You guys doing okay? That's good to hear. Do anything exciting during the offseason? Oh really?? That's awesome! I wish I could do that sometime. So its been a while, eh? Kinda had to dust off everything in the shop because I thought I burned it down for insurance money like, 2 years ago but I guess that didn't happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I got a phone call a few days ago from an old friend of mine named Danny and he offered me an obscene amount of money and physical services that are illegal in at least 49 other countries for this shi-, I mean, gloriously historic team that used to dominate the SMRA circuit. So as of the start of 2019, DJM and Friends Inc. has been bought out by the mega-corporation Collision Course Racing Entertainment LLC, and is going to be moving to Palmetto, Florida to become the subdivision CCR Motorsports. I would say it was fun while we were DJM Friends Inc., but it's been the same lineup for like 5 years and honestly I can't stand the smell of Julio's garbage anymore. It reeks dude, you don't even know. Eugh. We will not be taking any questions at this time.
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    beutow killed hotwheels 10/10
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    forgot the blue 'Sim-Monsters.com' logo on the body panels 😉 Also real criticism here, I would definitely work on your spec textures. Not everything is SUPER shiner (ex. planetary hubs, chassis, rim bolts, etc) And also be sure to edge split when needed. A couple of your body mounts and Extinguisher mounts look bubbly.
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    more trucks should use stock fonts for logos
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    SUPER DUPER... im in a fat rut and am having some sort of writers block or whatever when it comes to trucks but this is my most recent...yes i know theres warping in the back, i dont really know how to help that
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