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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the version of Cleatus driven by Marc McDonald in 2018. Hope you guys enjoy Credits: @Patriotic Canadian - Body @RockCrwlr - Tires @Outlawed - Chassis I modified the body and did the paint
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    I'm at the show in Spokane, 3 of the 8 trucks are broken so far. We aren't even done with racing yet. Will update if anyone comes back. Update 1: Tyler Meninga wins racing. Had a nice voice crack in his interview after. Update 2: Colton Eichelberger was watching the track crew fix the track and shook his head in disappoint, they did a really bad job and left multiple ruts in the surface. Tyler Meninga wins ATVs with a last corner pass on the outside. Update 3: 2 of the trucks are back, however a 4th, MaxD now has issues. Tyler Meninga wins the 2 wheel skills with a really cool wheelie into stoppie combo. I'll probably upload the video later tonight and put it here. Update 4: No sweep for Tyler tonight as Tony Ochs in Soldier Fortune wins the donut contest. Update 5: They just gave away tickets to the World Finals. So now this family needs to find a way to get from Spokane to Orlando. Update 6: Colton wins Speedsters after Tyler rolled it. Update 7: There is a dance contest. Every child is flossing. Send help. Update 8: Tyler Menninga wins freestyle. I will probably upload that tomorrow.
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    You know you've made too many of these right? Yes. And you know you only ran the last version once? Yes. Anyway, here's Deja Vu 2019.

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