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    cookie you say?
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    Not bad for your first completed track. I'd recommend for future reference to make sure some ramps line up straight and not curve to the right or left such as the one in this screenshot: If I need to edit a cross thread, then I do 1 of the 2 following things: rotate it back to the original 0/90 degree angle then edit them there, or I only edit them along the z-axis since editing them along the x/y axis is tricky on an angle. Also, the paint could use some touch ups in a few spots. And when you use these backflip dumpsters, try to export them as a separate mesh file and put it on the track as a non-collidable object and put a wall that's either JUST inside the dumpster or a wall that's transparent, since the dumpsters can grab onto your truck if you hit them the wrong way.

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