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    I think you guys don't get the bigger picture here. We're actively trying to push people to the newer versions of ROR. It's more stable, better fps, I could go on. None of the trucks we are planning to release here soon will be compatible with older version of ROR. So, simply, if you want to use our trucks. Get .4.6. Everyone should be running it regardless, but this is a better way to strong arm people into downloading it.
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    Gotta commend you on making a truck the right way, 100% stand alone with only the files it needs to makes sure everything shows up right and works properly. Only critique I have to make it a little more realistic looking would be to add a halo to the back of the chassis like the modern Digger trucks have to hold up the back of the body, but that's a very minor thing; good job on this one.
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    Very good for being another digger.
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    i can respect those body nets.
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    Well my friend i have found the solution to your problems!
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    Amazing truck 10/10 i like the truck landing hard to so the shock setup is amazing in my opinion keep up the good work
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    Okay, this is really well done! Keep up the great work on these.
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    The Grave Digger 5 he was semi-replicating was not a leafer. You may have it confused with the original Grave Digger 5, which was a leafer, but used in exhibition only. I'd never thought I'd see Grave Digger on a leafer... Well done man!
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    It's a damn Willman, why would it handle like a leafer. Anyways, I love the way this looks. My one thing would be if potentially you revisited this at some point and made it so the exhaust stuck through the hood like it did on the Awakened chassis, since the headers are just kind of going up towards a closed body, other than that I love this
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    quick question, does it behave like a leafer?
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    Too clean to not make the featured list.
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    Looks like it has teeth Lol.
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    You got ripped off if you paid 4k for an i5
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    then why are you laggy
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    Sounds like a personal problem.
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    then there's no point in commenting here.
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    You can take shock setups all you want, as long as it isn't the truck itself.
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    Gotta admit, this is a huge improvement of the last version! It runs really well in the latest RoR version ( too. To those who still use .3x, I can understand why you may like to still use it to this very day, but times are changing. Besides, the new version of RoR has a reshade mod, and trust me, it's honestly the best thing that has happened for RoR in a while. Sure, multiplayer may be a bit finicky, but I assure you that it is being worked on. Anyhows, I'm going to be taking screenshots of this beauty and posting them in the upcoming day(s) to the screenshots section, so keep an eye out. Keep up the great work though!
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    Wow, your shock setup is amazing, and the paint does look great aswell. I'd steal this truck in a heartbeat if possible. I know you can't use the truck, but are you able to use the same shock setup anywhere, or would that be the same as 'using the truck'?
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    Oh, thanks for telling me! I found the solution for you:
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    Honestly I have more so like no. But I'm not a selfish little kid
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    0/10 would not drive again