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    you have to wait for an admin to do so. ....you guys act like this is the first time something has been stolen.
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    Your tracks look great, but one thing I've noticed on a few of them is an unnecessary amount of verts on certain faces. The dumpsters on this track only need to be 14 AT MOST and yours are double or triple that, and the long walls could be one single face with four verts where you have them as 18 verts and multiple faces. Also not sure what you were trying to do with the cars but im not sure why the corners have been subdivided like they have been. Also I understand what you're trying to do with the small square Monster Jam Triple Threat banner on top of the safety holds because I've done the same thing on many tracks, but there is no reason they need to be 8 verts and have four sides and a back. If you make it one face and position it close enough to the top of the stands then no one will ever see the invisible side. The biggest thing is the hybrid obstacle, it looks like you subdivided it numerous times which creates some lag for certain computers. Next track you work on try and go through and remove any unnecessary verts or make the same shape a singular face. Don't take this like I'm sh!tting on your track because I'm not, you continue to prove yourself in my opinion as the best track maker still on this site and you're improving fast. I'm just trying to give you tips and guidance to make your tracks better and more user friendly for those of us with terrible computers
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    dan looks a lil woozy in that 2nd pic but still comes into work... what a guy
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    This truck makes me really wish I could play ROR again. Awesome job, @fernBurn. You've come a long way over the past 4 years.
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    When gotta save da money you duct tape dat sh*t. Great truck fern!
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    seems to be missing DT17Flare but that's easily fixable. Great Truck Fern!!!
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    Nicely built but gets boring pretty quick. Nice job by everybody it just isn't my style. So if you love car-only shows with no dirt ramps this is for you. 3 stars from me
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    the color placement makes it look like france
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    the track was indeed made by me chris b just helped put it in
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    I downloaded this mainly for Dan. and maybe the track.
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    i didn't know that was the case, the picture looks like it was taken in the editing software.
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    Which Track are the pics taken on? Other than that i like the Truck peace out
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    Since when did Brad have a black CRD chassis, red shocks and beadlocks?
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    Just converted it, this track is amazing!!
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    I think he will run red rims
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    If you want to keep this up just put my name as the truck maker, then i'm fine with this staying up.
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    Everyone Is On This Mans Head
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    holy crap alot of triggered people like yeah he uploaded and took credit even though its not his but still if you see a comment on top of yours that says "Not your truck" DONT COMMENT ANYTHING RELATED TO THAT Just show them how to delete the dam thing like Fern did.
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    K so you took a truck and added some new nodes to it. And you've done it with like 15 other trucks. Whoop-dee-doo.
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    Beautiful as always Chris!
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    You're just making yourself look worse lmao
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    God damn cry baby, get out, i ain't saying sorry