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    Here it is! The 2017 Breakable Pack Part 1. Thanks to @Chazzymp for the Mutant texture and @Swegliner849 for helping me figure how to do a ton of stuff while making this pack. Credits: @Chazzymp: Textures for Mutant Todd Swegliner849: Helping me figure out how to make flexbodies and texture them correctly. Garrett Hanson: Helping me figure out how to make ride height higher on Mutant Breakable. Rockgod88: Metal Mulisha breakable and regular. This pack is based off of the 2017 Metal Mulisha pack. Me: cloning stuff and making Mutant, and Blue Thunder flexbodies. This pack includes: 2017 Monster Energy Mutant (Todd) 2017 Metal Mulisha 2017 Blue Thunder Might also include a beta version of Bigfoot 14 Chromalusion breakable. Props aren't lined up and it's still a WIP. Overall, hope you guys Enjoy! Keep an eye out for an update or an additional part 2.
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    Version 1.0.0


    CHOO CHOOOO One of my new favorite indy trucks that me and my friends had a good time working on! Credits: @GDFAN14: Truck Making @Chazzymp: Paints @nks1996 and @Chris B: Testers Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I hope that everybody enjoys. I did. Its a drivers track so be careful! Credits: RockCrwlr- Props/Textures erhminer- Obstacles MaxDMan- Props/Textures Edy- Track/Track Textures If I forgot anyone let me know please!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hope that everybody enjoys this track it was a blast to make and do some videos on! Tough Trax is next! Credits- Stadium Model/Textures -Edy Crush Cars/Props -RockCrwlr/MaxDMan Other -Me, djpgamer7, etc If I forgot anyone please let me know! There is a meme on the track. Take no offense.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's my very first track that I'm uploading to Sim Monsters. If there are any any issues with the track then PLEASE let me know so I can try to fix them. Otherwise, enjoy And Yes, This Track Will Work For Both .3 and .4 Versions Of ROR Racing explained: Basically, the start line is the finish line, and you pretty much do 2 full circles around the track. (I wanted to do something unique for racing) Freestyle: A few cross-threads are not smooth and might send you straight back (Specifically hitting the jammer sideways and hitting the triple from the inside of the racing lanes (You'll see what I mean) that's staying the way it is, lol). Also, the buses might grab you if you floor into it in 2nd gear, you'll have more than enough speed to clear it if you floor it in 1st gear. I think that's all I had to say, so I hope you guys enjoy, and here are the credits (If I missed anyone or gave the wrong credits, then please let me know so I can fix thm) Credits: Stadium Model: Maxdman, Klayton, HotShoe Track Paint/Ramp Designs: Me Red/White/Blue Car and Red/Blue Bus Models: RockCrwlr White Bus Model: Unknown (Gar Gar Han Han gave me the models)
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    Version 1


    Here is a Low Budget Reno show made for Trenton. Hope everybody enjoys the track. Credits: MaxDMan- Crush Car/Props Rock Crwlr- Crush Cars/Props Stadium Model- Edy Custom Stadium Textures- ZONA
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    Version 1.0.0


    Very fun project that's gonna be used for Carkiller458's RORFT World Finals II on YouTube. Track uses the 2-day format, has a boat, 6 backflip ramps, a perfect front flip opportunity, and more. One of the most fun tracks I've ever made. Important Stuff: This track will work on any version (tested on .38 and .4.7) This track uses a cool night time setting. Set "Sky type" in graphic settings to "sandstorm" to use The back of the LED boards for racing have been taken out for better vision in the turns Credits: Me- Boat, banners, updated TV screen stuff, all the RORFT textures, etc RockCrwler Maxdman Hotshoe Aaron Lurie Others (Probably forgot a ton of people, tell me if so)
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    In an effort to finally find Saigon, The United States #FindSaigon program has developed a prototype Monster Jam Truck that is designed especially to go 160 mph on the highway when the speed limit is 150 with family members screaming obscenities in the backseats. This new prototype is equpped with flamethrowers especially designed to roast anyone that stands in the path of the vehicle and potentially prevents it from finding Saigon. The USFSP has high hopes in the program, but is also very confident that they will finally #FindSaigon. THE USFSP ALSO RECOMMENDS THAT YOU DOWNLOAD THE ORIGINAL 2015 SAIGON SHAKER BEFORE GETTING THIS TRUCK! Credit goes to: Me(John Dough) - Body, Additional Body Props, Paint, Fire Particles, Tires, Sounds Kozak - Chassis Johan - Rims Voth - Graphic on the Back Box5 - Original node beam
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    Hello every one. Recently, I have been doing a bit of fiddling with my input maps to make them the way I like them. This originally started with Mark Colineri's Xbox Controller input map, but I have added many more controls to it. Also, an important note I would like to add is that when I setup my controller with MotioninJoy, I select the Xbox 360 emulator mode, so you will probably have to do this to make this work. The Xbox One controller works with this and the 360 controller should work as well. -Accelerate- R2 -Brake-L2 -Shift up- R1 -Shift down-L1 -Enter truck-Up on the D-pad -Hide GUI- Left on the D-pad -Toggle diff locking (I use cars as well so that's why I put this function in)- Right on the D-pad -Change camera view- Down on the D-pad -Steer left/right- Left joystick -Rotate camera up/down/left/right- Right joystick -Turn truck on/off- X -Commands 1 and 2 (Rear-steer)- Square and Circle -Repair truck- Triangle -Start truck- Start -Camera look-back- Select -Save Position 1- L3 -Load position 1-R3 -Character Forward/backward/left/right-Left joystick Character sprint- Triangle Character jump- X Another thing I would like to say is this map works in .37.126, .38.67, and .4.0.7. For.37 all you need to do is open up the rorconfig, go to controls, and then select import keymap and you can select the map from there. For .38 and .4, just go to your documents and open the Rigs of Rods .38 or .4 folder, go the the config folder, and just drag it in there. I'm not sure if you can have more than one input map in .38 (.4 you can) so save your keyboard input map elsewhere just in case you cannot have more than one input map or if you want to switch back. Thanks a lot and please enjoy!
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    Version 0.37.117 & 0.037.126


    MIRROR 1: Rigs of Rods 0.37.117 (ZIP Archive) MIRROR 2: Rigs of Rods 0.37.126 (EXE Installer) (Windows 64 bit) Install to C:\Program Files (x86) (Windows 32 bit) Install to C:\Program Files Rigs of Rods 0.37.117 INCLUDES NO CONTENT Any problems please let me know and I will add more links. 0.37.126 was found on sourcefourge but I figured I would upload it to my mediafire so it doesn't disappear if something happens. 0.37.117 is the exact version on my computer and includes no content. HUD by Fat-Alfie (I don't remember the exact files but they should be easily transferable to .126)