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    Version v1


    Krysten Anderson's Grave Digger! Credits @rockgod88 Like alot of stuff, making it, NB, paint stuff, @Outlawed Chassis @Patriotic Canadian Body @TheBostonRag Paint work @Chazzymp Paint work Sim Community Other Props and such Should be fine all versions V2 has the Body lowered more.
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    Version 2.0.0


    It's just a repaint of a Monster Mutt Paint: Me everything else: SM V4 makers Message me if the file doesn't work, because it works fine for me
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    This is an American truck since I want the 16th truck in my truck pack, This my best one yet (Even better than Bad Attitude) Cloning: @FloridaBoyAutoRacing Flags: @FloridaBoyAutoRacing Original Truck: Straight Jacket by @iZonarYT
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credit for the props on the track go to their respected creators. Hope you enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    World Finals Commemorative Truck Pack. My first attempt at putting a pack together. Tested in 0.4 and works fine. Trucks arent perfect, but gave it a go. Still very much a newcomer to painting and putting trucks together. Paintwork and Cloning - Me I take NO credit for making the original trucks. All credit for creating them goes to rockgod88 and fernBurn. If I missed anyone out feel free to message me and I will add you in. EDIT: Been told they are not working for 0.3. Not sure how to fix it right now. If someone else is able to help out, great. If not, once figured out the pack will be updated
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    Version v1


    Trenton Ray's AwAkEnD for SMRA! Me- Blender, NB, Body, Truck making, paint stuff, Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits, SMRA legalness Trenton Ray- Idea, Logo Nick- Original chassis SM-Props
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys its been awhile since I have released something. Had this sitting around made this back in February. Thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy! Side note- I do not know if this works with .4 feel free to convert it! Credits - Nodes-Blasier Building Truck -my self Rims-Fern Tires- Fern Paint- Me/Chris Hamilton. Other stuff SM Community. Body-Andrew Sheets. If I have forgotten you please let me know!
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    Version 1.0.0


    חנוכה שמח! This file was tested in versions 37.126 and 4.6 I hope you enjoy this terrain!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made a custom Hot Wheels paint for a old updated truck lol, I'm just very bored and want to make cool or weird paint jobs for trucks Paint : ME everything else : SM Makers NOTE: It handles good. Maybe I'll do another one just don't know what color, as always message me if it doesn't work, and I'm still working on how to do things so forgive me I'm only human
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    Version 1.0.0


    just an idea I had for SMRA Credit Goes to Micah or TheBostonRag (paint) Blaise-Construction Koozak-Chassis Fern-Models pre cloning ASK PERMISSION TO USE THE TRUCK
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    Version 1.0.0


    It's Soldier Fortune, but has a custom doom's day design. Should work on 0.38, if not watch this tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IrhXdYHnLo
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    Requested by Corey New here is War Machine and World War III! 2 Hummer trucks that were so much fun to make. Corey will be driving World War III and ill be driving War Machine for SMRA. Both trucks are pretty much the same except the paint. Credits: Me Corey N. Kozak Fern RockCrwlr Blaise SM community THIS TRUCKS ARE NOT OPEN CUSTOMS, YOU WILL HAVE TO ASK ME OR COREY FOR USING THEM IN ANY LEAGUE/FUN RUN Should work in all versions, Enjoy!
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    Version v1.5


    Big pack of trucks that have ran on the PEI chassis over the years...... Features: Monster Mutt 2004 Monster Mutt 2010 Monster Mutt Dalmatian El Toro Loco 200s El Toro Loco 2012 El Toro Loco Yellow El Toro Loco Burgundy 2009 Bulldozer 2000s Blue Thunder 2001 W/Flags Blue Thunder 2001 Wo/Flags Blue Thunder 2004 Blue Thunder 2008 Credits @deadgod88 Blender, chassis edits, paint, NB, lotta stuff..... @TheBostonRag Help with paints @Outlawed Original Chassis SM Community Other helpful stuffs This is likely not a final version, so if there are any other PEI trucks you would like to see, leave a comment and I'll consider it. They are not all 100% accurate, Should be standalone.
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    Mini Bigfoot pack. Creditz @rockgod88 Blender, NB, New textures, Cloning, Paint edits, Research and development, ect, ect Jack Merkle-Chromalusion paint Gd fan Original Chassis mesh SM Community Rest of things I don't know Standalone, .4 compatible also
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    Version 1.0.0


    Thanks to Taurus Racer 13 for making a friend of mine actul everyday drive of his real EL Camino that is a 78