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    More projects. First real attempt at putting together a chassis from scratch with Overkill, pleased with how it turned out. Still work to do but been fun working on these so far.
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    well, its almost spooki day, and well... finished this junk
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    Don't worry, I'm still dead. This is just something I made over summer that I forgot about until earlier today, should be for WRA in a few months
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    Really happy for Gavin Hill, his hard work in this game over the years really helped the industry.
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    Been working hard these past few weeks to get these trucks close to done, I really enjoyed working on these, a few more versions to come! *Started to add Qualifying versions!*
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    remake of @Lonewolf572's Sinister truck (old paint IK need to update it) #Spooky
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    Some custom King Krunch leafers for the new leafer packs
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    I'm in the process of rebuilding the Straker Omega/4 electric truck. Still a lot of work left, but so far I think it's fun in an over-the-top way. It will be interesting to adapt old liveries like Taurus, Stomper, Equalizer etc to something so futuristic. Edit: This is basically the Raptor version of the Omega/4, which would still fit within the Powertrax production vehicle rule.
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    man if you aint first your truly LAST in this community...anyway midas well just show off the same thing everyone else has been doing 🙄 anyway been working on this since the day it was announced just adding minor changes after phoenix i guess its time to release this?
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    Tom! We weren’t supposed to mention names! So many new people don’t even know how great Gavin Hill was😂
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    We cannot have anything nice can we.
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    While the SGK Truck is pending i wanted to try the new 2019 track i say its ok-ish
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    I've seen countless nonsense reports simply because someone does not like another member of the site, this is not a valid report and anymore are going to result in warnings and further penalties if it continues.
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    Was ask by a friend to make these trucks, paint by Chazzy. Don't know if I'm aloud to release them but had fun making them!
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    Revamped @ChaoticMayhem Breakable Blue Thunder and also Created Coty's 2016 Monster Energy (paints go to @fernBurn) What do you guys think?
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    Probably not, but they stole my map! If anything I've made has a slightest impact on the real world of Monster Jam that's cool as hell. Those do look like my transport trailers from my MJU track.... 😆
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    Gave Morgans Grave Digger truck a shot tell me what you think
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    If thats from who I think it is and have stayed on the same path, it is ROR with a modified script that has been in the works for years from a few people. If its them they have done a fantastic job. I am unable to say the names but I had learned alot from them back when I made content for this game.
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    Well, after some time away, and the show in Ionia, us four decided to also go to Gaithersberg, MD for another show. Racing wasn't really kept track of and was only two races, Freestyle went really well. Excited to see all these trucks battle in SMRA. ] Fuel Injection handling great on it's new home
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    No one HAS to make anything. That's why it's a request. Just be patient and if someone wants to make all 100 of the trucks you requested, they will. If not, try making trucks yourself. There are many tutorial sections on this website. Theres no need to request trucks multiple times or get impatient. If you truly need it right this second..(which...no one truly needs a truck for a game....) then get into making trucks. You can make whatever, whenever. But until then, just be patient.
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    No wing on this version. wish it was my truck to release...I dont consider it a project due to the un-releasable factor