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    A truck that i was working on with some friends. But life has gotten in the way never finished it I am still working on it .I plan to release it when its all done.
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    asher Taking the Pleebs to school Repliacustom for wra yey.
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    MURICA!!! F*** YEAH!!! Practice: (Might remove the turn cars for the practice version, idk, I'll leave that up to you guys ) Racing: Racing Layout: (Was originally gonna make it East Rutherford style, but I wanted to do something kinda unique. The Red lines indicate the first lap, and the blue line indicates the second lap. It's basically running in 2 circles) Freestyle: Murica Mayhem! Coming to a Sim Monsters near you!
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    Looking for someone to help me get this in game. the paint isnt Beautiful and this is a 1pt track (racing/freestyle in a single .trrn file) but everything is already joined. Im not looking for any changes to be done, just to get it in game. Please PM me if you're interested. Thank you. (Yes @deadgod88 its 2 49 this time) Edit: Heres some more pics
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    Its Finally happening *WIP* Just a repli-custom because theres no way i could personally make this exact but yea Will be releasing at some point Im gunna fix the shock clipping, paint errors or pieces that got cut off, and will be putting gd7rims on it. Everything else is pretty much just how i, personally, need it to be. edit: TIS DONE
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    Other Stuffs + Stafford is Pending Approval.
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    No he said put the Mutant body, Which isn't correct. I think he meant, he put the Mutant Paint* on an s10 body and on a Rummel Chassis. @Dominick ...coming from a guy who hasn't made anything, you're saying that his custom isn't creative? Sit down. Be Humble.
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    You don't have to threaten us into forcing you to show your work. If you want to, just post it. We don't need to beg to see it, we have enough other content creators that we don't need to be held hostage to see work.
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    Truck that I am working on for a friend
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    I've have never had a picture in blender to help on modeling a truck i look up reference pics save them to my pc them use them to freehand the body that's how i made earth shaker and my other projects. and i'm just saying i'm still learning to make the curves of like the roof of a truck where it meets the top of the door i'm slowly getting there but it's still a leaning curve for me. and i wouldnt mind having help on learning it or how to get pictures in blender for refference update: so I've taken @Andrew advice and used a photo of venom to help with the model and i gotta say it looks better i still need to make the grill but will most likely do that tomorrow
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    Sneak peak at a new project. Paint is done and on a Razin kane for now, but A new Predator/Lone Eagle pack will be out soon.
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    lmao lists of things that get started, then shown off and never get released, or float around various YouTube channels when it is finished. @theyknowhotheyare
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    WIP paint i got going on. New England trucks still matter on this site, right?
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    Track that me and @nks1996 that we are working on for a tour. It is based on MT Pleasant.
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    something about a van stack EDIT: restarted from scratch so it doesn't look like sheit
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    Hi Guys, I am back creating new sounds for Rig of Rods after several years, seemed that my old zoomie sounds are still be used. Here are my new zoomie sounds for 2017!
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    anybody seen a snake missing it's VENOM? still working on getting the whole thing to look right so far but im enjoying it.
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    Coming to a fun tour event near you
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    Okay this is a mentality I never got. Why would you show off a project, go through ALL the work to make it and then only pass it around to a couple friends?
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    Alright, I think i've got those new zoomies sounding and screaming right know, what do you think?
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    There was a pretty big pile out back of the Dungeon for years. I think that's slowly getting tossed out or sold off in chunks. The last time I looked there were a plethora of chassis as well out back in the weeds. One of the Patrick's back there was in phenomenal shape considering it was retired. Shame they couldn't have sold it and someone could've gotten some more life out of it.
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    Aww man, this kid's back... Reviving some old faves: A couple newer ones: And something I call "Rantru" cuz its based off a random truck I passed on the street:
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    We all know the 25th anniversary Sonic truck...well I had this idea for a World Finals version considering the trucks very strongly possible entry to my personal world finals. Hope you like. ALSO the paint looks fine, my graphics are just down cuz i finally got fed up with adjusting racing times due to lag. Ps: I dont know the sonic universe or history like AT ALL so the shadow addition MIGHT (?) throw off the 25th anniversary theme, i just thought itd be cool as a world finals truck.
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    It may not be monster truck related, but since this vehicle literally shares a part that came from here, it may as well be posted. This car right here is the finished form of a project I started over 2 years ago, and during the last time I worked on it, I had no idea what else would be best. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and after some heavy thought, I revisited the mod and gave it a new scheme, plus some minor fixes, and with the help of a friend I know who happens to be one of the current admins on the Rigs of Rods forums, I was able to have a new spoiler placed onto it, as well as having valve flaps that actually move when the car accelerates and decelerates. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the unstable n/b, but sadly that's something I would need dire help with, since I don't know jack squat with that besides flexbodies, wheels, props, sounds, and some speed settings. Anyhows, here's the list of credits for this beauty. 1973 Ford Falcon XBGT (Body): Hemiboy. RS Watanabe Type AB Wheels: MrSteakPotato & Charger. V4.5 Engine model: SealedGecko & modified by Voulk. Further edits done by Michael10055. Sparco Seats: Hemiboy, placed by Voulk. Gavril Bandit Extreme Spoiler: Gabester & placed by Michael10055. Paint Scheme: ShawnVallance (me.)
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    Daredevil El Diablo? House of Cards High Roller? Trailer Park Boys High Roller? Arrested Development Donkey Kong? There's always money in the banana stand Bojack Horseman Pony Express? A Series of Unfortunate Events Madusa?
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    tbh you really don't need to do that since i have a newer willys body you can use, but you definitely wanna wait until pics of the actual truck get posted; take your time and make it as close to perfect as possible. Many others have rushed to be the first to make something and the results have been less than stellar, don't make the same mistake mi amigo.
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    coming to a downloads sections near you.
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    Inb4 "holy crap it's roach again" Somebody please finish this for me. Message me in here if interested. And It needs to be exactly like the replica or I will cry. IE reference photos: http://www.monstertruckracing.com/monsterpatrol/mpatrol19.jpg http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/images/monpat206b5.jpg http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/images/mpatrolpic1.jpg
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    I don't remember who said Train Wreck had Incorrect shade of orange So: Screenshot Cred: @GDFAN14
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    Figured it out guys! Turns out i needed the correct ManagedMaterials Info... I had tried it a couple times before and it still wasnt working which is why i came here n asked. BUT its finished and I got the right info. Here it is! Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out!
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    Hah, I've never seen that kind of terrain for RoR before. Nice looking truck so far though!
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    this is my first time showing it on sm not quite done but its close
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    Whoever guesses it first will win a pre-released truck of mine. good luck.
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    Absolutely love the simplistic design.
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    On Toxic for now. Me and a friend will be making the actual truck in the coming weeks.
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    Currently on wrong base body and needs some refining.
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    I thought I'd have a bit of fun with the video editing on this one, and create a video to look like an old VHS recording, as an homage to "Motor Madness"
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