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    Okay, this is something that I know we all, including myself, thought died.... but then one day I found the files and I thought that this would be a fun track to finish, and I started working on it again. I know at this point it's "really old", but does it look like I give a f*ck? Nah, this was getting finished no matter what. I just needed a break and boom, yall will have it soon!
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    I remembered how to do it. Thank you Aaron, very cool!
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    And yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black
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    Ok, This is Epic. Devin painted it.
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    You know you've made too many of these right? Yes. And you know you only ran the last version once? Yes. Anyway, here's Deja Vu 2019.
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    "He started driver monster trucks before he even had his driver's license"..... Meow
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    Old Blender doesn't work anymore, so I had to learn a new version, so I'm trying out 2.75 and I like it so far! Took track making a bit more seriously and I think it would be good. If anyone could help me out, I do have an issue where my car textures disappear as well as faces get inverted as soon as I combine everything into one mesh, any help will be appreciated! But just because I took a break from trucks, doesn't mean I still have some stuff up my sleeve.
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    ok cool hook em! 🤘 why do i do this
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    about 2hrs of work on stream tonight. "but you don't need to start more projects..." don't tell me how to live my life
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    Changed it up a bit, Different shock textures, different Tires and rims! Very happy with how this truck turned out, its a very simple design but sometimes less is more, pretty proud of it!
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    well thanks to @LordFrosting i decided to try and get into painting and what not, now go easy on me its my first paint lol, but im proud with how this turned out. its a winter hunting kind of theme truck! i present Elk Mountain Winter Wildlands, still got to change shocks and what not but its a start!
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    Got bored, made repli custom. Its aight, didn't want to put a ton of work into this one
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    Did you know that mud does wonders for the skin?
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    It hasn't been done to my knowledge, so im gonna do it. A small "warehouse" style arena! If you'd like to help with props feel free to message me!
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    EXTRA THICC will always remain superior.
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    If this thread isn't for you then don't comment. go away
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    I'm gonna give the unpopular opinion here. I think Feld is in the wrong for doing this. First of all, if I understood the article correctly, Feld ended the relationship with Mattel? When Mattel has been there for 20 years producing solid (at worst) products? The only year where Mattel's products were bad was 2015, when all of the trucks just looked lazy but 2016-2018 was some of the best years for MJ toys. Also, the Hot Wheels tour is significantly less than MJ. It's not like Bigfoot and Hollman and whoever else runs those bodies is going to be backflipping, I mean, it's a concrete floor show and the tickets are about $30? It's not a shot at any of those teams, I'm glad to see them competing and whatnot, it's just obviously more of a Thunder-Nationals-esque kind of thing when Feld has pretty much abandoned that type of competition. The only truck that the HW tour runs/sells toys of that I think resembles anything close to a Feld truck is the tiger shark truck. I believe the toy version uses the shark body that Mattel has owned since it produced the Great Bite truck in 2002, not the Megaladon body that HW used in 2018. But I can see where Feld is coming from with this part. Boneshaker has been a Mattel entity since about 2010, and that's just the monster truck. I'm pretty sure the Boneshaker concept has been with HW for far longer than that, and Boneshaker is definitely not a rip on Grave Digger. I think Feld shouldn't rip on Boneshaker because they've never had that actual truck. I've always associated Boneshaker as a HW thing. Again, I can see why Feld is upset over this but it's not like they copied an actual truck Feld runs. Not really trying to start a war or anything, but Feld dropped a loyal partner after 20 years and now they're trying to take them out? If I was Mattel I'd be equally upset and wouldn't sell a product for a company that just dropped me. And I know Feld wasn't entitled to stay with Mattel, its just that after so much success where the toys have literally formed their own fanbase, I thought Feld would stick with them. In all honesty it all just looks a little childish. Feld drops Mattel, Mattel stops production of MJ trucks, this pisses off Feld who just dropped them, Mattel starts up production of their own line of trucks, keeps the trucks that they created, hires former Feld employees, and then gets Bigfoot. And this all started because Feld got upset over a mold made for trucks you can hold in your hand.
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    Happy meal toys without the meal are $1.83 but that's still probably 50x how much they actually cost to make