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    Last set of paints for me for awhile, going to take a long extensive break because work reasons. A lot of these paints were super fun to make, and I can't wait to do more! Huge thanks for @Andrew for the bodies!
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    Might as well share some of my latest projects, nearing completion. If anyone is interested in helping to get some working lights for Overkill Evo, send me a message. Swamp Thing paint done by @Swegliner849
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    These trucks were pretty fun to make! Except Shock Therapy, that one was tedious. Either way, still some minor stuff that I do need to fix on all my paints, but liking the progress so far!
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    Been working on this for a bit figured I would share. Thanks to @worldfinals (Chris) For the killer paint.
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    Been Working on these two the past 2 days. Still have stuff to fix and some color coordinating to do on each but theyre almost wrapped up also, Storm Surge happens to be my first requested custom. Hope They like what im doing with their name. Edit: Storm Surge is all Wrapped up. 2 Versions - Normal and Diesel! (as Requested) PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE HAS UPDATED DIESEL SOUNDS!!
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    Just finished up davids ride for SMRA, happy with how this turned out, hopefully he throws down this season to get alot of good use out of this truck!
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    This is a very very VERY crude design, the body is under 600 vert's, so yeah. Anyway, I'm not good at painting, so if someone wouldn't mind and would like to paint it, give me a shout. It is NOT in pieces nor mapped, so you'll have to do that too. I know it's no where near like it should be and bars popping out, so if someone wants to fix it, ask and I'll send it.
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    I not only work on them and drive them on a daily basis, I have been strapped in and jumped a truck before, so please dont tell me something like I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, Mikey is very talented, but it is easy to get lost and not know the exact spot you're on the track, especially when its dark, you're going fast, and can only see a glimpse of what is infront of you. I'm not saying its totally Mikeys fault, because its not, all i'm saying is that its possible he didn't know he was that close to those people or that wall or the exact spot he was in on the track.
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    My names Preston and ive been doing a lot of revamps/customizing
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    Here are the two projects I've been working on the past few days. A ton of thanks to @Chazzymp for providing me with his awesome paints for these trucks. Here are Nitro Menace and Jailbird as of now. If anything is a tad off please let me know and I will try to fix it ASAP. Currently the Jailbird body sits on Nitro Menace's PEI but Kaylyn's own chassis is going to be built soon and I will redo the rims since they are still too light grey. Other than that, suggestions are appreciated.
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    A new Addition to the K.I.W. Race Team: FIRST OR WORST meant to be a play on the phrase "First or worse" used, in drag racing, if both drivers commit a foul, the driver who commits the foul first loses, unless it is two different fouls, where, in that case, the loser is the driver who committed the worse foul. Obviously twisted, our meaning is if you ain't first you're the worst, you might as well be last, no in-between. and the K.I.W. team definitely plans to be first in every show!
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    Uhhh... Nick crews for the Razin Kane team, plus he used to crew for his Uncle Darren Migues's team, and I'm pretty sure Matt Pagliurulo gave him the chance to try out driving Jester in the off time of a show... so I think you should take a chill pill and consider his insights. Great, your dad crews for a team but that doesn't make you better or your opinion more gospel than any of the rest of us.
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    Titan showing off a new wrap today in Winnemucca, Nevada Can't lie, those two old school bodies look amazing sitting beside each other.
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    This is the last update @Andrew posted of Megalodon. EDIT: Check SYP #63, somebody else working on it
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    just my rendition of max-d if I ever drove it IRL. nothing fancy new gen BKT's murder my PC
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    Its been a good while since I have seen the ole "I have/someone I know "crewed" for a team" be used but god damn the fireworks afterwards are always worth it 😊
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    Big thanks to @monsterjam16' for changing the headers and cloning the chassis, Now I just need to figure out how to clone the body then I can release it!
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    Not sure how long it has had this setup but Putte is on a new chassis with a full set of King coils and bypasses, as well as what look like custom swaybars.
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    If you cry over this, your head will probably explode from the one Andrew is making, 1000000000000 times better
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    Man they are leafers. If you go back to 1987 or 88 all trucks were on a normal truck chassis or old army chassis . What kind of chassis do you want me to use ? Only thing different about the trucks back then was the bodies and the wheel base and maybe the motor and drive train. I am a older guy who just loves monster trucks. I work 10 and 11 hour days. I do this in my very little spare time and I am deff not a pro at building these trucks . They will not be perfect by far but will be 100 % better than the originals . I really do this for my self because I like the old school trucks I grew up with and they did not exist on here. I was baffled at how many downloads the original packs got so when I got better at building I wanted to try and improve them and most people like the new trucks way better. I have built 50 trucks this year not saying that I am going for quantity over quality but they are as good as I can do and I have had no help doing this except for Barret who paints about 10% of the trucks and CIRA racer helped set up some better handling but all the building was done by my self . I would love to know how to make long or short wheel bases and stuff but that's over my pay grade. I am sorry if you don't like them its the best I can do. I have tried to make small differences in the chassis a little but there is not much you can do with a old leafer. I think every body that builds on here tries to do do it to the best of their ability. This kind of negative feed back like (kind of ugly IMHO) makes me want to say screw it and just keep them for my self. Maybe try a little help full tip or build a variety of awesome chassis that I can use if you know what you are doing. If you think these suck just go look at the older packs that have a combined # of 6346 down loads. Sorry every body else had to read this rant but this just kills my motivation. If you guys what to see these get released or not let me know Because I all ready have them lol and a select few of my friends have some of the finished ones. Here are some the different set ups I have tried to make. PS why did you hit the heart button if they suck so bad? By the way I am not mad I just thought I was doing something that people would like but I have been getting some negative comments and not just from you Its all good here here. Digger fan quit spoiling these guys you are killing me lol
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    Some custom Bigfoots for the new reworked leafer packs # 1 ,3, 4, and 6
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    Lol Fern, you're the one holding us back with all the new props. I did my part.
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    I have a few vehicles right now.. first up is my 1968 Chevy C10. It was my first truck when I was 15, and I daily drove it to school. Was a project for me and my dad but never had much money to do a whole lot with it. The trans was rebuilt right after I bought it, been through a lot of motors because I had a bad luck string of them. It’s currently on number 5, a SBC 350 with a little work done but nothing special. Still needs a lot of work but sadly it’s in Oklahoma with my dad and I don’t really have a place for it right now. Next is Kristen’s 1978 Ford F-150 Ranger, 400 big block, 4WD. Another project that me and her want to do and is here with us but kind of off to the side at the moment but hopefully we get to it soon. I also have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500, straight base model v6, pretty sure the only option they got when it was brand new is that it’s green not white lol. I bought it in 2016 and when I did it had a small slip in the trans between 2nd and 3rd, over time it got worse but this truck honestly made me a dodge guy. I gave this truck heck for Almost 40,000 miles and the only things I replaced were a radiator and a belt(AC compressor locked up and snapped the belt, and haven’t had a chance to change the compressor) and finally a few weeks ago at around 248K the trans gave up and lost 2nd and reverse, and just gonna get rid of it because it’s in rough shape. And finally, just bought a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, fully loaded, 4x4, needs some work but it’s nice, but of course right as we got home the motor started tapping and lost oil pressure.. I think the oil pump broke, not sure yet. We got the motor out this week and are going to tear it apart soon and see what it is. I’ve had a rough go with all of the 5 vehicles I’ve ever owned lol (6 if you count the F150 but it’s not mine) sorry about the long post lol
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    inb4 this blows up
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    More new and rebuilt leafers for the LF packs Have about 50 trucks done with about 25 to go. Here is Holman's Beast 1 & 2 and Holman's Bearfoot