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    I remembered how to do it. Thank you Aaron, very cool!
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    Ok, This is Epic. Devin painted it.
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    Got bored, made repli custom. Its aight, didn't want to put a ton of work into this one
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    inb4 OmG aNoThEr GD Welp. Was in the truck making mood, and @TheBostonRag has been bugging me about redoing the 90s GD7 so in 17 days, we did just that, probably my most detailed truck to date, looking at hundreds of pictures to get this as close to a replica as my skills allow. While redoing the 90s version, I wanted to see how it would look with the 2000 paint just for fun, and that turned into building a new Chassis for it aswell, but without further to do, I present to you, Grave Digger 7 revamp number 5 Huge thanks to @TheBostonRag and @billothepillow for pushing me to get this done right, truck should be in downloads soon. (and yes the body is not perfect just yet)
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    Old Blender doesn't work anymore, so I had to learn a new version, so I'm trying out 2.75 and I like it so far! Took track making a bit more seriously and I think it would be good. If anyone could help me out, I do have an issue where my car textures disappear as well as faces get inverted as soon as I combine everything into one mesh, any help will be appreciated! But just because I took a break from trucks, doesn't mean I still have some stuff up my sleeve.
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    ok cool hook em! 🤘 why do i do this
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    Changed it up a bit, Different shock textures, different Tires and rims! Very happy with how this truck turned out, its a very simple design but sometimes less is more, pretty proud of it!
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    well thanks to @LordFrosting i decided to try and get into painting and what not, now go easy on me its my first paint lol, but im proud with how this turned out. its a winter hunting kind of theme truck! i present Elk Mountain Winter Wildlands, still got to change shocks and what not but its a start!
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    Version 1.0.0


    less trash version off the ill-fated Maximum Overkill
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    Version v5


    Well, here she is, Grave Digger 7 version 5, most detailed one to date, countless hours went into getting this 100%. Huge thonks to @TheBostonRag for pushing me to get this as accurate as possible! As-well as @billothepillow and Sonar118 for testing. Credits: Blaise: 90s Chassis, 00 Chassis, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, Shock adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Axle adjustments, Sounds adjustments, MSD box Micah: 90s paint, Camel Paint, 96 paint, 2000 paint edits, Help build the chassis John Dough: Original Tire models Marty: Testing Fernando: Knuckle models, Tie rods models, Engine model, Radiator Model, Andrew: noticing an issue with the body (being fixed ATM) SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: 1992-Debut version, ingame listed as 'Debut' under 7revamped.truck 1993-Camel version, ingame listed as 'Camel' under 7revamped.truck 1994-Flag version, ingame listed as 'Flag' under 7revamped.truck 1996-1996 beach version, ingame listed as '1996' under 7revamped.truck 1990s-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped.truck 2000-Season version, ingame listed as 'Season' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-World Finals version, ingame listed as 'World_Finals' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped2000.truck Just a note, The Season version had adjusted weight node, for the ability to perform a 'Power Wheelie' (.4 full throttle in neutral then shift to first) As stated above, May be getting an update with an improved body model, so keep your eyes peeled. STANDALONE, WORKS IN .3 or .4
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    It hasn't been done to my knowledge, so im gonna do it. A small "warehouse" style arena! If you'd like to help with props feel free to message me!
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    Was going to wait until I had more to post it but this looks too good for me to not share it.
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    Happy meal toys without the meal are $1.83 but that's still probably 50x how much they actually cost to make
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    Version 1.0.0


    We all know who made what. I just put it together. Turn on particle effects, press G, burn poo up
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    Welp, Mr Tristan England (driver of earth shaker) Contacted me and requested a version of the BeamNG truck, Hang Ten in RoR, So here she is, Based on my previous GD34. Credits: rockgod88, Original GD34, assembling, node things, jedipresence (BeamNG), The sexy paint 4x4convoy(RoR), Beautiful pictures Kozak, the good ol CRD Also I'm experimenting with contact settings, so you should be able to contact this truck somewhat. STANDALONE, WORKS IN .3 or .4
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    EXTRA THICC will always remain superior.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the version of Cleatus driven by Marc McDonald in 2018. Hope you guys enjoy Credits: @Patriotic Canadian - Body @RockCrwlr - Tires @Outlawed - Chassis I modified the body and did the paint
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    If this thread isn't for you then don't comment. go away
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    seeing how this truck hasn't been updated in like what? 5 years? I figured. eh why not? (not final gonna fix some things)