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    The Soul Taker custom Hearse
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    Rebuilt my old Black Pearl from years ago so it wouldn't clash with the new Black Pearl replica Made some new improvements Now with twin engines
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    Just a couple of thing to adjust, paint by @Chazzymp
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    A pair of trucks more for the pack... The display truck that had the wf17 body on a couple of weeks ago. (Credit to ChazzyMP for making the paint) Another retro truck but now with the bel air body. my favourite one of the pack so far
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    It's that time again. Here's NAMT Week 4 in St. Louis, MO. Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Created this in my free time. I am gonna wait a while to release, gonna fix some other things on the paint. (BTW this is cloned, sorry about my uncloned old files, thanks for the new tutorial ABGamerX)
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    God this thread is turning into cancer mode quick.
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    Complete rebuild of my custom Taurus XI with the new sponsorship from Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce . I saw a concept drawing and thought it looked awesome so i did my own little take on it
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    Version 1.0.0


    This track is a custom made by me, after being given an idea for a large budget independent show! So I took the challenge and I think it came out pretty good! I hope you all feel the same way! Big thanks to Zonar for the stadium textures! Anyway 3 versions of the track; Racing, Tough Trucks, Freestyle! Credits: Stadium: MaxDMan Props: MaxDMan, RockCrwlr Track Paint: Me Stadium Textures: Zonar Track Model: Me Conversion & Material Files: Me & T.Ray Testing: sonar118, T.Ray, me If I forgot anyone please let me know!
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    a bit too much chrome on the magnaflows. Try to dull it down a little more and adding a little bit of a dirtier look to them in certain areas. Otherwise, they look awesome. The retro version vaguely reminds me of the Avenger in the Masters of Metal video game.....which is making me cry a little.