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    Last set of paints for me for awhile, going to take a long extensive break because work reasons. A lot of these paints were super fun to make, and I can't wait to do more! Huge thanks for @Andrew for the bodies!
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    Might as well share some of my latest projects, nearing completion. If anyone is interested in helping to get some working lights for Overkill Evo, send me a message. Swamp Thing paint done by @Swegliner849
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    These trucks were pretty fun to make! Except Shock Therapy, that one was tedious. Either way, still some minor stuff that I do need to fix on all my paints, but liking the progress so far!
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    Been working on this for a bit figured I would share. Thanks to @worldfinals (Chris) For the killer paint.
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    just found out Mike Hogewood passed away today which is sad, but in remembrance, heres one of the trucks he had a fun time calling back in the day. Chris did the paint. Early version
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    Been Working on these two the past 2 days. Still have stuff to fix and some color coordinating to do on each but theyre almost wrapped up also, Storm Surge happens to be my first requested custom. Hope They like what im doing with their name. Edit: Storm Surge is all Wrapped up. 2 Versions - Normal and Diesel! (as Requested) PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE HAS UPDATED DIESEL SOUNDS!!
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    Soon. Really with I could have gotten my crowd texture figured out, unfortunately I ran out of patience and ideas. So you'll have to live with only the backs of crowd at Ionia
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    Just finished up davids ride for SMRA, happy with how this turned out, hopefully he throws down this season to get alot of good use out of this truck!
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    So I attempted this thing . As there are no videos or pics (i could find, at least) of the hood and tailgate soooo i took some...artistic liberties... i guess.. idk hope you think its cool.
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    This is a very very VERY crude design, the body is under 600 vert's, so yeah. Anyway, I'm not good at painting, so if someone wouldn't mind and would like to paint it, give me a shout. It is NOT in pieces nor mapped, so you'll have to do that too. I know it's no where near like it should be and bars popping out, so if someone wants to fix it, ask and I'll send it.
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    I not only work on them and drive them on a daily basis, I have been strapped in and jumped a truck before, so please dont tell me something like I have no idea what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong, Mikey is very talented, but it is easy to get lost and not know the exact spot you're on the track, especially when its dark, you're going fast, and can only see a glimpse of what is infront of you. I'm not saying its totally Mikeys fault, because its not, all i'm saying is that its possible he didn't know he was that close to those people or that wall or the exact spot he was in on the track.
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    My names Preston and ive been doing a lot of revamps/customizing
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    Here are the two projects I've been working on the past few days. A ton of thanks to @Chazzymp for providing me with his awesome paints for these trucks. Here are Nitro Menace and Jailbird as of now. If anything is a tad off please let me know and I will try to fix it ASAP. Currently the Jailbird body sits on Nitro Menace's PEI but Kaylyn's own chassis is going to be built soon and I will redo the rims since they are still too light grey. Other than that, suggestions are appreciated.
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    Uhhh... Nick crews for the Razin Kane team, plus he used to crew for his Uncle Darren Migues's team, and I'm pretty sure Matt Pagliurulo gave him the chance to try out driving Jester in the off time of a show... so I think you should take a chill pill and consider his insights. Great, your dad crews for a team but that doesn't make you better or your opinion more gospel than any of the rest of us.
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    Titan showing off a new wrap today in Winnemucca, Nevada Can't lie, those two old school bodies look amazing sitting beside each other.
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    This is the last update @Andrew posted of Megalodon. EDIT: Check SYP #63, somebody else working on it
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    I appreciate it, but I wouldn’t be able to make anything if it wasn’t for the creators who make all the chassis, bodies, props etc. Massive credit to all those guys
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    Well this is certainly different. Love the new racing concept, just don't know how practical it will be in real life (I know Supercross does it multiple times a year, but that's not 12 tons of force on the stadium in specific spots over and over). Kind of wish they would have left out the speedster and ATV's out of the world finals and let it be all monster trucks (don't think Tom or other guys will be driving them so what do they do?). I like the new competitions added into the world finals but I wish there was one champion crowned after a cumulative total of all of the events (Racing, two wheel skills, high jump, and freestyle in that order). I think that would add drama and drivers would have to push harder and take more risks to try and gain more points. Also don't like the idea of there being 7 world finals champions at one time, that just a lot to keep track of and not straightforward. Having one champion crowned each year based on points in the final event makes a ton of sense. Nonetheless excited to where the future of the event is headed after all of this negative NASCAR news these last few days.
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    No wing on this version. wish it was my truck to release...I dont consider it a project due to the un-releasable factor
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    Its been a good while since I have seen the ole "I have/someone I know "crewed" for a team" be used but god damn the fireworks afterwards are always worth it 😊
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    Lol Fern, you're the one holding us back with all the new props. I did my part.
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    Big thanks to @monsterjam16' for changing the headers and cloning the chassis, Now I just need to figure out how to clone the body then I can release it!
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    Not sure how long it has had this setup but Putte is on a new chassis with a full set of King coils and bypasses, as well as what look like custom swaybars.
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    If you cry over this, your head will probably explode from the one Andrew is making, 1000000000000 times better
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    I wouldn’t say he did that on purpose, or that he knew exactly where he was. Driving a monster truck is tough, and being strapped in it’s hard to tell exactly where you’re at and what’s around you at all times