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    Finished paint, probably planning to release as a replicustom really soon.
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    Trenton wanted me to make some tracks for RoRMTC, didnt want much detail because some fps issues i had in my pc, still putted some little detail here and there. Indianapolis 1996 Lima 1993 RCA dome 1995 World Finals And last thing, Bigfoot 1 got some updates in the body, modified wheelbase and more boring stuff. Tried out the small tires didnt put any effort on it, just a simple tire swap This is the truck ill run in RoR MTC, ill be making more attempts of the truck were it will have more accurate and better props and more versions through the year. Only bigfoot 1 and other big project will be worked this year from me. tracks should be released soon.
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    Coming later in the year.(Still a wip)
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    Some more updates to the different versions of Awesome Kong. 1988: 1989: 1990:
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    Here is my truck for RoR STS. Didn't want to do any more modern Feld trucks but when i saw whiplash back in the livestream i liked it a lot, now this is not an exact replica because when it became to real life it looked too wide, the cab was too square and it wasn't how i spected it to look so i made it how i thought it would look, Big thanks to my boy @Chazzymp for painting the body.
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    Sorry fro a long post! Me and @PaukenDigger working on some Avengers, still a lot of work to do. Orange Avenger was done by @DroppedSilver0 Avenger WF11 Paint by me and @Swegliner849
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    Felt a bit obligated to do something, New NN, New Props, new body, nowhere near done. Thanks to @fernBurn for big help with the Body
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    Well now it's in game. Next is materials, props, and small adjustments then it's to the Quad!
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    Big thanks to @maxdman for helping me get back into track making. If I can remember this is my first replica track. Took longer than I expected due to some school issues but it is finally done. New Orleans 2018
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    Made a custom Rage for a tour and other things but accidentally made the black and the white Rage. Orange Rage is more for Feld shows while the white is for Indy shows and the black one is for Vegas or WF
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    Nathan, instead of bragging about something that absolutely doesn't matter why don't you show us some of this "work" you're doing on SYP. Because right now all it seems like is a lot of bark and no bite. Kinda like your relations to the Hall Brothers? Prove me wrong and show us all how much work you've really been doing.
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    Looks good so far. Please don't turn this into a preview queen to attract views like the last few I've seen.
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    Didn't quite want to do this but the body is just sick, so here you go. Avenger World Finals 19 coming soon :/ pretty early stage of the body, waiting for the truck to be shown in the pit party to continue with it, but its a start though
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    Brad has been down the track at least twice if memory serves correct. He and Cory both took passes back in 2015 during practice. Maybe again in 2016? They're long days so details start to run together. Not the best racer? He won 6 of the 10 races on his tour this season. Nevermind the fact that he's won in Vegas twice already and is regularly one of the fastest down the track there. Lindsey hasn't crewed on BJ's truck at all this year. She's been a pit party coordinator. I don't really recall BJ's truck having shock issues but I do remember they fought some front steering issues when the truck was first built. You clearly don't watch Zimmer very much. This is just a silly statement. Cynthia has shown up on the big stages when given a chance. She made rounds when she filled in for Brianna. She also had an average freestyle finish of 2.67 in her three stadium freestyles this year. Kevin is a good driver, but Cynthia was the better fit for this. The word lackluster has no business being near Steven's name. He might be inconsistent and a little reckless, but he is certainly not lackluster. Also worth noting he's been to the semi-finals in the showdown multiple times and has cut low 16 second times in the past. Also picked up a racing win just a couple weeks ago. One of the dumbest statements in the bunch. McDonald is one of the most underrated talents in the business. Dude just finished second on his tour and ended with a double down. You can't just gloss over insulting someone by saying their nice at the end. First show might've been a little rough with rollovers but she certainly pulled it around after. Pretty far from a dumpster fire.
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    Southern Sunshine & The Cajun King
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    Had a productive weekend
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    Huge thanks for @Chazzymp for painting/sending me Jim's 3rd Quarter paint Paint by @Swegliner849 and me All paint by me
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    Starting a custom now before I do anymore replicas, I have to knock some rust off and try to figure out some new tricks.
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    Version 1.1.1


    One of the coolest looking trucks for 2018 and amazing driver to pilot it, so you know I had to take a shot at it. I think releasing this truck after his World Finals Invitation today is perfect timing soooo Credits: Truck work and cloning: me and @Chris B Paint and flag: Me Thanks to @Andrew and @Chris B for tips'n stuff while I finished the paint
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    Ok I know people were mad at the dump truck file and I know I keep doing ok I'm just gonna focus on wrecking crew here's just a last update before I upload so give your advise
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    Gave It a shot I'd say it came out good
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    Version 1.0.1


    Here is New Orleans 2018! Big Thanks to @maxdman Credits: Me-Model, Texures maxdman- Stadium, Textures Klayton- Textures (Fixed Banners)
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    I took some time to try and make the truck standalone so it should be properly working for .4 users. Now time for another project
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    HOT TAKE I think someone with a large truck will win.
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    Made a custom wrecking crew thanks to jams customs on Instagram I officially gave up on the other projects p.s not on right chassis and not done
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    I posted to you about this in a Facebook group but maybe I need to say it again. All you do is show off the truck that is at the same progress level as before as "hype" posts as if anything is coming even remotely soon. You are MILKING this truck for everything it is worth (not much). This body is literally not hard to make, I can have a body made in probably an hour, and painted in a day. I really wish someone would just make one and release it so you can stop trying to get every upvote that you can here and like that you can on Facebook.
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    "Yes because Northern Nightmare became independent with Canada and so FELD put Cam in Grave Digger"
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    add a what ever this is on the hood like the one mike drove in minny (Not the best) still don't know what chass he ran
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    Version 1.0.0


    DISCLAIMER (If you can really call it that) This is a big file. You might experience some lag or not be able to run the track at all if you have your settings to the max. However, for your convenience, this upload includes an FPS version, which undoubtedly does not look as nice, but will get the job done for competitions as it aligns perfectly with the full version of the track. If you are running the FPS version, and for some reason you still are getting lower than about 40 frames, then I highly encourage you to upgrade to .4.6 or higher. When being tested, I found that your frame rate drastically improves on this version (even when running at the high quality). For example, when spawning two high quality trucks in, I was still getting 80 frames on .4. With that scenario on .38, the game would literally crash and I wouldn't be able to spawn in. This is why I highly recommend just using .4 to avoid all lag altogether. Finally, last thing I wanted to state was that I know there's a lot of "unnecessary" verts in the track. I would develop a new version of the track to try and get rid of some of these, but I have simply lost interest after working on this over the time of seven months (took two off for personal reasons). For this reason, I am open to sending any track makers or anyone at all the full .blend of the track. Then, if the lag-issue really is that great, it can be fixed by someone a bit more eager and willing. However, I'm 99% percent sure this won't be an issue, just wanted to clarify as other tracks of mine have been reported for immense lag that no one I talked to or tested with experienced. Thanks for reading this and enjoy the track! - Chris Bialek __________________________________________________________ It's finally here! Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing is out and looking good! Tons of time went into this track to assure that you guys get the most realistic Monster Jam experience possible. Tons of details never before seen on Sim Monsters are included as well. Have fun driving and exploring! Credits: Chris B- All the modeling of jumps and a good majority of the detailing/texturing Klayton- Original Sam Boyd Model and cars Maxdman- Bulldozers, announcer stands, trophy, various props Chazzymp- Exterior posters, frame rate testing Nathan Smith, Levi Schones, Tom Deents- Frame rate testing Note: Freestyle will come out in a few months
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    Some More Color Treads I Know I Have A lot of stuff
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    Get the Dawghouse ready for a new mutt! Updating Blaise's Brutus. I noticed a few things incorrect such as wrong rims on 2015, black tie rods instead of red ones, wrong logo on 2016 (I think). I've made all adjustments on this new Brutus that Brad Allen drove last year but has yet to be run this year so far as I know. Suggestions are appreaciated! EDIT: I have made the new logo (Took one out of an archive and warped it in the middle to bend over the wheel well correctly) I am waiting for my friend @FloridaBoy to paint the fur over the old logo so it doesn't look bad when I put new one on. Haha, last pic is my favorite... Brutus learned a new trick! I will be checking for suggestions and comments!
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    Version 1.0.2


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    I'm sorry but I don't think you have a clue what you are talking about. There is literally NO WAY that was designed to be a front flip. If it was, why aren't the dual coils in the back? Why are they only in the front? So the truck could bounce into a rotation. Talking out of your butt isn't cool lol.
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    Just a reminder to everyone to keep posts related to this year's World Finals and other World Finals in general. Also forums are for long post discussions, not quick replies like a chat room. You can have more than one thought in a single post, and there is an edit button for a reason. We are talking about monster trucks here aren't we? How about we all just relaz a bit and enjoy a nice discussion?
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    Well the tour is nearing the end and we just wrapped up 6 shows in Rosemont Illinois. The last week we spent at Vaters for the last time this year, and did another display with Mutt in Rosemont. Had our first show on Friday night, which started off interesting with a surprise visit for the weekend by JR McNeal (our boss of course) and his crew chief Jimmy Walker. Then in 2 Wheels Trent broke an inner axle which we tried to fix during the show but we couldn’t get the broken piece of inner axle out of the locker so we ran donuts with no axle in it then didn’t get to freestyle broke. Got er fixed up for Saturday where things went pretty well, Trent picked up his second 2 wheels skill victory, and we got through both shows pretty easily with no damage except a little body damage on the Mutt because he rolled and the Shark body would not stay on because it was destroyed so it just kept falling off lol. Sunday afternoon in the first round of racing Trent faced off with Jack, and Jack took the win while Trent dropped a valve in the motor which took him out for The rest of the show. JR, Jimmy, Kristen, Rudy and Trent all went To swap the motor in Shark while I stayed with Jack for the shows. Jack not only made it to the semi finals, but then beat Tyler and made it to the finals for the first time where he sadly lost to Colton but it was awesome to see him make it that far in racing and then he later on went on to make it to the finals in speedsters where he won his first competition this year which was awesome! Between shows we had to swap out a rear steer motor because Jacks burnt up while they continued to swap the Shark motor. Then in the second show Jack and Trent were supposed to race again but Shark wasn’t ready yet so Jack advanced to the semis where he took out Tyler once again and made it to the finals again where he lost to Kayla in a good race and then made it to the finals in speedsters where he lost but Jack still had an awesome day competition wise. Then the rest of the team finally got Shark back out for donuts and freestyle of the last show on Sunday which was awesome as well. Then finally our last show on Monday was good, both trucks made it to the semi finals in racing and Trent took out Tyler in the semi finals and then lost to Kayla in the finals of racing. Jack once again made it to the finals of speedsters where he lost again. All around it was an awesome weekend and not bad damage wise for 6 shows. This weekend we wrap up the tour for first quarter in Grand Rapids Michigan! Shark is supposed to have a display Thursday but I dunno because it doesn’t have a body right now lol it might be Mutt. Hoping for a solid ending this weekend. Hope everyone has an awesome week!
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    Ya, thats what it is. Proof
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    Version 1.0.0


    Decided to make something that hasn't been done yet so yeah GD Color Treads RockGod- Blender, NB, Truck making, paint stuff Harlow-Body Nick- chassis Klayton- rims. Me-Tires
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    I Dont Think They Know What Suggestions Are Even if it introduced itself
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    Didn't know we were making hot-wheels toys now?
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    Not the best not the worst Decided to give it a try also not finished
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    Added the neon fuel cell onto Coty's Monster Energy truck. Truck itself was made by @GDFAN14
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