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    Annnddd it's finished. Just in time. Don't mind the banner/scoreboard textures. Credit to Kozak for letting me use a pic that showed off the tower pretty well. If I get 40 or more likes, I will upload the .blend with all the textures and all the material files, and even an early beta release of WF14 with the new stadium? Oh and credit to MJFanatic for the port-o-potty which is slightly edited by me and Google for some exterior textures
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    Here is the truck list for V4. To answer your first question, YES there will be multiple versions of some trucks (Bigfoot, Grave Digger etc)
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    Time for new cars? I think so. New Everything Also expect to see these new models in my WF pack starting from now on.
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    Welp, finally ALL the Tom Meents, Maximum Destructions are Done! Thanks to Danny Mackey for taking the sweet photos! (my comp would explode) THE KREG/KANE CRD TRUCKS WILL BE MADE, BUT WILL NOT BE RELEASED IN THE MAX D PACK, IT WILL BE ADDED AS AN UPDATE TO THE PACK Trucks shown are the following: Maximum Destruction Maximum Destruction World Finals Racing Maximum Destruction World Finals Freestyle 10th Anniversary L.E.D. Max D 10th Anniversary World Finals Chrome Spike Max D Racing 10th Anniversary World Finals Chrome Spike Max D Freestyle 2014 Spiked Max D Enjoy!
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    Backwards Bob 2015 is coming together nicely:
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    Do I get in trouble since this is a RoR section?
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    So yea here's that Custom Tampa track. Animated scoreboard and LED textures. Racing is a So-Cal style (Thanks to Mackey for giving me that idea) and Ethan for the original table top idea. This was done before I started WF14. I am taking a break from Monster Trucks at the moment.
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    Well I have been making this for the past week and a half and finally adding the finishing touches to it. It was inspired by Mopar's "Blue Crush" JK Wrangler rock crawler. I have built the chassis, added spec maps, added a new fuel cell (Made it for my Bronco buggy), added subwoofers , added a pair of Combs shocks, played around with the Lexan, added sponsor plates, custom exhaust pipes (SealedGecko's original base, just edited), custom shock physics, and lastly, did my 1st custom paint (and yes the effects on the Mopar logo were hand painted myself). It will be up for download within the next month.
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    Atlanta 2014 is done! Thanks to Klayton for all the help with texturing.
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    Don't pick up the soap; its bad for you.
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    I died. My funeral is this Saturday.
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    "We're getting paid for this, right?" - Tyrese Gibson from the critically acclaimed smash-hit blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6". With this bit of humor, Tyrese went on to win 2293 Academy Awards, launch himself into early retirement, and officially purchase the forgotten country of Madagascar. Well done, Tyrese, well done...
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    Well since we're on the topic of breakables, I spent my weekend making a completely new n/b for SUD to allow for breakable bodies and still have a beam structure for the chassis. Even before this I had a decent tire/tie rod/hydro breakable setup. Breakable with old version before new n/b structure New Node Beam Early stages of deformation
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    Hey! After 1 year, and 6 months! (Don't Ask) The Maximum Destruction 10th Anniversary L.E.D. version, is finally COMPLETED!! This truck took a long time to finish, but mainly because of getting everything accurate on the truck. I remade/ aligned, the 4links, Tierods, Rims, DriveShaft, Knuckles, etc (and textures)! Gotta thank SealedGhecko, for the Sweet Tire, axle, engine, and FuelCell models! Rockcrwlr, for the GoodYear tire textures, Metal Textures, and the shocks! And Steve Harlow, for the sweet body, and face, and headers! Also, as always, this is 100% hand painted! Except, for the spike decals. Up next, the SPIKED version! Enjoy!
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    Here's something I hope you guys have been waiting for... I've still got to add the LED's and fix up some chrome stuff on NEA, which isn't full chrome BTW, because otherwise ingame it either looks like a big ball of sand or a screwed up mirror
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    Here's a little sneak peak at my new axles. Sway bars, 4 links, and shocks will now be aligned to the appropriate mounts. Both the axle, sway bar and sway bar links are still a WIP done by me.
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    I just love sunsets.. Don't you?
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    Nice trucks everyone! But where's them tracks? Oh wait... Stay tuned for full reveals and even more tracks, cuz they're coming.
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    Here's a preview of another old school truck project I've been working on...
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    Just thought I'd show off what's gonna be m'truck for 2015. (Yes ladies, it tips!)
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    Been noticing many Ukraines have the sides cut, so I made them. Also new rim I'm making which is still WIP. Just a bake at this point
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    Anaheim 2014 Show 2 (the one with the cool Northern Nightmare save) is done! Credit to jjasper123 from Warehouse for the stadium. And also big shoutout to Blair for cleaning up the stadium. All I did was re-texture the whole thing and add the lights. Up next will either be Vancouver or Jacksonville.
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    Worked on Salinas this weekend. New skyline texture which I may or may not change. Put quite alot of detail in it to replicate an actual feeling that you were there.
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    More progress on Stomper: I'll be including the short-lived Micro Machines version...
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    Ryan did the body for Patrol. I did the paint and other crap for it. DoD I also did massive modifications too. As well as Bear Foot. Anyway.
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    Okay, this is something that I know we all, including myself, thought died.... but then one day I found the files and I thought that this would be a fun track to finish, and I started working on it again. I know at this point it's "really old", but does it look like I give a f*ck? Nah, this was getting finished no matter what. I just needed a break and boom, yall will have it soon!
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    AVENGEEEEEEEER WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO edit: Fixed both things, new pic of the truck
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    Welp, HUGE update, almost done. All that's left is the Driveshaft, Shocks, Sponsor Plate, and Flag. Enjoy! Dont mind the shocks sticking through the body.... Or the red foam bar sticking out in the cab lol
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    UH-OH, look what Ron Nelson did.... still some stuff to tweak and place correctly.
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    I got some requests for this track, so I figured I'd start on the 1999 Monster Jam World Finals from St. Louis, MO...
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    So I've been toying around with the idea of revamping my Georgia Scorcher truck, and I finally found some time today to mess around. The original truck was a Super Duty, but I wondered what it might look like as a Raptor. So let me know what you guys think. If it gets at least 25 upvotes I'll do it as a Raptor. Here's the original V3 version of the truck: And here's what I've been tinkering with so far: Like I said, I'll make the Raptor version if it gets at least 25 upvotes. Please don't go overboard with the replys, if ya want it as this version, just hit the upvote button. Later taters.
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    Also, I KNOW yalls wanna some of that WF... Don't expect the WF to be done for a looooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time. I'm going hard af on it lol
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    There is no doubt that the breakables are super unrealistic and such, but fuk runs with friends in them is great because it does give it a more realistic feel when you break a shock or swaybar and you have to race with it the next round, or FS and break a wheel off, yes they will never be perfect but they are still fun, non the less. anyways semi on topic it brokz sliding in ur PMs liek Now boring shiz diggy 34 that sheets made me narrow see narrow Wheel base too long on the old doge? you decide 32 pack, gotta add dem bump stops still stoners with an open front diff (that wont make you do forward backflips sry) Started this as a joke, v4 replace updated suspension, welcome pawor wheelys and don't forget your roots *spawns in more trucks game crashes* SPIDER is back! (the rusty poo will be swaybars) And some bus driver fagit wanted me to make this (luvuprztn) (btw nothing important in the background) Oh and last and least this stoopid thing this post took around an hour to make, kil me now i just realized i might have too much poo on the go
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    Painted GDL as well. Sheets did a pretty good job on this model, although I did do a little work on the front clip. Anyways here she is. Exported it onto an older version of SUD just to get it ingame. Body mesh will be available for download today.
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    'Tis time to show some progress! As you can see, I've pick'd out a name for m'truck. I was going to pick something a bit m'ore sophisticated, but I figured that this truck needed to be m'ore suitable for a simple audience . Another thing you m'ight notice is that m'truck retains some features from the Deadpool truck that I m'ade about a year ago. Namely the katana and the chassis. (Although I personally wouldn't compare myself to Deadpool, due to my intelligence and charm reflecting greater towards Tony Stark/Iron Man ).
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    Note, a lot of this stuff isn't final including the shocks. This is my first fully hand painted skin (except for the ford logo on the front) It's a start...
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    Well as some of you may know, I my actual computer broke down, and I lost everything. But I was able to recover this the rear isn't completely done, but it will be soon, this is: The 10th Anniversary LED Maximum Destruction, Everything is gonna be remade, and put together and aligned like, Mopar Magic 2.0! I will post progress shots while i do this, and this Max D isn't the only one. And Yes this is Harlow's Body and Face. He did a fantastic job on, can't wait to get these trucks done! The whole Paint is 100% Hand Painted, other than the MJ Logo, Enjoy! I will be making: Maximum Destruction Original Scheme 10th Anniversary LED Max D 10th Anniversary Spiked Max D (Current Version) 10th Anniversary Spiked Max D (Morgan Kane's) 10th Anniversary Spiked Max D World Finals Edition Chrome
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    So yea, the next time you see this will be in the download section .
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    Maybe his inbox is full. i maik truk
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    Time for a preview BLOWOUT! This MTM2 track was inspired by watching the Renegade's TNT Monster Truck Challenge at Toledo OH. I set out to create a 1980's style figure 8 track that would feature three disciplines of racing: Straight Drag, U-Turn (J-Turn), and of course, Figure 8 racing. This track was Mankato Speedway. Used and raced in such MTM2 leagues as USIRA-TNT and PPRL. Now, having new life breathed into this track, Mankato Speedway has been reborn in RoR Sim-Monsters with a special purpose: hosting the ORL Figure 8 Shootout! ORL Start Line. I cannot take all the credit for this track. First: Big thanks to Mark Colineri for offering me the opportunity to make this track for his league. It's a great privilege and honor. Next: HUGE thanks to my friend JR Seasock who's creative ideas helped me greatly to make the obstacles on this track such as the octagon and the triangular bus stack. JR has also been recruited to Demolition Track Creations. Together, we have been brain storming new and different ideas and layouts for our coming tracks to RoR. Please give mad props to my friend and cohort. Thank you so much, JR!
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    Las Vegas, Nevada Racing's almost done! Just a few more re-exports and then gotta whip up freestyle! Yayayayathistotallywontkillurgame
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    Alright, to continue of with the 10th Anniversary, I present to you, the Maximum Destruction 10th Anniversary Spiked Version!! (Yes the middle of the body, does not have the scratch on it) Fun paint to make, as always, 100% hand painted! Thanks to harlow for the spiked body! Now for the WF Version, the Original, and the 2014 version are left! These will be released as a pack! Enjoy!
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