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    Man they are leafers. If you go back to 1987 or 88 all trucks were on a normal truck chassis or old army chassis . What kind of chassis do you want me to use ? Only thing different about the trucks back then was the bodies and the wheel base and maybe the motor and drive train. I am a older guy who just loves monster trucks. I work 10 and 11 hour days. I do this in my very little spare time and I am deff not a pro at building these trucks . They will not be perfect by far but will be 100 % better than the originals . I really do this for my self because I like the old school trucks I grew up with and they did not exist on here. I was baffled at how many downloads the original packs got so when I got better at building I wanted to try and improve them and most people like the new trucks way better. I have built 50 trucks this year not saying that I am going for quantity over quality but they are as good as I can do and I have had no help doing this except for Barret who paints about 10% of the trucks and CIRA racer helped set up some better handling but all the building was done by my self . I would love to know how to make long or short wheel bases and stuff but that's over my pay grade. I am sorry if you don't like them its the best I can do. I have tried to make small differences in the chassis a little but there is not much you can do with a old leafer. I think every body that builds on here tries to do do it to the best of their ability. This kind of negative feed back like (kind of ugly IMHO) makes me want to say screw it and just keep them for my self. Maybe try a little help full tip or build a variety of awesome chassis that I can use if you know what you are doing. If you think these suck just go look at the older packs that have a combined # of 6346 down loads. Sorry every body else had to read this rant but this just kills my motivation. If you guys what to see these get released or not let me know Because I all ready have them lol and a select few of my friends have some of the finished ones. Here are some the different set ups I have tried to make. PS why did you hit the heart button if they suck so bad? By the way I am not mad I just thought I was doing something that people would like but I have been getting some negative comments and not just from you Its all good here here. Digger fan quit spoiling these guys you are killing me lol
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    Version 1.0.0


    DM me tracks I should convert- Lordly61#9357 Sam Boyd Model/Transit Bus - Klayton Modeling/Texturing - Mark Colineri Car Textures - Casey/MTM2 Container Texture - RoR Repository World Finals Logo - Monster Jam Converison- Me (Lordly61)
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    @LordFrosting brought out the old Blue Fuel Injection for a weekend while i brought out the brand new Takin' It Easy for a 2 truck exhibition here at Eagon County Fair! with the New truck still needing some Shock work it was Matt who would take the racing win, then Matt and I went into a tandem freestyle with big air hits and wow moments that got the crowd on there feet! looking forward to running against the new Red Fuel Injection this season in SMRA and will be fun to see how my new truck fairs for me!
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    Here's something I made about 7 months ago, but never got around to uploading to this site. So here it is, Roger Stidell's new trophy truck style Destroyer for 2013! Not the most accurate thing I've done, but it was the best I could put together at the time. Enjoy! Credit goes to: Me - Body V4 Staff - Chassis (slightly edited by me) V4 Staff- All other assets
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    First test thingy of these crappy rcs. yay. they dont like giant jumps or anything. they weight 13 tons. Creds me- nb ,props, paint edits, everything .truck wise SM- og props
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    More new and rebuilt leafers for the LF packs Have about 50 trucks done with about 25 to go. Here is Holman's Beast 1 & 2 and Holman's Bearfoot
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    Some custom Bigfoots for the new reworked leafer packs # 1 ,3, 4, and 6
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    Mini Bigfoot pack. Creditz @rockgod88 Blender, NB, New textures, Cloning, Paint edits, Research and development, ect, ect Jack Merkle-Chromalusion paint Gd fan Original Chassis mesh SM Community Rest of things I don't know Standalone, .4 compatible also