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    that rosalee clip is sick because you can see buetow sitting in his truck clapping when it comes back over onto its tires.
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    Here are some more updates on Awesome Kong. I've updated the tires to the "mis-match" of tires that were run on the actual truck in 1989 & 1990, with a worn-down Firestone tire on the left-front, and differently-worn Goodyear tires on the other three corners: I've also updated the engine bay in the rear of the truck:
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    Lol what? Sure, all FOOTBALL FIELDS are 100 yards, but the size of the actual stadiums and their floor sizes vary greatly.
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    I'll take the honors of locking this before any more spaghetti comes out of your pockets...
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    If this is, in some parallel universe, proven to be true, I'm sure Scott Hartsock would love to see you talking about him behind his back. If this is fake or a joke, which it obviously is, I'm sure Scott Hartsock would love to see you spreading lies under his name.
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    You are entitled to your opinion no matter how factually inaccurate it is.
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