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    I don't think I'm ever gonna be content with how it looks. Added skyline and stuff to spruce things up, will be pushed back in game (right now it's just that close because the depth on Blender is gay). Any suggestions of cool details to add? I'm open. Probably gonna mess around with things for another week and then export.
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    Got some good feedback so thought I would share with everyone else. Been working on a couple of the Hot Wheels World Finals Commemorative Trucks. Not 100% i know, they need a bit of work, still learning with all this stuff, but I plan to hopefully have the WF18 one released by next weekend.
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    Another retro truck, i've been wanting to do this when i heard that Porter was gonna retire. This should be uploaded soon.
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    Because I am *for the updatez*
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    Ok, This was just updated to drop the body father down on the frame if anyone cares (fern told me something about stance life or whatever) New Sponsor Plates for the ol' Max-Ds
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    Update on the Commemorative trucks, got the rest of them in the game. A few adjustments to do on a couple and it will be done. Hope to have the pack out by the weekend.
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    First off, this is not a goodbye post. I just want to point that out. So I'm in college now as some of you may know, and I've had time to think back at the many things I've learned from this site. I was in engineering class yesterday, and I was trying to program an Arduino robot, and as we were trying to program it, I realized we were programming it with the Arduino program. It is exactly like Notepad to edit the truck files. And because of you guys teaching me how to make ROR monster trucks, I'm ahead of the rest of my class right now. And I have you guys to thank for this. You guys may think I'm crazy or it's just a coincidence, but you guys have know idea the things I'm able to do with these tips. I really would like to say thank you guys so much for everything. I know we tend to get into disagreements here and there, but you guys have no idea how thankful I am to have been with you guys these last 7 years. Again, I'm not saying goodbye, but more like reminiscing of the many things I was able to do on this site. Thank you all for the support, I wouldn't have been in this position if it weren't for everyone of you guys. - Hagan Moskau
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    With Alien Invasion on the backburner for now I took some time away from releasing stuff to work on improving my trucks. I also decided to compile a list of trucks I've been wanting to do for a while. I few on the list are Updates to some of my currently uploaded trucks like SUD and Terminator, I'm also reviving a couple projects like Captain's Curse and Gas Monkey Garage. Anyways here's Gas Monkey.
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    Version v1


    Krysten Anderson's Grave Digger! Credits @rockgod88 Like alot of stuff, making it, NB, paint stuff, @Outlawed Chassis @Patriotic Canadian Body @TheBostonRag Paint work @Chazzymp Paint work Sim Community Other Props and such Should be fine all versions V2 has the Body lowered more.
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    Please dont take me seriously on this, Im joking and didnt put effort to any of this.
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    Blaise releases stuff now, instead of just showing them off? is this Sim-Monsters?
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    I dont even know why I am still here
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    It's being released by rockgod...
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    I will never understand why people make stuff just go keep them for themselves lol 🤷‍♂️
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    ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (NOT GIVING THESE OUT)
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    hm, paint needs more purple undertones. It looks too much like the current SUD as opposed to the debut and kinda kills the look.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Credit for the props on the track go to their respected creators. Hope you enjoy!
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    Event number 2 for the SMRA east tour is now in the books, and West Lebanon definitely lived up to it's reputation. We saw some amazing races, incredible freestyles, and wild crashes galore on the infamous front stretch of this legendary dirt track. Congrats go out to @JonnyZimmer2 for winning racing and to @RobbieMilburn for taking home the freestyle win and for making it back to back freestyle wins. Next week we make our way to the place where the next generation of monster truck drivers are being groomed and developed, the home of the most decorated driver in the history of Monster Jam; the infamous Meents Compound in Paxton, IL for what is being dubbed "Meents Jam"! Racing ResultsRacing Winner - Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami: +$2,500Runner Up - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom: +$1,500Semi Finals Loss - Andrew Sheets/Draco, Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil: +$1,0002nd Round Loss - Johnny Soto/Nitro Psycho, Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It, Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage, Frank Collins/Suicide Silence: +$5001st Round Loss - Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection, Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad, Sean Ryan/Hired Guns, Jackson Brammer/Pistol Whipped, Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse: +$300Freestyle ResultsFreestyle Winner - Robbie Milburn/Steel Phantom: +$2,5002nd Place - Jon Zimmer Jr./Hotline Miami, Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage,: +$1,5003rd Place - Andrew Sheets/Draco, Seth Holloway/Screamin' Evil: +$1,0004th Place - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad: +$9005th Place - Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection: +$8006th Place - Johnny Soto/Nitro Psycho, Frank Collins/Suicide Silence: +$7007th Place - Sean Ryan/Hired Guns, Jackson Brammer/Pistol Whipped: +$6008th Place - Chadwick Deerfoot/Send It: +$500 9th - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse: +$400Damage ReportViolent Rolls - None: -$4000Hard Rolls - Bradley Shaw/Smash Squad: -$3000Medium Rolls - Damian Bowers/Untapped Rage: -$2000Light Rolls - Michael Murray Jr./Alcohol Abuse, Matthew Tyrrell/Fuel Injection: -$1000
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    So i'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so if someone knows the correct forum to post this in feel free to move it lol. So I had an idea that maybe I thought it'd be cool if I wrote like a weekly blog kind of deal just to kind of share what its like to be on the road on a team and be a crew guy. Of course, this year im with a new team, rather than Darren and Kaylyn I'm now with Team RKMT, crewing for Trent Montgomery and Jack Brown in Megalodon and Monster Mutt Rottweiler. I'm very excited to start with this new team, it's gonna be a blast and its really special because I'm also on this crew with my girlfriend so its just going to be a fun year, and I thought it'd be fun to share my experiences with everyone. I'd like to know what yall think of the idea! So please let me know if you'd be interested in reading something like this, weekly, throughout first quarter and beyond. Thanks!- Nick Migues
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    I was literally just online thinking "Why hasnt anyone made a good monster truck simulator" and then i saw some dude playing rigs of rods and now here I am,currently downloading like 15 different tracks and trucks. Yea so thats about it. Ill probably be asking a bunch of dumb questions soon once i figure everything out. Wish me luck.
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    so i was asked to do Julians world finals ride again. the difference with this world finals version compared to his last is i stepped my game up a bunch. out of all of my stuff this is by far my best truck i have done. Julian did the paint. and i put it together and put it in game. i present. WRA World Finals Son Uva Digger! P.S julian wanted the headlights red. not me. P.P.S i updated the truck a bit. julian wanted ukrains so i put those on and took the flag off.
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    little bit better, new chassis coming soon
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    dont forget all the flags that were around the top of the stadium each day
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    Ok so here's my next project. Its no where near done. I forgot to smooth it for the first beta The video scaling is off sorry. But let me know your thoughts on this new obstacle.
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    SUD1 chassis pack? MaxD CRD pack? BTW the Crd is my Gold Korgan Mane's, so headers are off
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    I saw the truck IRL and its paint was very similar. Maybe a very slight tinge of yellow will do.
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    Another great truck, Blaise.
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    Version v1


    Trenton Ray's AwAkEnD for SMRA! Me- Blender, NB, Body, Truck making, paint stuff, Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits, SMRA legalness Trenton Ray- Idea, Logo Nick- Original chassis SM-Props
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    Have You Participated in SMRA Prior to this Season?: Yes Name: Trenton RayHometown: Farmington, MissouriPreferred Event Day: Saturday Truck Name: AwakenedTruck Download Link: TBA Team Name: Royal RedHomeTown / Shop Location: Spokane WA,Captain: Brandon ScalfBudget: $30,000Members: Nathan Smith, David Trevino, Brandon Scalf, TrentonTouring Partners/Groups: Nathan Smith, David Trevino, Brandon Scalf, Trenton Ray (West)
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    ok im working on a few 2017 throwdown tracks so just wanted to make sure we wernt making the same track
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys its been awhile since I have released something. Had this sitting around made this back in February. Thought I would share it with you guys. Enjoy! Side note- I do not know if this works with .4 feel free to convert it! Credits - Nodes-Blasier Building Truck -my self Rims-Fern Tires- Fern Paint- Me/Chris Hamilton. Other stuff SM Community. Body-Andrew Sheets. If I have forgotten you please let me know!
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    Features the HD Trucks: http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Utilities/CommPatch/info/mtm2commpatches.html
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    Version 1.0.0


    חנוכה שמח! This file was tested in versions 37.126 and 4.6 I hope you enjoy this terrain!
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    Version 1.0.0


    I made a custom Hot Wheels paint for a old updated truck lol, I'm just very bored and want to make cool or weird paint jobs for trucks Paint : ME everything else : SM Makers NOTE: It handles good. Maybe I'll do another one just don't know what color, as always message me if it doesn't work, and I'm still working on how to do things so forgive me I'm only human
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    Hmm, maybe the banners they had on the tower with the trucks?
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    "not giving these out" ok so y do i care
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    Where are all the TEE HEES. This is my SMRA Ride.
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    Update: While unfortunately missing the first event of the West Tour for SMRA, I have finished fabricating my very own custom chassis. Reminder, I am no engineer at all or harness advanced technology to design the sturdiest piece alive, but I do love making my own ideas come to life, and for it being the first chassis i've sketched up and actualized, i'd say its not half bad. More pieces for the 540. Just somethin to keep all my electronical flow alive while the truck runs. And somethin to make sure that the beast is getting the cleanest air possible. We're getting close to the ultimate reveal of the #TheOriginalRustyMonsterTruck, Dumb Tough #4. May have 1 more update scheduled sometime in the upcoming week, or maybe not.... Real quick tho, anyone know what i can do with this? Got for free with a purchase of Zip Ties at my local Harbor Freight.
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    do you have any pics of them?
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    Red. Also more progress...
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    So this came about during the World Finals...
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    Jebus, I'll just release Little Tiger. Too many people not asking me to release it.