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    Funny story, when I was making World Finals 18, the thought came to me "should I make a whole track with 3D fans?" I thought of course not, that would be impossible. But here I am now, making my last track before I go to college, with yes, 100% 3D fans.
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    I literally have no idea what I'm gonna do with this, was just in the mood to mess around in blender and voila. Body was made by either Sheets or Fern (not sure which) and the chassis is the old Xtermigator from Kozak's pack. But I did have to heavily modify said chassis to fit the body on it properly, to show you how much I present this little extra show and tell pic. On the bottom is the original chassis, and on top is the one I modified.
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    Sorry for double post but the thread is SUPER dead right now. Small update on my track sorry its kind of a mess with scaling trucks everywhere. Been focusing on the little details that I think are really gunna bring the track to life.
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    Koehler limps back to the pits after an amazing run. first time this has happened to me with a non-breakable lol
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    WORK IN PROGRESS!! Still a lot to do but I figured i'd give you guys a lil taste
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    Dropping this week Avenger pic credit to Kyle Oh no its more Grave Digger pls dont kill me Wanted to keep the SUD's private since there is not much change between these and the ones on the site but i had to free some disk space so i ended up deciding to upload them My pc can't handle more than 5 trucks spawned at once so i had to make those edits in order to get every truck in one pic
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    New Hurricane Force Body/Scheme
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    I hope those are empty seats inside of the safety holds because I'm launching directly into the first 10 rows of seats.
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    Sheets made the body! i merely mapped it out 👍
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    Awesome looking banners, but please please please don't use that crowd texture, totally kinda ruins the vibe. Use a higher quality bake and actually try and map out the stands with walkways and stuff. Or try 3D fans if you're super cool
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    Happy 4th of july! I wanted to do one of these last year but i wasn't able to since i didn't have time, but this year i was able. Ole Glory its not the greatest looking mainly because it was one of my earliest paints (from 2017) and i didn't want to change it that much. Credits Me Fern Andrew Blaise Many people from SM that i can't remember (mainly because i'm writing this very late in the night, but ill update the credits once i remember) Credits to Kyle and Vincent for the names on the trucks Also, i know the ford badge texture is missing in one of the trucks, ill fix that and update the zip later in the day.
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    Oh God majority of people are too young to have watched or owned this.
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    This has many issues, The node is way off compared to the chassis, I recommend import the node into blender, and fitting it to the mesh, The Chassis mesh has tons of missing or doubled faces, and is not edge split, I recommend following Kozak video on how to join it properly, The driveshafts, fourlinks and swaybars, are nowhere even close to lining up, you can line them up by fixing the node in blender, and moving the prop in the .truck The texture on the body looks very poor, and the bolt textures are the wrong texture all together, I would try redoing it, The steering knuckles are not appearing, assuming you forgot the mesh for them The interior looks very rushed and the cab lexan is very very far off, would take some more time with that There is no shine on any parts of the chassis, I would add some to make it look nicer, I would add shine to the rims aswell, as they seem to not be centered, making them wobble when driving, I would add some swaybar blocks, looks horrible without them Overall, Take some more time to fix some of these basic errors,
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    When i load the terrain the game crashes or nothing shows up in it. explain
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    My god son, you just bumped a 2 year old thread. Create new topic would've helped in the help portion in the rigs of rods section
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