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    It's also not quite right to label a repli-custom of one of the more popular FELD trucks as "yours" only to use. It's not like it is a full-blown custom that you made yourself, for yourself, which would be fair to call "yours". Saying other people need your permission to use this is just silly.
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    So uh, I lied, Guess I'm slightly redoing my Fuel Injection Paint..... Slightly....
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    Uh, yeah you could actually, you could take a pic of a truck that isn't yours and pass it off as what people are getting. Not saying you did but your point is incorrect, sir. Not to mention, your response to the one review.. it doesn't matter if the truck you used had a 5 star rating, doesn't mean yours is good. The props are also not up to date, as the engine is 2 years old, the radiators and the fuel cell are older, when new ones were just recently released earlier this year. But you believe what you want to believe since you seem to have an answer for everything.
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    I doesn't matter if a more "professional" member made it. The fact his he's trying to work on his content. Everyone has the right to make the same content. If it looks bad o well, he'll learn from it and continue to improve.
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    Mythical Motorsports showing off some wicked new schemes for the NAMT Grand Championship.
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    Really nothing more than putting Andrew's Legend body on the 34 chassis, with almost no differences besides a recolored chassis and beadlocks.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Grave Digger XIV was a monster truck built and driven by Dennis Anderson in 2001, and continued to operate under different drivers from 2004 to 2010. After winning the World Finals Freestyle Championship in 2000, while having a sub-par head-to-head track record all season, Dennis decided to build Grave Digger XIV as a way to increase racing performance, and maintain freestyle performance after leaving Grave Digger VII. The truck debuted in 2001. Although having not won Dennis any Championships, this build is most famous for being piloted by Dennis during his 20th Anniversary season in 2002. Dennis later passed the truck down to Grave Digger and Blacksmith driver Carl Van Horn in 2004, while Dennis relocated to the freshly built Grave Digger XIX, which won him the World Finals Racing Championship that year. A project that required much patience, much time, much effort, and a whole lot of people. A lot of fun to make, besides some ups and downs that may have been had. Glad to have been able to step up my truck making game with this! Contents: Grave Digger XIV (2001) Grave Digger XIV (2002) (20th Anniversary) Grave Digger XIV (2003) Grave Digger XIV (2004) (Van Horn) Possible additions may be made in the future! Credits: Me: Chassis overhaul, headers overhaul, Blender work, node/beam editing, shock package editing, spec map work, various bakes, texture editing, lexan, sponsor plates, axle fixes, flag textures on Grave Digger XIV 2001 and 2002 Kozak: Original chassis, original headers Harlow: Body Micah: 2002, 2003, and 2004 paints, logo, support Marcelo: Flare work Blaise: Tire shaving, node/beam help, soundscript fixes, rim edits, body mounts, 2001 paint, support xyrose: Driver suit Marty: Shock testing, node/beam testing, handling testing, rim edits, support Blake: Shock testing, handling testing Wambo: Engine Ryan: Gauges Fernando: Radiators, engine fans, fuel cell, fire extinguisher DanDon: RII box, RII lights, RII pin, fuel/power kill box Steele: Switches Klayton: Original shock models, transmission, battery Johan: Foam pads, rims John Dough: Original tires Crazy: Shifter, ISP seat Racing Sim Developers Group: Driver model Helen Weales: Driver model edits Will: Beautiful mini and video Sim-Monsters: Anything I may have forgotten to list (please let me know so I can add you!) Video showcase, courtesy of Will Meyer: This truck has not been tested in legacy versions of Rigs of Rods and it is unknown whether it is compatible in such. Please do not complain that it is not! Enjoy!
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    Got These Done Rage Custom ETL Chuck 2018
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    1 star because you cant take constructive criticism, and another reason is just because you cloned it from blaises 34 doesnt mean yours is gonna have 5 stars maybe if you would of propped a chassis yourself and put time into it.
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    Pictures are a lie, not worth downloading as there are better Legends out there
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    Since a couple of people had "concerns" with me using someone else's ramps for my Toronto 2018 track (Even though the creator did give me permission, plus it's my decision and felt a little guilty using someone else's ramps), I decided to make my own ramps: Other than that, I added the barriers, and not really much else left to do construction-wise, still gotta paint the track and make Two Wheel Skills and Freestyle versions too
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    Heavily inspired by the "Bed Dancer" scene during the late 80's to 90's, here is ChoLoco's Grand Championship scheme!
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    Hey i have been waiting for this truck for a while but was disapointed
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    Repli-customs are technically open customs
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    Please take time to write out credits for the members who spent time on the things you used Makes it easier for those who use this to make other trucks, thank you Andrew - Body, 540 Merlin, Fuel Cell Fern - 540 Merlin, Fuel Cell Kozak - Chassis, Shocks? RockCrwlr - BKT's
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    Hopping on the band wagon Coming to a NAMT near Las Vegas
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    Version 2.0.0


    Credit to Adam or AbgamerX for Cloning the truck and changing some nodes, I've slightly changed some things on the body for this version, this took Awhile to make, it's still not 100% accurate by a long shot but it will work for now
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    This thread is b i g y i k e s
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    Very nice trucks Rocco, very good realism as to how Dennis ran the trucks, 5 stars.
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