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    double the fun, double the doughnuts
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    your not really supposed to extract your trucks/tracks. you pretty much leave them as zip files and u put them in whatever folder you put ur tracks/trucks in. BTW be sure to make sure you have the .WAV files and the .soundscript file for that truck(s) in the zip, if not just replace them with ones from another truck or whatever.
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    Version v1


    Adam Anderson's Grave Digger 35, quite possibly the last Cohen chassis digger ever. Sunk quite a bit of detail into this, hope y'all enjoy it. Credits: Blaise: Assembly, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Sounds, MSD box, Micah: Paint Mark C : Shock Models Jack Merkle: help here and there, testing Kozak: Original Chassis model Klayton: Original Tire models, Original Axles, Original Knuckles Harlow: Original Body SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: SEMA - Featuring Purple 4link bars, swaybars, Zoomie headers, and a Custom paint Season - Featuring the regular FELD parts, and Jim McShays 2019 paint Qualifying - Featuring the regular FELD parts, essentially the Season truck with only a hood and GraveDigger Lexan panels STANDALONE
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    Should be a drop-down menu when you select it on your mod list in-game. Just click the menu and the other versions will show up and you can select which one to spawn.
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    Do not ask content creators when they will be releasing content. Content creators will work on projects when they want to and feel like it, and may release content if they feel it is ready. Asking this question and begging for content is frowned upon here because it can wear creators out and discourage them from making content.
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    Version 1.0.0


    My first ever truck on Sim Monsters website. I am so glad with how this came out. Upfront and honest, this is simply the V3 paint but with the shine slapped on it. So glad the lights worked out aswell. I originally did this because it's the only truck I visibly remembered from watching All Monsters Eve 1, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's been nearly 10 years since the first videos on the RORMJ channel were uploaded, so I guess this is my (slightly early) way of saying thank you for nearly 4 years of meeting friends and new people....And people I dislike, but we won't get into that...Hope I have the motivation to make new things....Maybe... Original War Wizard Truck: @fernBurn Original Driver: @ushra (DrifterX) Original Paint: @Patriotic Canadian Redone Logo/General Help: PabloG Paint Swap/Cloning: @Danny Werewolf (Me) If I will do more, it will be at my own pace and my own choice.. I only did this because of boredom and it's another truck that I really cared about. Thank you for reading.
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    I think you’re the one kind of missing the point- For one, I think your idea is pretty awesome. But I think you missed my major point- that those motor sports that are geared towards adults- Supercross, NHRA, etc- are really not as popular anymore it seems. It honestly amazes me that they still have the backing they do. My other big point is that in my honest opinion, I think Mj has a good mix of both. They have the point series with a real reward for the people who want to follow along, with legit racing- trust me, it’s not rigged, our trucks have won plenty over MJ trucks- and it also has the kid feel with the crazy trucks and antics. And MJ isn’t kicking indies to the curb- all stadium tours are made up of a majority of indies, every arena tour has atleast 2 indies, and other random shows are only indies. In my personal opinion MJ is doing it right, and helping the industry grow. And on top of that, like I said before, not sure if you read that part- your idea is cool, but just not feasible for the trucks performance wise. I also feel your claims of people just disagreeing with you to disagree is a little out of line, you demanded people share their view, they did, and now you attack them because it’s not your view. Kind of defeats the purpose of opinions and discussions
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    Best Trick. Night one just about wrapped up, just have to go through for final touches and editing the chalk lines before moving to night 2! HUGE tiny thank you to Chris B for the Stadium!!
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    I don't know what is wrong with these .3 users btut it clearly says .4 for a reason. Not meant to be for .3 and if it was, i'm pretty sure the uploader would mention it.

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