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    I guess you can say I've been busy......................
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    Version 1.0.0


    Well, here she be. I started this project late last year, and I kind of lost stream with it, lost interest in getting the final few touches finished up. But I finally kicked myself in the rear and got it done. Hopefully you guys enjoy! I did not include Prowler and Pouncer in this pack, the paints just didn't get done, I will upload a separate pack for those when they are done. This pack includes 7 Versions: 2001(World Finals 2) 2002(World Finals 3) 2006(World Finals 7) Pickup Body PEI Chassis(Based on the truck ran at Bristol) 2018 Pezo Tires 2018 SIRS 2018 BKTs Credits: Andrew Sheets: Cat clip/Bedsides, 2018 Paint/chassis Mathew White(Xyrose): 2001, 2002, 2006 paints Kozak: Pei Chassis Me: Chassis propping/texturing, major blender work, shock setups, minis. SealedGecko: Pezo tires(sized to fit rims by me) Various creators: Chassis props. This Pack was made for Rigs of Rods version 0.4.6, I will not make this 0.3+ compatible. If I failed to credit anyone for anything in this pack please contact me and I will make sure proper credit is made.
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    Tarps on incase someone were to Blackwell a turn or somethin.
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    Crushstation running a new body for "10 years of terribleness"
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    I'd actually kill for a good Providence track.
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    I'll have you know its #8 thank you.
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    Want everyone's feedback on this because I'm not sure how I feel. Safety hold on, or safety hold off the first two rows of seats? Thanks Aaron for inspiring me. Tarps on? Or Tarps off FERDA? Actually let me know though because Idk which I think looks better.
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    A simple truck deserves a simple teammate.
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    Action is coming This is an ambitious project. I'll keep you posted.
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    so you're telling me you get a notification for every single request put in truck request? JESUS CHRIST you people have 66 iq
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    Nice to see you back in the thick of things Demko!
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    Welp i thought i posted this last year but i guess not, most likely wont be made but its worth a shot Name: Oklahoma City 2014 Venue: Chesapeake Energy Arena Racing Style: Chicago Style Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: February 15-16 Images/Graphics: http://imgur.com/a/m7cal Other details: im late but who cares

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