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    No he said put the Mutant body, Which isn't correct. I think he meant, he put the Mutant Paint* on an s10 body and on a Rummel Chassis. @Dominick ...coming from a guy who hasn't made anything, you're saying that his custom isn't creative? Sit down. Be Humble.
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    You don't have to threaten us into forcing you to show your work. If you want to, just post it. We don't need to beg to see it, we have enough other content creators that we don't need to be held hostage to see work.
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    I've have never had a picture in blender to help on modeling a truck i look up reference pics save them to my pc them use them to freehand the body that's how i made earth shaker and my other projects. and i'm just saying i'm still learning to make the curves of like the roof of a truck where it meets the top of the door i'm slowly getting there but it's still a leaning curve for me. and i wouldnt mind having help on learning it or how to get pictures in blender for refference update: so I've taken @Andrew advice and used a photo of venom to help with the model and i gotta say it looks better i still need to make the grill but will most likely do that tomorrow
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    Sneak peak at a new project. Paint is done and on a Razin kane for now, but A new Predator/Lone Eagle pack will be out soon.
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    A truck that i was working on with some friends. But life has gotten in the way never finished it I am still working on it .I plan to release it when its all done.
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    something about a van stack EDIT: restarted from scratch so it doesn't look like sheit
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    Since someone else is working on gunslinger I decided to make these.. Shocks need repainting, and I may try my hand at painting the bounty hunter version of this truck..
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    "I doubt this will happen, but I hope this comes out as a Hotwheels" Kid you are a MJ superfan and you know the hotwheel deal no longer exists, what koolaid are you drinking?
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    anybody seen a snake missing it's VENOM? still working on getting the whole thing to look right so far but im enjoying it.
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    Coming to a fun tour event near you
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    Garner I feel next season will be dangerous. He's got a great piece (basically on par with any FELD truck or damn close) and isn't afraid to go for it
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    Version 1.0.0


    CHOO CHOOOO One of my new favorite indy trucks that me and my friends had a good time working on! Credits: @GDFAN14: Truck Making @Chazzymp: Paints @nks1996 and @Chris B: Testers Enjoy! Note: You'll need @rockgod88 PEI Pack if you're missing textures. If the truck doesnt work for 0.4 then you're out of luck. Hopefully someone can convert and re-upload it for 0.4, because I wont( please stop asking me, thank you)
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    I heard Chazzy is painting the punisher truck NOT CROPPING he posted it on his instagram story and it looks hot
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    If your talking about the red lines those aren't actually on the track that's just showing how to race it!
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    @NickB it is .4 compatible put the zip in ur vehicle files then extract the files form the zip then take all the stuff in the extracted file and put it in ur zip then delete the extracted file it works I have done it with all .37 trucks
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    so i was just looking through the 2017 chassis pack looking for ideas on what trucks should get a revamp and though hmm wild flower has'nt gotten any love recently so i thought id give it a shot now i know the sides of the hood is inside the chassis bars right now but its only like that so i can get an idea of where it needs to sit in the end product it will be fixed so yea and i know the body is barly started but hey its just in the first stage of being revamped so itll be a while
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    The monster jam logo is way to big oh and its not ur paint
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    Figured it out guys! Turns out i needed the correct ManagedMaterials Info... I had tried it a couple times before and it still wasnt working which is why i came here n asked. BUT its finished and I got the right info. Here it is! Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out!
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    asher Taking the Pleebs to school Repliacustom for wra yey.
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    Wow this turned out great. Good job!
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    I thought I'd have a bit of fun with the video editing on this one, and create a video to look like an old VHS recording, as an homage to "Motor Madness"
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