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    Happy meal toys without the meal are $1.83 but that's still probably 50x how much they actually cost to make
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    WIP Tacoma Still Gonna Add The Dumpster more textures and any other things
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    'Dance Dance Revolution.' That's a lot of fun when you're having a dinner party and you just want to be a little silly. Still have a lot of work to do.
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    Version v5


    Well, here she is, Grave Digger 7 version 5, most detailed one to date, countless hours went into getting this 100%. Huge thonks to @TheBostonRag for pushing me to get this as accurate as possible! As-well as @billothepillow and Sonar118 for testing. Credits: Blaise: 90s Chassis, 00 Chassis, Body adjustments, Tire adjustments, Texture adjustments, Shock adjustments, 4link adjustments, NodeBeam, Axle adjustments, Sounds adjustments, MSD box Micah: 90s paint, Camel Paint, 96 paint, 2000 paint edits, Help build the chassis John Dough: Original Tire models Marty: Testing Fernando: Knuckle models, Tie rods models, Engine model, Radiator Model, Andrew: noticing an issue with the body (being fixed ATM) SM Community: Any other items I may have not listed Versions include: 1992-Debut version, ingame listed as 'Debut' under 7revamped.truck 1993-Camel version, ingame listed as 'Camel' under 7revamped.truck 1994-Flag version, ingame listed as 'Flag' under 7revamped.truck 1996-1996 beach version, ingame listed as '1996' under 7revamped.truck 1990s-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped.truck 2000-Season version, ingame listed as 'Season' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-World Finals version, ingame listed as 'World_Finals' under 7revamped2000.truck 2000-Bodyless version, ingame listed as 'Bodyless' under 7revamped2000.truck Just a note, The Season version had adjusted weight node, for the ability to perform a 'Power Wheelie' (.4 full throttle in neutral then shift to first) As stated above, May be getting an update with an improved body model, so keep your eyes peeled. STANDALONE, WORKS IN .3 or .4
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    So this is something that we probably should've done ages ago, but better late than never. Below you will see an invite link to the official Discord server for Sim Monsters, and it has all sorts of text and voice channels for various types of games and activities. This server can also be used to host leagues, fun runs, and special events in if you so choose. Fair warning to all members who join it though, all of the rules we have here on the site carry over to the Discord server; and all of the mods on here are mods in there as well. Bans from the server will be made in a case by case basis, and if serious enough will carry over to the site as well. You may also notice a new little widget on the right side of the front page, that is a new Discord integration dealio that the site owner @liquidfire215 ever so graciously paid for to make finding the server even easier. You can see who's in each voice chat and join the server through it (as some of you already have), the catch with it is that you must be signed in to an active account to see it; a feature that will hopefully help keep some of the spam bots out. If you have any questions or need to report something going on in the server that breaks the rules, please pm one of us either on here or in Discord itself and we'll deal with whatever the issue may be as soon as possible. Myself, @RKM, and @DannyMackey spent a lot of time setting it up and we hope you enjoy it, but use of the server (just like membership to this site) is a privilege and you can lose said privilege if you can't act like decent person. https://discord.gg/u3N72EN
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    I would suggest taking more time on your trucks as I’ve seen you crank out trucks that could be much better quality than what you have. Take a look at more reference pics while you’re working. You’d notice that the tail should be inside the bed rather than floating outside it and not even connected to the truck at all.
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    Replicated tracks are cool and all...
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    Could be better. Could be worse. This does not and will never work in 0.37. Just stop using it already. This track was made possible by: Klayton Danny Maxdman Tharindu Aaron (Me πŸ˜€) Many various Sim-Monsters content creators. Let me know if something doesn't work. I expect that a lot of it just doesn't work like usual.
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    Version 1.0.5


    It's back and it's pissed, Gary Bauer's Nitemare II
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    Probably the most accurate Grave Digger on the site so far, keep up the great work πŸ‘
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    The code I used that fixed the clipping in my wf15 is in that thread he posted.
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    She breathes.... Been so much fun building this truck, and actually learning blender and learning how to build a truck. Not perfect by any means but I'm super happy with it
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    Taking it back to a hardcore level
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    Version 1.0.0


    Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― These are open customs for anyone to use. I dunno why you'd use them, but they're there. "Paints"- Myself Bodies- @Patriotic Canadian Chassis- @Outlawed Original truck file and props- @rockgod88 Rims- @acdcfan56 Tires- @Andrew And other various props by @RKM, @crazyman444, @SealedGecko, and others that I probably forgot.
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    Version 1.0.0


    I decided to make the same style track Santiago got this year, I made it in about 3 hours? Its not perfect, but it is a great little track to mess around on! Credits Stadium Model: Edy Cars/Props: Rockcrwlr/maxdman Track/Textures: me/sim-monsters Other: If I forgot you please tell me!
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    These would probably be funny to me if i understood why people like trash memes
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    Glad to see I wasn't the only one who remembers the Stunt league. πŸ™‚
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    this truck on a willman looks so hot imo
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    My family and I are NRA members. We all agree that is this is absolutely stupid. How do you bring up a story that happened over 2 years ago? They really need to do more research before trying to ruin a sports reputation.
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    The UK Monster Truck Collection. Hopefully more to be added soon!
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    3 of the UK Monster Trucks. Blown Thunder, Grim Reaper and Swamp Thing. @GuyLiner849 did Blown Thunder, I did the other 2. They aren't brilliant I know, but they are my first attempts