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    A pair of trucks more for the pack... The display truck that had the wf17 body on a couple of weeks ago. (Credit to ChazzyMP for making the paint) Another retro truck but now with the bel air body. my favourite one of the pack so far
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    Complete rebuild of my custom Taurus XI with the new sponsorship from Bull's Eye Barbecue Sauce . I saw a concept drawing and thought it looked awesome so i did my own little take on it
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    Okay, so after about a week of working on this truck, Knucklehead is almost done. I still need to add the VP logos and such on the tailgate and put some SIR's on it but other than that please feel free to share your opinion on it. (Pictures with a daytime background per requested so the paint details are more visible.) Note that @Medalwarrior215 did give me permission to showcase and/or release my own replica version. Also, the Mirror Image Racing pack is starting to turn into one huge pack of mainly indie trucks that ran in mid 2015 to early 2016. Some of these trucks will include: FELD trucks that ran on the Groth Brothers' chassis such as Zombie, Scooby Doo, Over Bored, NEA, Captain USA, and Destroyer. Walking Tall is currently under construction. Due to the extremely large size of this post (apologies for all those who do not wish to see this) I would appreciate if you DM me on SM or discord (EternalyElectric#7328) to give your ideas on what other indies should be included as well as constructive criticism. Thanks! -ChaoticMayhem
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    I've been gone for awhile so I thought it would be cool to update some truck paints @Karnag Gaming for the blender pics Thanks to @Andrew for the trucks flames. Its hard to tell from the screenshots but im trying to configure the spec map to glow like the actual truck's body. And just fixing a few more details on 1st quarter Hot Wheels this year, and then this pack should be done.
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    Forest green never looked so good, great job!
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    you are literally being a child. there is a spreadsheet of all the trucks taken. dont get in a fit because a truck is taken.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Paint and Blender work was done by me Kyle did material file and NAMT setting Not an open custom
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    *PEI* Um, Think again sweetie. It's a CRD. I don't think a single FELD truck runs a PEI
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    You are easily the most childish person I've seen on this site. And believe me There have been a lot of children on here, even before me
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    [TRACK] ERX Motor Park 2018 Name: ERX motor park 2018 Venue: ERX Motor Park, Elk River Minnesota Racing Style: Chicago Replica or Custom: Replica Date Ran: June 9th and 10th Images/Graphics: This was a big track... pic bellow is of the surrounding area. Not of the actual track Other Info: First of all, I believe that almost every driver said it was the best track they had ever driven on. I think it would be fun to drive on especially since it is an independant show. There was a second track for day 2 but there were no major differences besides a jammer in between the middle pad and the racing lane and a pad on the left, as well as the motor home in the middle jump becoming an SUV. This was the racing track and the freestyle track had 3 cars put up against the box truck and the PT cruiser on the first picture stayed. Along with the 3 cars on the inside turn on the right were moved around the turn instead of being together. If anyone has any pictures of the day two track please comment them. If you need any info or criticism please PM me since I was at both shows
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    Kinda looks like the Bad Company name should be more italicized, and the 4 links and shocks don’t seem like the right shade. The truck also runs a flag with the truck logo on it now too
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    Version 1.0.0


    Big thanks to Blake Thompson for helping me put together a good suspension setup, and Marty Hussey for fixing the missing textures. This truck is not an open custom, I will be running it in NAMT this season. Feel free to use it in fun runs though:)
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    Slowly progressing on this pack. Close to done. 2017 & 2018 Season Trucks Late 2017 & Minneapolis December 2017 trucks. World Finals 18 & World Finals 19 trucks And a retro truck. The reason why i redid the 2017 trucks was because the one i released in august wasnt at all finished so i went back and got it finished. 2018 bel air season paint by ChuckieP3 and late 2017 s10 paint by ChazzyMP rii lights are real btw
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    Here it is the vanossgaming monster truck, i just did a repaint of the new venom truck that just came out but i am very happy on how it came out
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    The first 3 weeks or so, of work on this one. Having fun on this and its actually coming along better than i thought, there is still plenty of issues to fix. Thinking on uploading it in the second semester of this year.
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    Just take a few minutes and compare your repainted truck to the truck irl. It looks like you took 10 minutes to recolor it, therefore there's quite a lot of things I found wrong with yours. I'll only name off the most obvious for now. Flames need to be a gradient yellow and orange, with an extremely thin outline of whiteish-purple. Biker helmet changed colors and numbers. Bad News Travels Fast logo changed colors. Front bumper needs to be yellow. One small part of the rim is the wrong color. I can't tell from the pictures you gave us if you did this or not, but I bet you didn't: the top decal isn't a house, it's a newspaper. Truck has BKT's not goodyears.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is one of my favorite trucks currently running, and I thought it was about time it was done up correctly. Credits: Klayton - Rims/Tires Kozak - Chassis Wambo - Driver Johan - Driveshaft/Axles John Dough - Body/Paint Me - Props Everyone else who I may have missed