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    Las Vegas, Nevada Racing's almost done! Just a few more re-exports and then gotta whip up freestyle! Yayayayathistotallywontkillurgame
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    The first 3 weeks or so, of work on this one. Having fun on this and its actually coming along better than i thought, there is still plenty of issues to fix. Thinking on uploading it in the second semester of this year.
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    I don't think I'm ever gonna be content with how it looks. Added skyline and stuff to spruce things up, will be pushed back in game (right now it's just that close because the depth on Blender is gay). Any suggestions of cool details to add? I'm open. Probably gonna mess around with things for another week and then export.
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    Finished paint, probably planning to release as a replicustom really soon.
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    3 years ago, Tony was taken, In memory, Rest in Peace.
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    You need to fix the rims, there all black inside, Flat black, the beadlock is chrome not like grey.The paint in Flat black not shiny, you can very clearly see the shine still, the truck ran Collectors, so if your going "100% replica here " Then those need changing, 4 links need to be Silver/Grey, and hard to see, but your spikes need to be way more chrome and the grey on the body needs to be darker. So that's my constructive criticism, If you need to know how to do flat paint, check out my Metal Mulisha .material file Anyways if I'm posting might as well post my RC updates, lol Version 1 will include GD, SUD, Smallfoot 18, SmallFoot Retro, MaxD, and Maybe Avenger and Blue Thunder The trucks are loosely based of Race Clods/SMT10, some parts are slightly bigger then 1/10 (mainly tires) If these are 'decent' A v2 pack with Real RC Chassis, (SMT10, Terminator, generic race Clod, Barbarian, Wheely King) may be in store. The v2 may have antennas, although most modern 2.4 GHz Receivers do not have them. Due to RoR not being built for RC scaled trucks each one weighs a little over 13 Tons.... There also not the most stable yet, sometimes they will reset under a hard hit.
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    Too much 80's? First exports of the truck so far, still a lot left to do but i'm proud on how its coming along so far. too blurry m8?
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    Finally after numerous reexports, a complete redo of the obstacles paint, and some toolkit issues, racing is complete! Time to grind to get freestyle out. How much I get paid if I get it done in a week?
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    All four of them are complete! Special thanks to @fernBurn for doing 1/4 of the prop construction and finishing up some of the textures
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    Thanks for the compliments guys! @monsterjamcod0329 asked me to make Empire 4 two and a half years ago and I'm lazy, so I finally got it done. (Me posting multiple projects in a SYP thread? What is this 2015?)
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    Yeah, I'm pretty indecisive so we're on a Dodge body now. And we have a team mate! Originally a mega mud truck that I never finished, its now a monster truck. Thanks again to @Mr. Beardman for putting up with me switching bodies and redoing the flames! Vertigo will be included in with Deja Vu when its released, and it will be an open custom for anyone to use.
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    Trenton wanted me to make some tracks for RoRMTC, didnt want much detail because some fps issues i had in my pc, still putted some little detail here and there. Indianapolis 1996 Lima 1993 RCA dome 1995 World Finals And last thing, Bigfoot 1 got some updates in the body, modified wheelbase and more boring stuff. Tried out the small tires didnt put any effort on it, just a simple tire swap This is the truck ill run in RoR MTC, ill be making more attempts of the truck were it will have more accurate and better props and more versions through the year. Only bigfoot 1 and other big project will be worked this year from me. tracks should be released soon.
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    Four Loko Introvert - Marcus Santana Radio-linked Off-cifpo Research Vehicle Black Panther - Blair Lockhart
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    A Legend returns... blah blah grivedibber ew omg gross too many bleh omg blaise yerder der not final, known issues
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    Since customs are starting to be shown. Here's my newest addition to my family of trucks. Now onto props! (P.S. Quad and Dirt Crew are getting shocks made so it will be a while until they are finished)
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    The more things change the more they stay the same. Five years ago I was bored in a high school government class, so I doodled an idea for a monster truck, with the simple basis being an old-school style paint on a modern truck. With some help (a lot of help) from @worldfinals, we came up with this: It was my first real effort put into a paint, looked pretty bad, but I was proud of it. Fast-forward 5 years and 5 different iterations of Deja Vu, each varying in retro-ness and modern-ness, and we get to today, where Deja Vu 1 gets reimagined: Very happy with how everything turned out, and huge props to @Mr. Beardman for the flame work.
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    Well, with seeing how many truck are in the works, and us wanting to bring this sites quality to a new level, Andrew Sheets and i have been hard at work putting together this brand new 540 Merlin Engine together for everyone to use! Behold: We have played around with texture sizes a lot and are proud to say that this engine is very user friendly! However, your export times will be increased greatly due to the amount of detail put into the project, but im pretty sure we can agree that it will be worth it. During the testing, we found that there was only about 10 to 15 fps drop (fps may vary upon users computer) and export times for the engine alone, vary between 10 - 15 minutes. (we recommend exporting the engine on a separate line from your propped chassis, in case of causing lag for some users. They will be able to semi-colon the line, thus rendering your truck still playable, just without an engine.) Once we release it, the file will contain a blend of the engine, the textures/spec maps, as well as an already exported mesh of the engine itself. In case of users not wanting to wait the prolonged export time, they can throw the engine onto any chassis they like by simply adding a new prop line to the truck file. (we also recommend to bring the engine into Blender and fitting it appropriately to your chassis/engine mounts, to ensure correct fitment once in-game. We have it all loaded up and ready to be shipped out. Sheets and i are super stoked to release this for you guys ! Coming to a Sim-Monsters near you! and maybe just a couple more things too
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    Another retro truck, i've been wanting to do this when i heard that Porter was gonna retire. This should be uploaded soon.
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    Redid Racing! (ik the colors suck, gonna be fixed)
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    The stage is set for the Winter Racing Association's World Finals 3. This is the best World Finals track I have ever made, and quite possibly, the best custom World Finals to come to the site. I would also say this is some of my best work, even after taking quite a long break. I started with ideas from the Jersey style race course, but amped them up a bit from their regular size. Freestyle turned into a test bed for some things I have used before, in an attempt to see how they work all together, and I think there is a nice mix of space and controlled chaos. This will be released following the event, as competitors will be given the track at set times before each competition. Racing Freestyle
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    Custom Legends for league. part of 32 pack. For Preston Perez Jester 17, part of PEI next update