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    Also, I KNOW yalls wanna some of that WF... Don't expect the WF to be done for a looooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg time. I'm going hard af on it lol
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    There is no doubt that the breakables are super unrealistic and such, but fuk runs with friends in them is great because it does give it a more realistic feel when you break a shock or swaybar and you have to race with it the next round, or FS and break a wheel off, yes they will never be perfect but they are still fun, non the less. anyways semi on topic it brokz sliding in ur PMs liek Now boring shiz diggy 34 that sheets made me narrow see narrow Wheel base too long on the old doge? you decide 32 pack, gotta add dem bump stops still stoners with an open front diff (that wont make you do forward backflips sry) Started this as a joke, v4 replace updated suspension, welcome pawor wheelys and don't forget your roots *spawns in more trucks game crashes* SPIDER is back! (the rusty poo will be swaybars) And some bus driver fagit wanted me to make this (luvuprztn) (btw nothing important in the background) Oh and last and least this stoopid thing this post took around an hour to make, kil me now i just realized i might have too much poo on the go
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    Las Vegas, Nevada Racing's almost done! Just a few more re-exports and then gotta whip up freestyle! Yayayayathistotallywontkillurgame
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    gimme like 30 upvotes for full reveal k thx bye
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    I don't think I'm ever gonna be content with how it looks. Added skyline and stuff to spruce things up, will be pushed back in game (right now it's just that close because the depth on Blender is gay). Any suggestions of cool details to add? I'm open. Probably gonna mess around with things for another week and then export.
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    Here is the full reveal of this, turned out pretty good. This is the red pickup body in nowadays Dennis Anderson's chassis (gd #30). Pretty fun truck to drive in the mud and in the monster truck/jam tracks. Will definetly use this in some leagues or fun runs. Also thanks to @Chazzymp for helping me with the muddy stuff The clean/shiny version (includes a flagless truck too) And here is an edit i made, turned out better than i thought
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    Finally after numerous reexports, a complete redo of the obstacles paint, and some toolkit issues, racing is complete! Time to grind to get freestyle out. How much I get paid if I get it done in a week?
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    Some more customs from my Camel Custom Classics pack I have about 70 of these trucks from the Camel Mud and Monsters ,TNT , and USA Motorsports era but its going to take me a decade to line up all those props like shocks and things Its most likely going to be a double pack
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    Another retro truck, i've been wanting to do this when i heard that Porter was gonna retire. This should be uploaded soon.
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    Redid Racing! (ik the colors suck, gonna be fixed)
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    Pettibones...hm. Also, i am very thrilled with all this progress that's been going on. You guys are doing a great job! It seems like we might finally be getting out of the era of begging for trucks, and finally building it ourselves. So to help everyone out, I am working on a variety of different components to expand the prop selection on the site. This will help get rid of 'Copy & Paste' trucks, or trucks that deserve a lot more attention and accuracy, but no one has the resources to put the proper details where they belong. I've always been one to add more and more detail to each truck that i make, in hopes to produce the most accurate trucks out there to enhance game play, but life is catching up fast and I don't have all the time to focus on a complete build as i would like to. It'd be nice to be able to mes around with a quality truck that i didn't have to make myself . So, in an effort to push this site content quality forward and help out the newer waves of truck makers, I will be working on various Monster trucks parts so that anyone who wants to choose something different for their Custom or Replica, has the ability to do so. This includes, but is not limited to, -Different Shock Packages, -Rim Styles, -Body Mounts, - Headers, -Chassis Accessories, -Gauges, etc. I may not be making Complete Trucks for the time being, but with releasing these props, hopefully I won't have to for much longer This is also a great chance for Monster Truck fans on here to look beyond the fiberglass and bright painted parts, and look at how different each Monster Truck actually is. So far this is what i have: Not sure what brand or combination Shock Package this is, but its the same one off of the irl GD23. Feld Style - Fuel Cell. Feld style - 2017 Magnaflow Mufflers. (Shout out to Andrew Sheets for some help on these) PettiBone Planeteries. (Still working on the hub itself, along with the Knuckle) I know with more detail comes more Lag, but in order to cut down on that, I will decrease the texture sizes as much as i can without changing the quality too much. I might release this all in a big fernBurn Prop Pack bc that would be cool, but I'm open to releasing them individually. I would also like to make a completely new 540 Chevy Engine Model (the ones Feld uses), so if anyone has any close up shots of it or videos, please send them on over! Don't be afraid of modeling some more components for everyone to use! If you don't feel it's up to quality, post it here and I'm sure everyone on here would like to give some feedback. All for the good of the community.
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    Its Christmas time again and you know what that means, like last year, its a big pack but not digger this time, wanted to go back in time and do some replicustom bigfoots from the 90's and early 2000's. (99' long jump bigfoot paint credit to @leggster First show that ive ever seen in TV, i had a flu and since my dads knew i liked cars a lot they putted speed in tv for like 3 hours and we were all watching what was in there, monster jam came in and i was blown away on how big and fast the trucks were so thats when my passion started. Nostalgia in here Little detail Should be up soon edit: st louis has been pending approval all day, can someone approve it please?
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    Got some good feedback so thought I would share with everyone else. Been working on a couple of the Hot Wheels World Finals Commemorative Trucks. Not 100% i know, they need a bit of work, still learning with all this stuff, but I plan to hopefully have the WF18 one released by next weekend.
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    Got it in-game finally The first MJ show i saw in TV, still being worked on Racing is almost done, just needing to add a dirt layer to the paint and the finish line, then fs
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    Custom Legends for league. part of 32 pack. For Preston Perez Jester 17, part of PEI next update
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    A little more progress on Iron Out law. Im also fixing rims had no time recently.
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    Avenger S10 Rims that Koehler likes to run for MJ shows, i promised to someone awhile back. Added some dents, bends, and scratches bc you know....Koehler
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    A project that @Chazzymp and myself are working on.
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    Update on the Commemorative trucks, got the rest of them in the game. A few adjustments to do on a couple and it will be done. Hope to have the pack out by the weekend.
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    A custom Jester based off of Taylor Andes Jester Concept. Screenshot credit to @Chris B(Thanks dad)