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    "We're getting paid for this, right?" - Tyrese Gibson from the critically acclaimed smash-hit blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6". With this bit of humor, Tyrese went on to win 2293 Academy Awards, launch himself into early retirement, and officially purchase the forgotten country of Madagascar. Well done, Tyrese, well done...
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    Okay, this is something that I know we all, including myself, thought died.... but then one day I found the files and I thought that this would be a fun track to finish, and I started working on it again. I know at this point it's "really old", but does it look like I give a f*ck? Nah, this was getting finished no matter what. I just needed a break and boom, yall will have it soon!
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    Action is coming This is an ambitious project. I'll keep you posted.
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    hmmmmm. Getting a lot closer, still lots to do, and still Need to do the other 3-4 trucks I'm doing for this pack.
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    More projects. First real attempt at putting together a chassis from scratch with Overkill, pleased with how it turned out. Still work to do but been fun working on these so far.
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    I remembered how to do it. Thank you Aaron, very cool!
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    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.
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    Choo Choo Inching ever so closer to having this pack complete, all that is left is to touch up these two and get paints for the other three, and this will be so so close to being complete, easily the most involved thing I've ever done
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    ok I didn't make moving violation but uh 2 pac out
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    Not sure where this is going, but if my meat hands can make what my brains sees it should be good
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    'Dance Dance Revolution.' That's a lot of fun when you're having a dinner party and you just want to be a little silly. Still have a lot of work to do.
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    Got some easier schemes knocked out, and also revived an old favorite. Still lots of work needs to be done!
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    Getting so so close now. Credit to @xyrose for the paints EDIT: I darken the paint on the left to closer match what it looked like in the desired year, so that's been changed since this picture.
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    Happy meal toys without the meal are $1.83 but that's still probably 50x how much they actually cost to make
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    Last set of paints for me for awhile, going to take a long extensive break because work reasons. A lot of these paints were super fun to make, and I can't wait to do more! Huge thanks for @Andrew for the bodies!
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    Might as well share some of my latest projects, nearing completion. If anyone is interested in helping to get some working lights for Overkill Evo, send me a message. Swamp Thing paint done by @Swegliner849
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    These trucks were pretty fun to make! Except Shock Therapy, that one was tedious. Either way, still some minor stuff that I do need to fix on all my paints, but liking the progress so far!
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    Mythical Motorsports showing off some wicked new schemes for the NAMT Grand Championship.
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    I think these are worthy of a new SYP thread! World Finals 18 Freestyle is officially done modelling wise! Release is only a few days away... And in case you were wondering, there's two versions of the track. Part 1 with everything still pretty fresh, and Part 2 with 3 different grip setting throughout the track to simulate the track getting wet from drivers going through the pond. The bottom 2 pics are part 2
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    Feels good to be on summer holidays again, anywhoo These 2 trucks were part of my childhood and i always loved to drive them in mtm2 (specially at night), thought they would be cool to do in RoR... Started this in july, finally got to finish it And my favourite project i've ever done so far... (still some things to line up before its completely finished) Oh and Merry Christmas!
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    (WIP) Thanks to @Andrew for the body and paint
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    Dang how many SYP threads have I missed?! Took a short(long)break learning to be a crew cheif. But made it a goal to return to the community(instead of just lurking) and work on trucks at the same time. Stay tuned! Thanks to @Chris B for screenshot because I couldn't take one on the road
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    more trucks should use stock fonts for logos
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    Taylor (Jam_Customs) did the paint, I did the rest, hope you guys enjoy
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    Coming soon....... Probably not lolz
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    Just wanted to give a small update and let everyone know that the track is still being worked on and I haven't given up. Ignore the transparent texture issues. Still in the rough stages, but progress is being made.
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    Yee Yee Mostly done, I've got all the currently finished trucks where i want them minus the firesuit. All that's left is Pouncer and Prowler. There are chassis bolts on the purple predators but i screwed up and textured them purple, so there. Oopsie woopsie
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    I wanted to help @LordFrosting with paints, so here’s my hand drawn rendition! I’m gonna touch up the sides so they aren’t so blotchy, but other than that, this things ready to rumble.
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    And yes, Mr. Wayne, it does come in black
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    Not as much time to devote to paints, but sometimes you just get the creative mind necessary to sit down and paint a few. All still need minor work but hey, it's still something.
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    Test build of Avenger 2004. Probably one of the last things I do before I leave for a while to finish summer work that I've been slacking on.
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    Outrun is my aesthetic. Probably won't make it into the NAMT Grand Championship, so this will probably just be the new version of Deja Vu until I get tired of it and change it again in ~3 months. Edit: Up for download!
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    B i g V r o o m credit to @SealedGecko for the lit tires, Just need to finish Prowler and Pouncer and make a Driver suit, then final touch-ups and she's ready to battle
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    Big Crush, this signifies truck 5 of 7(Maybe 8?) done, Just need the 2(maybe 3?) Non-predator kitties.
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    swoosh I think I've lost my mind... realism's boring anyways
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    Welp, WRA ride is just about wrapped up. Not a perfect replica, but I like how it came out. GD28 Chassis, and Red bits and bobs
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    Another project I started a while back, nearing completion now. Also Titan and a Barbarian pack being uploaded today
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    Been working on this for a bit figured I would share. Thanks to @worldfinals (Chris) For the killer paint.
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    Probably the last big update before I go on a small 2 week vacation back home in Arizona. I do have plans to do more, but I still have to get some bodies for some trucks that I want to do. Shout out to @Andrew for the awesome S10 body! Every single truck I've done so far will probably get touched up here and there to clean up the UV map as well as the overall paints, but I still got a lot of work ahead of me!
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    While Avenger is awaiting to be fixed, I figured I'd reboot another project that's been in the works for a long time now. WRA Season 2, anyone? I had actually asked Blaise to make a Grave Digger 3 chassis specifically for Nitro/Inferno, but he had went ahead and made Grave Digger 3. Big thanks to him for having a N/B setup already done as well as making the beautiful chassis! EDIT: At the request of @Mr.Yeet the headers have been fixed to more closely resemble the actual truck.
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    Ok, This is Epic. Devin painted it.

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