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    "We're getting paid for this, right?" - Tyrese Gibson from the critically acclaimed smash-hit blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6". With this bit of humor, Tyrese went on to win 2293 Academy Awards, launch himself into early retirement, and officially purchase the forgotten country of Madagascar. Well done, Tyrese, well done...
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    Coming soon....... Probably not lolz
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    B i g V r o o m credit to @SealedGecko for the lit tires, Just need to finish Prowler and Pouncer and make a Driver suit, then final touch-ups and she's ready to battle
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    Got bored, made repli custom. Its aight, didn't want to put a ton of work into this one
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    A simple truck deserves a simple teammate.
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    I haven't posted here in a while, so here's a project I've been working on lately. It's not exactly a monster truck, but it's indirectly related to monster trucks, so I think it still fits:
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    Made tons of progress on this the past few days, Still not done, but shes close!
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    Aloha done, pending. Also made a new Showtime while I was bored one night. But yeah this is my last project for a little bit, I'm a college boy now. Peace out Sim Monsters cya soon
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    Changed it up a bit, Different shock textures, different Tires and rims! Very happy with how this truck turned out, its a very simple design but sometimes less is more, pretty proud of it!
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    hey I got one of those too! Still got a couple minor things (headlights and windows) but 2 more coming up for that avenger pack! The Unholy trinity
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    #DoublePostNotReallyBecauseItsBeen2Days Gettings Closer..... #FI5ThenDie
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    Do you feel it now Mr.Krabs?
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    Worked on this track, one of my best by far, should be out hopefully tonight or tomorrow
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I find it entirely unfair to base judgement on somebody you "watch" on a regular basis but only get to meet in person for a brief moment for a picture and autograph. Sure some personalities will not jive with everyone but FFS some of you act like they murdered your family pet in front of everyone at the pit party 🙄
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    Will most likely be releasing this in an update to the KIW Racing pack along with Super Sonic, Gear Head, and others. (Will be getting rid of all the red bits for a more ??favorable?? color and will lose the flag..dont want it.)
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    Version 1.0.0


    My first ever truck on Sim Monsters website. I am so glad with how this came out. Upfront and honest, this is simply the V3 paint but with the shine slapped on it. So glad the lights worked out aswell. I originally did this because it's the only truck I visibly remembered from watching All Monsters Eve 1, but now that I'm thinking about it, it's been nearly 10 years since the first videos on the RORMJ channel were uploaded, so I guess this is my (slightly early) way of saying thank you for nearly 4 years of meeting friends and new people....And people I dislike, but we won't get into that...Hope I have the motivation to make new things....Maybe... Original War Wizard Truck: @fernBurn Original Driver: @ushra (DrifterX) Original Paint: @Patriotic Canadian Redone Logo/General Help: PabloG Paint Swap/Cloning: @Danny Werewolf (Me) If I will do more, it will be at my own pace and my own choice.. I only did this because of boredom and it's another truck that I really cared about. Thank you for reading.
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    Got a new track done, more to come.
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    suki I started this a couple weeks ago and I'm getting back to it now. The current four-wheeler guy is most likely just a placeholder as I am trying to paint over it. Big thanks to rockgod88 for the PEI truck and Dank Sinatra for the body from Wrenchead.
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    Have been piddling with these the last few months. But with the announcement of the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Tour announcement it really jump started these for me. These are just paints as I don’t know how to build trucks lol. So if anyone is interested and making trucks out of the paints you’re more than welcome (These are the first of probably many, I have already started on V8 Bomber and Psycho-Delic) also these are my 2nd and 3rd paints so please all cunstructive criticism is appreciated
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    If you haven't discussed an official league being added to the section with Outlawed, this still falls under the Fun Run category and needs to be placed there. This does not go in News and Announcements unless, once again, it is an official league that has been discussed with Outlawed.
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    Well yes and no. If that was the case, then the request threads wouldn't exist anymore, but I do see what you mean. People might have motivation to make things that are requested. It's just that most content creators nowadays are busy with irl stuff, and have a long list of projects that they want to get done before starting another one. Which means most requests are usually either ignored or put at the end of said list of projects. But if you wanna make the project yourself, then by all means go for it.
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    Don't be so fast to judge. As far as I can tell, this isn't a joke. I don't think it is a coincidence that the IP used to create this account is based from Canfield, Ohio, where Joe lives. So, welcome to the community! If you have any questions, shoot over a message and I'll try to help you out however I can!
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    should be pretty obvious.
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    lets talk about the real truck we have been waiting for
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    First off, two of these three are already available on the site, so I suggest you start looking first before spewing out these redundant requests. Secondly, if you really want something in-game, how about using the resources on this site and construct one for once? Seriously, just take time and practice, everyone around here has and look where they are at now.
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    Version 2


    It's finally here! After many months of anticipation, here are the first tracks of WRA Season 4 tour... ___________ This pack includes: WRA Gaithersburg (1st link): Modified Chicago Style, less grip than usual, boats, buses, and big air! WRA Birmingham (2nd link): Straight line drag, mini-flip ramp, and tons of 2-wheel opportunities! WRA West Lebanon* (3rd link) : Perhaps the trickiest race course on this website, insane air opportunities, and a massive freestyle track! ___________ Credits: Me Rockcrawler Maxdman Hotshoe/Slickster Let me know if I forgot anyone! ___________ Track Map for West Lebanon:
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    I’m boutta clear some stuff up. #1 I don’t call people names, I called this kid a pleb but I don’t normally call people names. Let me update you guys on what this kid did on our community page. First he was calling people names and accusing them of being sexist because they made a joke about there being few female gamers, he then got mad at a event holder for not using his crappy encore video, After about 6 more arguments and him begging people to put some PNGs slapped on a bake in game, he got banned. After he got banned he created another account “monster truck lover”, and joined the community. Long story shot he used ban evasion twice. This kid is a dishonest deceiver who just wants to be a trouble maker. He is saying I lied because I played the “I’m your buddy” game and got him to confess to ban evasion and having a alt account (which is against the rules on beamng.com). The only one dishonest here is him, He refers to that as getting played like a puppet. I don’t believe I have ever called you retarted but if I did then I take full responsibility and I will apologize. You hurt the community around me and my friends. At the end of the day don’t trust this kid.
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    New Hurricane Force Body/Scheme
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    Did we really need to bump a thread from 2015?
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    And do you think anyone would care? No, they won't. You need to learn how to do proper forum etiquette as well. Anyhows regarding the Predator truck pack, I'm very impressed with how they look so far, so keep up the great work on them!
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    I'm gonna give the unpopular opinion here. I think Feld is in the wrong for doing this. First of all, if I understood the article correctly, Feld ended the relationship with Mattel? When Mattel has been there for 20 years producing solid (at worst) products? The only year where Mattel's products were bad was 2015, when all of the trucks just looked lazy but 2016-2018 was some of the best years for MJ toys. Also, the Hot Wheels tour is significantly less than MJ. It's not like Bigfoot and Hollman and whoever else runs those bodies is going to be backflipping, I mean, it's a concrete floor show and the tickets are about $30? It's not a shot at any of those teams, I'm glad to see them competing and whatnot, it's just obviously more of a Thunder-Nationals-esque kind of thing when Feld has pretty much abandoned that type of competition. The only truck that the HW tour runs/sells toys of that I think resembles anything close to a Feld truck is the tiger shark truck. I believe the toy version uses the shark body that Mattel has owned since it produced the Great Bite truck in 2002, not the Megaladon body that HW used in 2018. But I can see where Feld is coming from with this part. Boneshaker has been a Mattel entity since about 2010, and that's just the monster truck. I'm pretty sure the Boneshaker concept has been with HW for far longer than that, and Boneshaker is definitely not a rip on Grave Digger. I think Feld shouldn't rip on Boneshaker because they've never had that actual truck. I've always associated Boneshaker as a HW thing. Again, I can see why Feld is upset over this but it's not like they copied an actual truck Feld runs. Not really trying to start a war or anything, but Feld dropped a loyal partner after 20 years and now they're trying to take them out? If I was Mattel I'd be equally upset and wouldn't sell a product for a company that just dropped me. And I know Feld wasn't entitled to stay with Mattel, its just that after so much success where the toys have literally formed their own fanbase, I thought Feld would stick with them. In all honesty it all just looks a little childish. Feld drops Mattel, Mattel stops production of MJ trucks, this pisses off Feld who just dropped them, Mattel starts up production of their own line of trucks, keeps the trucks that they created, hires former Feld employees, and then gets Bigfoot. And this all started because Feld got upset over a mold made for trucks you can hold in your hand.
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    Probably the most accurate Grave Digger on the site so far, keep up the great work 👍
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    Version 1.0.0


    Made this for someone, so here it is for all of you. Merry Christmas. Credits: Me Klayton Mark C. HotShoe MonsterJam16' Should be .3 and .4 compatible. If there are any issues let me know below or PM me. Enjoy!
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    Thank You mical, Very Cool!
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    Monster jam is really cool I love it so much.
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    Follow this the next time you do a request. why so much diggers hmmmm.
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    this truck on a willman looks so hot imo
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