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  1. I think this is actually a really well thought out response and addresses many concerns that you had. As far as some back story I purchased a premium media fire account back when we were forced to move files offsite or close our doors. The premium media fire links at the time were direct download and avoided any ads. Im not opposed to everyone migrating to google drive for hosting mods, I can look into integrating a better system for drive integration. I personally have not had any issues with clicking the wrong things on mediafire and getting any misdirects as I use plugins such as adblock plus and tampermonkey. Thank you for bringing to my attention for mediafire practices, I will see what we can do moving forward to address this concern.
  2. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sticking around through everything. Hopefully, it will be here for a while longer to meet the community's needs. I'm still around if anyone has ideas or whatnot. I don't do help me make a truck or how to paint request..... however, if you have legit criticisms or ideas pass them along and Ill do what I can to get them implemented if feasible.
  3. You can get a 1070 for $351 right now w/o a rebate The other cards on the site work as well just happens to be the cheapest option. https://jet.com/product/Gigabyte-GeForce-GTX-1070-Windforce-OC-8gb-Gddr5-Dvi-Hdmi-3xdp/b979579e8c504f119b87289be0f4b26e Use promo code SHOP10
  4. Best guy ever to make hundreds of trucks. 

  5. My favorite moment was Danny leaking images of the billboard at the world finals track... which pretty much made a reason for the site to exist. X_X
  6. CPU i5 - 3570k OC to 4.5 Cooler - Corsair H100 Mobo - asus Sabertooth z77 Ram - 32 GB 1866 DDR3 gskill Case - Corsair 600T GPU - 2x^670 FTW OC'd PSU - Corsair HX 850 Mouse - Razer deathadder Chroma Monitor - 2 Asus 27", + 144hz Fans - 8 BitFenix All the way around the case Sound - Soundblaster Fatality Pro SSD - (2) 128 GB SSD's 555 write 550 read Corsair Force GT Hdd - SSHD 2Tb Headset - Siberia V's + Audio Technica m50s Its alright
  7. You can edit it, I already fixed all the existing posts.
  8. One thing this forum allows for is tagging integration, this will not only make it easier for new users to discover content, but also assist google/bing/yahoo for finding new members to attract. As some of you have noticed there is a fancy Tags options when creating a new topic. This can be used to create a tag beside your entry. Simply type in the tag that fits the post best. and select the item prefix dropdown, this lets you set a tag at the front of the topic. I would appreciate everyone's participation in making this the norm for tutorials.
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