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  1. Sim- Monsters V4

    Version 1


    Well the wait is over, patch will come to fix remaining issues. Thanks to everyone who contributed, full list will be added to all who contributed. Added Gamefront link This pack was made for ROR version .37, you must download a .37 variation for the trucks to spawn in correctly!
  2. Post your Rides.

    2000 Chevy s-10 ZR2 4.3L
  3. Steam User names

    house_Fly liquidfire215 (use this account when I play garrys mod)
  4. World Finals XI



    This was a pretty big project involving alot of people. I would like to thank Casey Graves,RKM and Ethan Dean for helping me with some things on the track. Everything for models to textures. I will reupload the track once I have more texture to add to it and hopefully a skybox for clouds. Any problems please let me know Enjoy Edit! Anyone having some lag/stuttering issues needs to use the FPS version http://www.gamefront...rldfinals11_zip This is most useful for those of you with integrated/onbaord graphics cards and older pcs
  5. {GTA V} Sim-Monsters Inc. Crew

    Anyone who would like to be part of the crew please let me know in this thread by linking your Social Club Handle/Username, Ill be happy to get you added and ranked based on forum activity and standings. The Idea behind the Incorporation is the whole... hide the image thing. Since we will all be criminals we need a legitimate business model to hide our assets behind. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/sim-monsters_inc Sign up for social club here https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/signup\
  6. Proud. (Please Read)

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for sticking around through everything. Hopefully, it will be here for a while longer to meet the community's needs. I'm still around if anyone has ideas or whatnot. I don't do help me make a truck or how to paint request..... however, if you have legit criticisms or ideas pass them along and Ill do what I can to get them implemented if feasible.
  7. Post your MUG

    High view low replys My favorite topic here. New hair cut. Me and my 2" rims Doucher Glasses
  8. PC Hardware Sales/Discounts

    Using Code SHOP15
  9. PC Hardware Sales/Discounts

    You can get a 1070 for $351 right now w/o a rebate The other cards on the site work as well just happens to be the cheapest option. https://jet.com/product/Gigabyte-GeForce-GTX-1070-Windforce-OC-8gb-Gddr5-Dvi-Hdmi-3xdp/b979579e8c504f119b87289be0f4b26e Use promo code SHOP10
  10. PSN Usernames

  11. Donations

    Sim-monsters has had a recent decline in revenue from our advertisements. Sim-monsters costs around $70 a month to run and operate at its current state.If you would like to donate please click the bottom link for paypal or choose an amount in the side bar. In order to become a "Donator" you must donate at least $10, if you do 2 transactions of $5 within 1 month I will bump you up to a donator member. The Donator Member Status is good for 3 months. You may also choose to donate anonymously if you would prefer. Donators enjoy the following benefits No ADS Basic HTML options for forum posts Avoid Swear Filter Up to 5 display name changes per month Profile Customization No Wait between searches Up to 50 invites in a PM (5 default) 300 PM's instead of (50 default) Give double the rep in a 24 hour period Up to 3 images in signature 3 urls in signature 7 lines for total Signature length Break the members list at bottom Sweet Donator Banner under name Support sim-monsters and help keep the site alive.
  12. Foxboro 2014

  13. Scorched

  14. Night Terror II

  15. Sim- Monsters V4

  16. St. Louis



    Well Sim-Monsters is proud to bring you the first of many season tracks created 100% by the members of Sim-Monsters. Big thanks to Casey Graves for all of his wonderful texture work, and stadium model. Also thanks to everyone who tested the pre-beta things out to make sure everything worked.
  17. Best Moments in Sim-Monsters History

    My favorite moment was Danny leaking images of the billboard at the world finals track... which pretty much made a reason for the site to exist. X_X
  18. Reliant Stadium



    With just 2 races left before Las Vegas several drivers try to lock themselves into the field while others try to get a grasp on the championship. Things have gotten very interesting atop the points after last weeks events at the Indiana State Fair, currently we have 3 different points leaders (Maximum Destruction/Grave Digger Overall, Grave Digger Racing, Gunslinger Freestyle) which each race being settled by less than 10 points including a tie for the overall championship. The race for the top 12 has also been shaken up the last few weeks seeing the rise of El Toro Loco the past few weeks and the fall of Bad News Travels Fast after a number of missed events and 27 drivers still mathematically eligible to clinch a spot in the World Finals pending a vast amount of possibilities that could happen. Houston will also be the sight of the first live broadcast via livestream.com, this has been highly requested by both drivers and viewers of the site. The broadcast link will be posted around 7:45 PM EST (subject to change) when the first race of the night begins. Will we see the dominance of Max D and Digger again or will we have another first time winner on the series, tune in Sunday to find out.
  19. Share Your Specs

    CPU i5 - 3570k OC to 4.5 Cooler - Corsair H100 Mobo - asus Sabertooth z77 Ram - 32 GB 1866 DDR3 gskill Case - Corsair 600T GPU - 2x^670 FTW OC'd PSU - Corsair HX 850 Mouse - Razer deathadder Chroma Monitor - 2 Asus 27", + 144hz Fans - 8 BitFenix All the way around the case Sound - Soundblaster Fatality Pro SSD - (2) 128 GB SSD's 555 write 550 read Corsair Force GT Hdd - SSHD 2Tb Headset - Siberia V's + Audio Technica m50s Its alright
  20. Forum Software Updated

  21. Tagging Posts

    One thing this forum allows for is tagging integration, this will not only make it easier for new users to discover content, but also assist google/bing/yahoo for finding new members to attract. As some of you have noticed there is a fancy Tags options when creating a new topic. This can be used to create a tag beside your entry. Simply type in the tag that fits the post best. and select the item prefix dropdown, this lets you set a tag at the front of the topic. I would appreciate everyone's participation in making this the norm for tutorials.
  22. Tagging Posts

    You can edit it, I already fixed all the existing posts.
  23. How Do I Contact Staff

    If you need to contact a Moderator or Admin, or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click More in the top right of the forum. A drop down will appear, click staff to view the current staff. This list will show you administrators and moderators. Note that you can report content to all staff by pressing the "Report Post" button next to the time stamp in a post.
  24. Music thread

    Testing good music formatting properly!!