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  1. V4 CustomBreakable Beta Pack (Small Update)

    I tried this pack last night, first truck I used was grave Digger xxiv whatever it is, I bump a wall pulling out of the pits and the body basically feel off, then eventually came off after a few jumps, along with the lowrider look. my biggest problem is *note* I reinstalled .37 from this site on my new laptop last nite and only downloaded V4 pack and your pack. playing on fall madness one, when I got to the truck selection, all the v4 trucks were gone and only the trucks from your pack are showing up. Is this supposed to happen? *problem fixed* redownloaded everything. but ya the bodies don't come off
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 17!

    The breast cancer donation cup at the 7-11 and WaWas by my house say I Heart Ta Tas!! So i see no problem with I heart boobies if 7-11 and Wawa have I heart Ta Tas on there Breast Cancer Cups. But everyone has there own opionin just throwing my 2 cents in, don't mean to be disrepectful to anyone,
  3. help please

    Tell him to search the forum, this question has already been answered mutiple times. Not trying to be a jerk but his a newb. Go check out the support forums and you should find your answer why it wont work. If you are still having problems, then make a topic, with info that JJfan has said, because just saying trucks don't work doesnt tell us anything, since there are multple reasons why the truck could not be showing in game. Sorry to be kinda rude but i'm tired of seeing these truck pack doesnt work post with no information.
  4. Was wondering if anyone else has this this problem. I believe the truck numbers would be the same in everyones game at the truck selection screen. #22 Firestone Bigfoot(Right) #59 Firestone Bigfoot 2011 (Left) As you can see the 2011 version on the left is fine. the other version on the right is all messed up. the other side of the truck is just completly blue? Has anyone else noticed this issue or having this problem. Just wanted to show you so if it is a common problem you awesome truck makers of V4 can fix this in the upcoming patch. Thanks
  5. How do I remove trucks from ROR

    I did it, i only really race offline and use 4-5 different trucks from v3, and its annoyin to go thru that hole list looking for what you want. All i did was open the V3 truck pack zip file arrange the file names by type, and delete the *.truck files, of whatever trucks you dont want to show up.
  6. Trucks for next pack?

    I'm making Liquidator for v3, i'm mostly like gonna be doing the 94 and 98 versions of the truck, on the newish F-350 body, 2008 F-150 body, and when my friends done with a good 98 F-150 body ill be doin it on that also. I'm also gonna make U.F.O, since that truck was also owned by Bob Fisher, i'm just not sure what body ill be doing it on. Any suggestions? If enough people like the trucks., ill remake them for v4.
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 15!

    My Custom replica, its a work in progress, maybe one day ill finsh it and release. who knows.