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  1. Special edition white Obsessed body being ran up in Seattle tonight. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2034816419899157&set=gm.2288729897857915&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  2. Betraying the Martyrs kick ass. Man Made Disaster by them is amazing.
  3. Yup, that was Eric's "old" chassis that he ran in Vegas last year.
  4. Used to be the old Obsessed Chassis that Rick jumped into last season when Eric ran David Smith's chassis. Sold the truck as now both Rick and Eric are in David Smith's chassis. Like Nick said, truck name is Wicked Strong.
  5. The frontflip ramp has rotating kickers on it. When the front tires hit the front of the ramp, they flip down, and when the flip down they act pretty much as a wall for the back tires to hit. Think of the two wheel skills this year for example. A lot of the ramps that people were getting the nose wheelies down on are very very steep (Pretty much a straight up and down wall) The front flip ramp acts in the same way as the two wheel ramps for the back tires, meaning it allows the rear of the truck to kick up while the front end has momentum moving forward. So if you combine the momentum going forward and the force of the rear being pushed up, that is how the front flip ramp works.
  6. Just got back from Oakland and Nampa. In Oakland we battled some issues with the truck both shows unfortunately, but in Nampa we definitely had some better success. Friday Night: Racing- -First round win against Monster Mutt Dalmatian -Second round win against Tom in Max-D -Final round just got edged out by Chuck in El Toro Took third in the Two wheel competition just behind Digger and Max-D Ended up taking third overall in the event standings. Saturday Night : we ended up blowing a transmission in racing but we got it fixed in time for freestyle where Eric placed fourth. Saturday Afternoon: This was our show and it felt great to finally have some luck on our side this season. Racing- -First round win against Grave Digger -Once again barely edged out by Chuck in El Toro Two Wheel- Eric got an awesome nose stand where he dragged the front bumper across the floor, but just barely lost to Tom in Max-D as he did his signature nose stands. Eric took a close second in this competition. Donuts- Ended up taking home fourth in the donut competition Freestyle- Eric had an incredible save (Link below to video) with some great air mixed in and ended up taking home the freestyle win! Eric was very consistent all event long and I am stoked to say that we ended up bringing home the Overall Event Championship!!!
  7. 1)Avenged Sevenfold 2)Bullet for My Valentine 3)Sum 41 4)Butcher Babies 5)Breaking Benjamin No particular order: Slipknot, Lamb of God, Deftones, Trivium, Dropkick Murphys, Chevelle, In This Moment, New Years Day, Pantera, 10 Years, Starset, Killswitch Engage, Bring me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, The Eagles, Good Charlotte, Lacuna Coil, Seether, Staind, and of course, The mighty Metallica and Black Sabbath
  8. When you spawn on the map, move the mouse to the top left of the screen and some options will pop up. Hover the mouse over the option that says simulation then I believe it is something like spawn new vehicle and that is where you can choose the vehicle of choice.
  9. We did, but the motor mounts are further forward and lower compared to the last chassis from David
  10. obsessionracing


    Still here. It has been at least 5 or 6 years on this site. I sure do miss all the hype of the truck packs coming out, all the hype and competitive sides of the leagues and special events, seeing actual content on almost every post in SYP (Not kids fighting), members who we as a community hated together (and yes, all the older users know exactly what names come to mind instantly) I just remember and miss when this site was at its prime and full of amazing content and friendly people you could talk MT's about.
  11. Found it and it worked! Thank you!!!
  12. Hi guys, I just downloaded 0.4 (yeah, I know, a bit late :P) and I was wondering if there is anyway to change the setting for the brake pedal. I hate how if you push the break pedal too long that the truck goes into reverse. Is there any way of switching it back to how it was in .37 where you could hold the brake pedal (down arrow) and not have it change gear on you? Thanks!
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