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    Been a monster truck fan since I could remember. Was a fan of Monster Truck Madness 1 & 2. Have always been know as Blizzard in MT Gaming community.

    In 2004, I was bless by GOD to start paying tribute to Elvis Presley. In 2010 I was really bless and went full-time traveling all over US & Canada with my tribute act to Elvis.

    My official website is http://www.timdudleyeta.com/
  1. Show Your Projects Chapter 56

    Wambo, Amazing job on BF4 if that what it is. I would love see BF4 pack of different stages of it would be cool.
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    Leggster great paint job. I just got idea for the tailgate... "That man needs some Milk." If anyone seen the famous video you will know what that means. LOL
  4. Blizzard Dome 1985 (Rigs of Rods 0.4 Version)

    First off, I want to say what great honor it was for DiggerFan to ask me if he could recreate one of my Monster Truck Madness 2. I was bless enough to be beta tester for MTM1 & MTM2 back in the day thanks mostly to KC & Yestman. I was teenager but knew a lot about computers self taught and they helped me to become Beta Tester for those two games. But that's back then. If anyone knows me I huge fan of "Yesterday" monster trucks. To me the 80's was Monster Trucks, Miami Vice and more. This track is above and beyond what I imagine it to be. If we had technology now back then, just amazing! What a great honor DiggerFan and THANK YOU! Keep up the amazing work!
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 53

    What is wrong with that fern? Oh jealousy is nasty thing. LOL
  6. Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    DiggerFan, I think that was me that requested that one. You rock brother! Can't wait to see that one release!
  7. Show your Diggers Chapter 52

    DiggerFan, Amazing job brother on that 80's track. Like I said my entire ROR is nothing but 80's MT's and Tracks!
  8. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    *Wipes tears from his eyes* looks amazing brother!
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 51

    Can we make a Retro Showcase page? DiggerFan stuff just get drowned out by all the post of Grave Diggers. I understand it's different generations but as a Monster Truck fan that been there when it started in the early 80's til now. DiggerFan and others that do MORE than just Grave Digger doing some great things with the game and being over looked. But I am sure this post will be over looked. Some very talented men, young men and women in the game.
  10. Show Your Projects Chapter 51

    Wow, looks amazing DiggerFan. What a honor you have just floored me. If we had graphics like ROR back then, this is how I pictured the track! Amazing brother!
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 50

    DiggerFan! Finish product looks amazing for Return of the Monster Trucks. Because of you brother, my game is nothing but 80's style game. LOL No joke either! LOL
  12. Rigs Of Rods Screenshot Showcase Thread

    Awesome Kong II charging the Superdome first ever side-by-side race track! Would have been cool if Giant was there too! Need a great replica of Bigfoot 4 too! LOL
  13. Show Your Arguments Chapter 47

    DiggerFan, Those Excalibur are amazing brother! As for Grave Digger's...I not one to complain, but good gravy how many grave diggers do we need?
  14. Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    Amazing Digger! You are really changing the game for the better! Like I said I am huge 80's fan. Only thing I have on ROR now is two new tracks and some new trucks. But rest is 80's stuff! Oh ya!
  15. Show Your Ego Chapter 46

    Brother DiggerFan, You made my dreams come true, a game not only with real physics of MT and 80's MT's. But tracks and trucks from the 80's. You have totally taken this game to new level, and right now no lie my game is only 80's Monster Trucks and tracks only. This is amazing!