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  1. Tylinater

    Fun Run: Friday 3/22/19 @ Houston 2014 (Test Event)

    I would love to, but unfortunately I gotta work while this is going on. I will say this, if this works well, this should be used for a league sometime.
  2. Tylinater

    Super Bowl LIII

    I predict that the patriots will win by 17 points and maroon 5 will perform "sweet victory" from the spongebob episode "band geeks" as a tribute to Stephen hillenburg.
  3. Tylinater

    A (Not So) Triumphant Return.

    Good to see you back Silver. Haven't seen ya since CFMTS
  4. Tylinater

    Overkill Evolution & Black Stallion Pack

    missing the following material SOLID/TEX/AmericanGuardianShockMounts.png CheetahRedButton.png
  5. Tylinater

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    >Bakugan Haven't heard that name in years, used to watch it during my middle school years. Inb4 Yugioh or Pokémon themed truck
  6. Tylinater

    Maximum Destruction Pack

    I'm currently missing the .material files that have the following. SOLID/TEX/MaxDCoilNitrogenCap2011.png SOLID/TEX/MaxDCoilNitrogen2011.png SOLID/TEX/MaxDCoilNitrogenHose2011.png Those .material files weren't on the original Max-D pack and was wondering where to get them? Also the same thing goes with Maximum_Destruction_LED_TEST.png
  7. Tylinater

    Monster Truck Video Thread

    5 Seconds found from the World Finals 3 Encore.
  8. Tylinater

    Barbarian 2018 Pack

    Currently missing a image file CheetahRedButton.png
  9. Tylinater

    Official Monster Truck 2K19 Thread

    This just came out today from Business Insider.
  10. Tylinater

    Avenger 2018 Pack

    how? i have all the correct sound files and nothing.
  11. Tylinater

    Show Your Project Chapter 62

    I'm Mclovin it.
  12. Tylinater

    NAMT 2018 Individual Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

    Name: Tyler May Truck: Snap-on Torque Hometown: Auburn, WA Discord: Tylinater#7336 Truck Link: Truck Song:
  13. Tylinater

    Official Monster Truck 2K18 Thread

    you ever think they're gonna air all the tnn episodes as when it originally aired?
  14. Tylinater

    World Finals XIX Discussion

    If this happens, I would like to see them air the old TNN Motor Madness episodes.
  15. Tylinater

    Anaheim 2017 Experimental Fun Run! 2/17/18

    If I don't make it, there's always backups. Name: Tyler May Discord Name: Tylinater #7336 Truck: Grave Digger 32 Truck Link: