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  1. San Antonio 2011 (Revamped)

    yeah, green thing is a beartrap, which sucks because you have to hit it to keep flow up the dirt should be all one surface anyway, having every ramp just clipping through the floor looks like ass
  2. Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    it is subsurfed. A pooty wire is a pooty wire no matter what
  3. Show Your Projects Chapter 45

    That's not bad, i like it, the wire looks rough though
  4. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" 2K16 Thread

    it should absolutely be called Asgore
  5. Show Your Projects Chapter 44

    p3d.in/2EAJS/wireonclean if you want it it's yours
  6. Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    it's how actual game models are made these days, make an uber highpoly mesh and bake it down to an uber lowpoly mesh, with normal maps doing all the work. Only put geo in where it affects the silluette, normal maps work incredibly well if you're not at an angle to see that the object is actually flat. I didn't even have the normal maps applied properly in those images and it still looked pretty good. Don't even have to split edges, since the normals dictate all of it, which felt weird at first. PBR makes life so easy here's the high next to the low, all fully rigged and poo. High is about five million faces, low is about 80k. then i got individual Zbrush sculpts for the mechanics and cage that are about 20 million each, but those don't really count
  7. Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    Yeah it's brass beast. the nameplate says Tundra Brave
  8. Show Your Projects Chapter 41

    Hey look what i found
  9. Show Your Projects Chapter 40

    well it's easy when you have my PSD's try the values from my 30th scheme's body paint first, i think i gave it to johan with the rest. if not though, #210a32 for the purple base and #407e03 for the green. Also the purple flames are way off the flames are two vectors, so you can do this 100% with layer styles. use a 2px stroke for the red outline, i'd say inner glow should be #170524, then use both a thin outer glow and drop shadow with the colour #dadc30 and the spread in the upper ninties to get the outer yellow glow. you'll have to play with the light settings on each flame vector to get it to look right. do that to one layer's style and right click the layer, hit copy layer style, then right click all the other flame vectors and hit paste layer style. also just put a black square under the headlight flames, easy peasy Edit and for god's sake turn on the AO layer, i worked long and hard to make that as nice as it is
  10. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Backflops for days here in vancouver. Adam came out of the pits, hit a jump and went right back home again, not really sure why though. My guess is it wasn't shifting out of first, but i have no idea
  11. Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    i gave them to him saying get them out there, pass them on to the SM wombles to do whatever, and then nothing happened. And releasing the .blend files is even worse than just the meshes, both have happened, always awful
  12. Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    Ok, since i only have two days, it's up in the air for legend or 2xtreme, since i've wanted to do both for a while. Somebody call it for me if i'd wanted to release the bodies as just meshes, i would've. That just turns into a mess once everyone just has meshes and nothing else. Suddenly there's a million billion awful versions of the same truck flying about and nobody's happy since nobody can use them online since everyone has different versions. I say this every time, i gave it all to cavi, and he's just sat on them, the least he could do is dole them out to finish, but hey whatever
  13. Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    I'm taking a weekend off to love about, wanna model a monster truck. Any suggestions?
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 39

    Oh jesus that wireframe and if you don't have the .truck in a zip, i think the shortcut is ALT G but it refreshes the .truck file which is handy dandy for placing meshes since ROR has no loveing UI or armatures for doing that
  15. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Yeah that's not what i meant at all